May the 4th be with you: Top 15 characters in Star Wars

Star Wars

Just for fun, on this most FORCEful of days, I thought I would give out my personal top 15 Star Wars characters.

Again, these are my personal picks, so don’t expect a lot of movies 1-3, and I don’t care about the books.

The Pancake Kid

15. Nien Nunb

Yup, the pancake kid himself. A minor role, but you have to love the guy. What? You expected Commander Cody?


14. Padmé Amidala

Looses a LOT of points for being preachy in episode 1 and 3, but when she wants to be a bad-ass she can be. Being able to shoot straight does run in the female side of the Skywalker clan. The Love Storyline is easily the weakest of the entire series, but Padme is awesome when she wants to be.

Boba Fett

13, Boba Fett

Obviously more fun in your imagination than in the movies, he doesn’t do a ton. Lets keep in mind he did get killed by a blind guy with a boat paddle. Let me remind you that I don’t care about the books.

General Grevious

12. General Grievous

An Asthmatic robot? With 4 light-sabers that he’s taken off dead Jedi’s he’s killed? Yeah. I’m in. I will say that he’s one of my favorite parts of the first trilogy, and one of the few characters I’d like to see more of in a spin-off series.


11. Obi-Wan Kenobi

This ones a hard one.

Good: Bad Ass fighter in the original trilogy.

Bad: Original Trilogy shows him as having crappy logic in the second trilogy. Actually the entire original trilogy shows him to be a dumbass, who just leaves a guy laying by a lava flow? The guy wiped about the Jedi Temple. He needed to die. The whole downfall of the Republic can be laid at Obi-Wan and Mace Windu.

Jabba the Hutt

10. Jabba the Hutt

Everyone loves Jabba right? The best part of Return of the Jedi is the whole Jabba arc. From his taste in clothing (Leia’s not his own) to his little buddy, to his background characters.I just love Jabba.


8. Yoda

The best thing about the first trilogy, YODA KICKING ASS. The only reason he is dropped so low is the simple fact that he’s a bit of a dumbass. Explain to me when a sit and wait approach ever worked. Maybe if the Jedi Council wasn’t so worried about watching the NBA Playoffs on the Big Screen on those couches they would have stopped someone.

Admiral Ackbar

7. Admiral Ackbar

Its a TRAP! Maybe the best one-liner in the entire movie. Yeah, he didn’t do much, but the guy did give Han more time when he needed it.

Darth Maul

6. Darth Maul

Does this guy even talk? He’s up here pretty high, even though he does have one giant stupid death. How you kill a Master Jedi, trap a Padawan, throw him off a ledge, then stand there like a moron and get killed.

5. Watto

Goofy? Yes. Stupid? No. Why is he ranked so high? Easy. He told a Jedi where he can put his Credits and lived to talk about it.


4. Lando

Yup, the Pimpmaster himself. Why is he so cool? Cause he’s Billy Dee Williams and your not.


3. Princess Leia

Yeah, you go face to face with Vader and come through ok. We will skip pass the whole kissing your brother part, and she did hook up with HAN. Plus she would have the highest score in Big Buck Hunter in Star Wars history. Did I mention she killed Jabba?


2. Darth Vader

The awesomeness of Episodes 4-6, and the whinyness of 2-3 with the stupidity of part 1. Considering he’s still number should show just how awesome he is.

Yeah, you think you are pimpin on 22s
Yeah, you think you are pimpin on 22s

1. Han Solo

There could be only one. To take a shot at Darth Vader, both in person and in space, to land a princess, to tell off a Hutt, to be BLIND and beat the baddest bounty hunter with a boat paddle, yeah, it Han- even shooting first when he has too.

Dead Last
EwocksBelow Dead Last

Jar Jar

So thats my rankings of the top 15 characters in Star Wars. Will anyone in Part VII crack this rankings?

Princess Leia

You didn’t think I would let you go without this one did you?











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  1. The Droids have never really been my favorites, R2D2 has a Ex Machina feel to him on a regular basis, and to be honest with you, C3P0 just got on my nerves.

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