10 Ten Answers on the Board!

Along with everyone else, I have a facebook account, as does this website. Of course I am pounded by the ads, like everywhere else nowadays. In a DVR world, advertisers have a hard time getting anything looked at.

But some things stop you in your tracks.

So I’m going to play caption this on this picture. I have my top 10, if you can do better, add below. If you see a picture you think would be a good topic, email me.


12 Week Program

1. I knew this was all Photoshop!

2. I think his boobs actually got smaller.

3. I would comment, but I don’t want to sell my stock in the Clippers.

4. Look like someone is using the Buddy Rodgers Blow away diet.

5. This is why Mad Men sucks now.

6. Bigger Boobs than my last girlfriend. Why can’t I be fit without being busty?

7. That looks nothing like Hulk Hogan.

8. Before: Georgian State Police Officer / After:  The Jamaican Mr Clean!

9. Hidden Secret: You spend week 8 in a deep fryer.

10. 12 Weeks after that?

Danny Trejo



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