My take on the Donald Sterling fiasco

SterlingI wasn’t going to write about this, but people that are close to me will tell you that I am an opinionated person, even when I’m wrong. I have no problem standing on my own island in the middle of a hurricane around me, it’s fun actually.

So, here it goes.

Donald Sterling was caught saying some pretty despicable stuff and people are rushing to his defense saying he didn’t kill anybody. Well, that may be true, he didn’t kill anybody. However, if you watch the NBA…you will quickly realize the game is made up predominantly of African-American athletes and this isn’t the 1950’s or 1960’s where you could just say whatever the Hell you want and expect to get away with it. Not with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in this social media world we now live.

Well, maybe you could….if you weren’t an owner of a basketball team and worth almost two billion dollars and in the public spotlight.

I found something recently that shows the difference between the owners and players:

The NBA has rules and regulations in place regarding the conduct of it’s owners. This is separate from rules covering the conduct of players, which is a collectively bargained matter with the NBA Players Association.The owners’ rules include penalties for crimes such as DWI, for misconduct during games, for making inappropriate statements, for criticizing officiating and for other behavior deemed “detrimental to the league.

*Flips a quarter to Joe*LA Clippers

Sterling’s comments were a black eye on the league and the fact that sponsors responded immediately show that it wasn’t just another buffoon making a silly comment. Something had to be done, and as a rookie commissioner Adam Silver made a tough decision when he made his decision to fine him and ban him from the NBA. Silver had the brass balls to do something Stern never would have thought of doing. Sterling’s comments were very much offensive and detrimental to the NBA, Silver stepped up to the plate and tried to protect the brand Stern had turned the league into.

If it was his first time drawing criticism….it might have been a different situation altogether. But, it wasn’t. Sterling has made racist comments before and also been sued for being a slumlord, discriminating against blacks, hispanics and people with children. So, people saying, “We’ve known this for years”, doesn’t exactly hold weight. To me, it just means it was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

Is it going to be simple? Hell no. This will be very ugly and I expect Sterling to fight this all the way.

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  1. I have to say I absolutely agree. Donald Sterling is a despicable human being. What has happened to him is just karma, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve even reached a point where people defending him are pissing me off.

  2. Appreciate your own opinion on this subject but I disagree with a few items. One, David Stern would’ve done the exact same thing; Silver is a Stern clone. Two, by bringing the NBA laws into this you’re making it a legal issue, which actually hurts your point. Legally speakings Sterling broke no laws, and the NBA cannot legally force him to sell simply based off his racism. This is a social issue, not a legal one. Third thing, it doesn’t matter how proud we are of our forward thinking open mindedness; this is America and folks are entitled to their own misguided opinions. The whole world can think racism is wrong but it’s still just an opinion and of folks wanna be racist, they can.

    As a society we need to stop trying to force our ideals on everyone. This is not a communist country. Also we need to stop being so offended about what others think. Just like we teach our children, the world isn’t fair and some people will dislike you for no reason at all.

    Too bad we as adults cant see it the same way. Kinda sad how we try forcing our “enlightened” beliefs on everyone else, and it’s also sad that we let a strangers words hurt our feelings so.

    Way I see it, we’re better than Sterling and hos words shouldn’t be able to phase us at all. He’s just an old racist man; who cares what he thinks.


  3. “for making INAPPROPRIATE statements, for criticizing officiating and for other behavior deemed “detrimental to the league.”

    Maybe you missed this part, Aaron.

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