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I been reading much bull the last week, or so, from a lot of ignorant folks who are beginning to piss me off and bum me out…

So, I was just scrounging around the net looking for this and that, doing some research for this week’s column to sort of figure how I was gonna approach the bull and sort of get my mind off the bull and I found this…

I think it is apropos of a lot of things that need to be said and thought about…


(John Lennon and Nas/John Legend/Pitbull)

[John Lennon]
Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us, only skylennon
Imagine all the people
Living for today

[Rap Verse 1: Nas]
Imagine we could all get along
Won’t be long
Til that day comes
Mothers, stop cookin’, take off your aprons
Father, stop lookin’ at every sports station
Take a second
And think of every poor nation
Making weapons
They can’t afford a plate, no proper healthcare
Over here in Section 8, a lot on welfare
Yo, the wealthy laugh, the market crash, economy’s bad
How did we change it, newsflash about a power that’s dangerous
How do we escape these brainless acts of terror
I’d tell you now, if Jesus ever comes, it’ll not be better
Put our hearts in the right place
Humans of all colors
We stand up as one race, I promise you, one day
Imagine that

[John Lennon]
Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

[Chorus: John Legend]
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

[Rap Verse 2: Pitbull]
America, the
Land of the free
America, the
Land of opportunity
What’s the point of having a Statue Of Libertynas 1
If you turnin’ refugees, back at sea
Music was made to move them
Even the devil he dances
I got a lot of questions
And I’m searching for answers
We taught to believe in religion, but religion’s
The reason the Twin Towers are missin’
That was the past, but maybe now, you realize
The man above us the only thing
That keeps us alive
We breathe the same air
We bleed the same blood
Imagine our people treated equal, imagine one love (One love)

[John Lennon]
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world


joe1Now, onto the real world of some true idiots… or exceptional dumbass idiots… and there a lot of them to be dealing with this week… it saddens me to think that the world is so full of real dumbasses who think they ain’t…

1) Joan Rivers is twit headed mean spirited exceptional dumbass idiot… She says since she is a comic and that gives her license to say things that ordinary folk would usually get skewered for saying… Ya’ll know what? That may be true to a big extent but there sure are some things that you just don’t say.

And, what all has my hackles hacked?

On Thursday, I saw an article in the NYDN that said the wretched wrench and evil witch of the west “has no sympathy for the women locked in Ariel Castro’s Cleveland ‘house of horrors’.”

Remember the dude who kidnapped them three woman and then kept them locked in his basement and physically, sexually and psychologically abused them? That freaking puke’s basement of horrors is who/what she is talking about.

Last week, Rivers was on the TV show “Today” and compared her daughter’s cushy Malibu guestroom to the three women’sjoan-rivers decade-long plight when she said, “Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space”. And??? WTF is that supposed to mean and she really thought that was funny?

Ya’ll think she could have let it lie and tried to just move on from there? I mean most of us, me included, probably would have said it was a poorly advised attempt at telling a joke… which it would have been… but… nope.

On Wednesday (4/23) she took what was a sad excuse for a joke and then went knee deep into the big muddy… and, in the process, blamed the victims for being victims when she told TMZ… “They got to live rent free for more than a decade.”

Hell I guess they should’ve been grateful… I mean after all, ya know… rent, free; food, free… no need to go spend any hard earned money on food shelter and clothes… what a deal…

Funny though… I bet they wished they had a chance to go earn some money and then spend it freely on whatever they wished… whenever they wished… ya think?
Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, the victims, were, to put it mildly, upset with Rivers.

missing-women-foundAnd, right they should be so…

This ain’t being controversial like say… Lenny Bruce… or Andrew Dice Clay… or, maybe even Chris Rock… I mean all these peeps… whether you like their humor or not… tend to be… ummm… shall we say on the edge of the good/bad taste scale.

Rivers is just being a tasteless, mean-spirited dumbass and a word that rhymes with witch.

Nas is rumored to have once said during an interview that bigots just need to go somewhere and die. If I was a person who could easily wish death upon someone, I might suggest Rivers do the same… she drinks from the same spigot… or is trough?… that the bigots do when she utters the trash she has about the three courageous women who were subjected to unimaginable horrors.

But, know this… I ain’t about to wish death on nobody… my karma is damn fragile as it is… but… would it hurt if she just went off somewhere; stayed there and disappeared from our realities? And…take her damn daughter, too? Both of them are tiresome and stupid and really annoying.

These three women had ten-plus years out of their lives murdered… yes, murdered… I did not misuse the word… I meant it and I used it. Their lives were stolen… kidnapped… from the real world… as if they were snuffed from existence. Plus the pain and agony their loved ones had to deal with because they never knew the how, or the why, of the three being missing… they were just simply there and then they were not.

