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What up world? This EJ and I’m back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. Since everybody and their mama talking Donald Sterling, I might as well too. Let’s do this!

Kudos to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver in his ruling that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling will serve an indefinite suspension, pay a fine of $2.5 million dollars, and face an owners vote that will force the sale of the franchise. Kudos to Silver for dropping the hammer that the NBA Players Association, and the court of public opinion has been crying out for ever since Donald Sterling’s comments were leaked to the media. Silver, and the NBA, has definitely won the court of public opinion. However, they may be losers in the court of law. It is not in Donald Sterling’s modus operandi to take these things easily. The man is a lawyer, a known litigator, and he’s known to tie up cases in court for years. He may accept his lifetime ban, but I can’t see him accepting losing control of the franchise. In forcing the owners vote, I fear that the NBA Commissioner has overstepped his bounds.

I do not condone anything Donald Sterling has said. The man is a known bigot. He has been sued for discrimination several times, and you have to wonder why former NBA Commissioner David Stern didn’t act out on Donald Sterling when he had the chance. ESPN personality Bomani Jones has been taking a victory lap because he called out Donald Sterling back in 2006 in a Page 2 article he wrote for on I remember reading that article. It’s how I familiarized myself with Sterling, and why I didn’t buy into the public’s newfound outrage on what he said on the audiotapes that were released to TMZ and Deadspin. In 2006 Sterling was sued by the Department of Justice for housing discrimination for not renting apartments in buildings that he owned in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles to blacks and families with children. His wife, Rochelle, was also named in the lawsuit. The 2006 lawsuit was the 2nd lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice, for they filed one earlier in 2003. In that lawsuit Sterling was accused of driving out black and hispanic tenants from his properties.

The Best Donald Sterling Memes | Daily SnarkWhat Sterling said in those depositions have become public knowledge. Bomani in his 2006 article called for Sterling to be removed from ownership of the Clippers, but he fully conceded that the reason why Sterling went unnoticed at the time is because the media cycle was more concerned with Maurice Clarett and Lance Armstrong. Both men were having some legal issues at the time and they dominated the news cycle.

Donald Sterling has had some interesting notable quotables that apparently went unnoticed over the years like “I don’t like Mexican men because they smoke, drink and just hang around the house.” He said that under sworn testimony! Or how about when former Clippers General Manager Elgin Baylor stated under oath that Sterling said he wanted the Clippers to be a team of  “poor black boys from the South”. Wait, I’ve got more. “I wanna know why you think you can coach these niggers”. He said this to coach Rollie Massimino way back in 1983. “That’s because all the blacks in this building, they smell, they’re not clean” Which Sterling said under sworn testimony in 2002. There’s plenty more but I’ll just add one more quote: “I’m offering a lot of money for a poor black kid.” Sterling said those words during Danny Manning’s contract negotiation in 1988. What makes matter worse, is that according to (where I got these quotes from) he said those words in front of NBA Commissioner David Stern.

That’s why I have to question former Commissioner Stern, and then Deputy Commissioner Silver, as well as many of these team owners who were around back in Donald’s racist heyday. Why didn’t they go after him then? What’s so different now, that they feel the need to ban him for life, fine him, and attempt to force the sale of the team? A leopard does not change his spots. Donald Sterling has led a lifetime full of bigotry, which was clearly self-evident to all who knew him, so why now is it a big fucking issue?This is why I’m not outraged at the tapes, and why honestly I call hypocrisy on Commissioner Silver and the NBA owners. They always knew who Donald Sterling was but thanks to the media cycle, and social media (something that wasn’t around back in the 1990’s and early to mid 2000’s) the NBA has fed into this outrage and finally did something they should have done a long time ago. As I keep saying, I have no issue with the banning, or even the pittance of the fine, but I do have an issue with the forced sale. To use the words of a friend of mine, it almost feels “un-American” to take something away from someone who owns it.

Image - 746506] | Donald Sterling Racism Controversy | Know Your MemeWhy do I feel this way? Well for one I fully expect Donald Sterling (and his family) to fight a forced sale in the court of law. Before his real estate business became as profitable as it has been (the man is worth close to $2 billion) Sterling was the most litigious lawyer in the State of California. He still holds the record for the most cases tried in the State. He likes going to court, he likes to fight, and he has no issue with tying things up. Due to the United States’ anti-trust laws he does have a leg to stand on legally, but I believe he won’t actually win his case. The court of public opinion has already locked him up and thrown away the key, and I suspect no judge is going to stand up to that tidal wave, and go with Sterling. However, I do suspect he will tie this thing up in court so long that he may force the NBA to back off and allow ownership to stay in the family. Court documents of Donald’s 2003 deposition shows that his wife Rochelle is no saint either when it comes to racial issues, for in her deposition she stated that she called one of Donald’s building tenants a “black motherfucker” but between her and her estranged husband she clearly is the lesser of the two evils.

Another reason why I’m not on board with a forced sale is because I think owners are aware of the precedence that it’s going to set. Sterling is clearly a bigot, but what’s going to happen the next time an owner says something insensitive. People aren’t perfect. We all say things that may not be politically correct. Either we’re making jokes out of jest, or we may have a bias or two. Doesn’t mean we’re all racist scumbags, but if the court of public opinion latches onto something it may make life a living hell. I’m going to use Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban as an example. Cuban is a very outspoken individual, and he has made many a faux pas during his ownership. Let’s say he’s caught on tape, or someone alleges that he said something insensitive in a conversation. By allowing the board of governors to take this step of a forced sale, the owners are opening the door for allowing the same thing to potentially happen to them. I’m not sure that’s something they really want. Yes, they did have to give something to the Players Association, and yes Commissioner Silver did need to look good and drop the hammer, but I hope the owners gain enough sense going forward to give Silver the illusion of victory, but still protect their own asses going forward.

Nobody has voted for this poster yet. Why don't you?Finally if you’re wondering why I have had nothing to say about V. Stiviano it’s because I don’t give a fuck what she has to say. Not one fuck will be given by EJ. Donald’s sidepiece doesn’t deserve the words I’m typing. Using urban lexicon she’s nothing more than a THOT, she is That Ho Over There. That’s all that she is. I’m not sure if she taped these conversations, or if Donald did, but I find it suspicious that they were leaked to TMZ and Deadspin, and I also find it suspicious that they were leaked while Sterling’s wife is suing her for $1.8 million dollars over “gifts” that she stated Donald has given V. I don’t care if she’s sleeping with him or not, she alleges that she’s not but why else would a 31 year old woman be hanging out with an 80 year old man? All I know is that V. Stiviano has had her 15 minutes of fame, and I hope she fades away. Whatever money she has received for her 15 minutes I hope she puts to good use, and gets better plastic surgery to correct the one that she had to make her look like a transsexual.

I’m done. Whatever happens going forward, will happen but I had to drop my 2 cents into the bucket. If everyone else is going to be talking about Donald Sterling, I might as well do too. Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting and peace.

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  1. Good piece with excellent points… I gotta go to Kareem’s op-ed piece one mo time… he says he fully supports the ban of Sterling but wants anyone connected with the tapes to be arrested and prosecuted…

    “Shouldn’t we be equally angered by the fact that his private, intimate conversation was taped and then leaked to the media?” …Didn’t we just call to task the NSA for intruding into American citizen’s privacy in such an un-American way?”

    the article ends… “Abdul-Jabbar says he hopes Sterling loses his franchise, “…and whoever made this tape goes to prison.'”

    Read more:

  2. I’ve read Kareem’s op-ed. I’ve always found him to be an intelligent and well spoken guy, and of course he stated his case perfectly.

  3. And… my opinion? Sterling will win in court. But the franchise will be leaking money like a sieve for various reasons (among them may be that the players go on a wildcat strike) and he will wind up selling the team

    I think the other owners should just pool their money and buy him out … the NBA runs the team until a suitable owner can be found.

    Precedence for this was set when MLB brought out the Montreal Expos which is now the Washington Nats.

  4. In all honesty I want Sterling to win in court because despite his bigotry he still has his legal rights. Legally the NBA cannot strip him.

    Like you, I do think he will sell eventually but on his own terms and not the NBA’s terms.

  5. Also if I’m not mistaken I think the NBA did the same thing with George Shinn and the Hornets. I might be wrong, and if David is around he can correct me.

  6. Wiki: In April 2010, Shinn started considering selling his majority share of the Hornets to Gary Chouest, who had bought 25% of the team.[6] The negotiations stalled due to the team’s financial issues.[7] Because Shinn was not in a financial position to continue to run the team, the NBA was expected to purchase and run the team while looking for a local owner.[8] The NBA completed their purchase of the Hornets from George Shinn and Gary Chouest in December 2010 for an estimated $300 million.

  7. Excellent blog as usual.

    The difference to me this time? It’s the NBA playoffs and Silver didn’t want this spectacle taking away from it. Silver has the brass balls Stern didn’t. I applaud him because this is a black eye on the NBA and there is no room for it. Sterling is a disgrace.

    Regarding the prostate cancer, I feel for him (my mom has battled breast cancer and cancer is terrible) but maybe this is karma for his idiotic ways and not supporting an employee who had his own battle with cancer before.

  8. That was a very articulate and well thought out piece. Not surprised at all, Kareem is a very intelligent person.

  9. I understand why you say that about Silver (your brass balls comment) but if it wasn’t for social media, this would have been ignored just like his other incidents. Silver had no choice to act because Facebook and Twitter already deemed that man guilty and wanted his head on a silver platter. Adam has been working for the NBA since 1992. Plenty enough time to encourage his boss to act.

    As far as the playoffs? Just unfortunate timing is all. This would have been a big deal in February as it is now thanks to the “outrage”.

  10. George Orwell got it wrong when he wrote “1984”. It’s not the government with an audio and video device in your home, it’s the people you trust taping your every move and every word.

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