The three women… people… had their humanity taken away and they were condemned to hell on earth and they died each and every day that they were in captivity.

They were but toys for a sick demented twisted sad mind. Every damn day of those ten-plus years they were murdered in sad sadistic macabre groundhog-day existence. Every day the same shit… new day same old shit…

And, this is what Rivers calls living rent free… how free were they to get up and walk out the door… to sniff fresh air… to do anything that peeps take for granted each and every day… peeps like River’s daughter who had to live in a damn freaking small little Malibu hovel.

I was once placed into confinement for thirty days observation because some shrink convinced some other peeps I was a danger to myself. (Drugs.) Ya’ll wanna know what the first thing was that registered in my brain when they closed the door to my room and locked it? The first thing I had to deal with? The fact that I could no longer simply open my door and walk out of it. My life was no longer mine.

And, every time I ever found myself in confinement, I always went through the same damn exact emotions… which was that my life was no longer mine… I no longer was free to do as I wished when I wished. I had to live by someone else’s strict code and I was, in as simple words as I can say it… fucked. But, ya wanna know something else? Most of the time I determined my own fate… or, at least was a primary driving force behind that determination. But, it was crushing and left me helpless, and at times feeling almost hopeless, when they closed the door and I couldn’t leave whenever I wanted.

What these women had to endure… what they went through… the prison they were in… was far worse than anything I ever had to go through… way far worse. And, they had no choice. They were kidnapped and forced into servitude. They were in the worst of the worst of the baddest of the baddest prisons they could ever imagine. One even had a baby viciously aborted after she was impregnated by the sick little puke who controlled her life.

But, funny lady Rivers thinks it’s a “little, stupid joke”. She told a newspaper reporter, “I’m a comedienne. There is nothing to apologize for. I made a joke. That’s what I do. Calm down. Calm fucking down. I’m a comedienne. They’re free, so let’s move on.”

Rivers is the real little stupid joke. A stupid ignorant dumbass joke that needs to go live in a hole somewhere far from us all.


maren-sanchez-Jon Law school2) On Friday (4/25) Milford Connecticut high school students attend seaside vigil for murdered classmate Maren Sanchez. Sanchez, 16, was slashed to death that morning inside Jonathan Law High School (Milford) after she told a boy “No” when he asked her if she would be his date for the prom.

The dance was scheduled for Friday night but instead of going to an event… a moment in time… that most kids dream of and cherish; they were mourning a classmate’s tragic death.

About 200 students, some wearing their prom dresses and tuxedos, and, other community folks, gathered at Walnut Beach; cried and prayed, and, shouted out their memories of their slain classmate with among other words… “Love you, Maren”… as they released purple balloons into the sky.

The kids also elected her their prom queen. vigil

A classmate said… “She was a really good person and she didn’t deserve (to die like) that.”

No one does… no one deserve to have life violently taken from them because someone was told “No… no, I don’t want to do what you want. Sorry.”

Maren is dead… She died screaming… she died as she had her throat slashed… her face slashed in a hallway of Jonathan Law High School. And, there were kids in the school when she died so dreadfully and violently. Kids who were dreaming about having the times of their lives in a few hours and now had to deal with death… the death of a friend… their innocence gone because some one could not deal with the reality of “no”.

A lot of futures were killed that morning … lives changed forever… some will never recover… still none so much as Maren’s life lost. Her chance at anything, anymore, is gone.

And who knows … maybe more than one tragedy was perpetrated by the killer that Friday morning because who knows what will come down the pike because of that one act of violence. How many times will that violence be directly related to future acts of violence? We don’t know… right now, we can’t know. We can hope each and every person eventually heals from this… but… I don’t think that will happen nor do I think it is realistic for anyone to expect it to happen. Somewhere, sometime, some violence will be perpetrated because of this one senseless act of hate born out of ill-conceived despair. Because some selfish self-centered child brat could not get what he wanted.

A cousin gave reporters this statement: “The unprovoked attack on Maren this morning has unfortunately, for our family, resulted in the permanent loss of Maren Victoria Sanchez: a bright light, full of hopes and dreams, with the future at her fingertips. Maren should be celebrating at her prom this evening with her friends and classmates. Instead, we are mourning her death, and we are trying as a community to understand this senseless loss of life.”

Sanchez was excited for the dance… for her prom night. She looked forward to going to this gala… a gala that she helped to organize. In fact, the night before she was murdered she excused herself from her drama group because she wanted to get herMaren Memorial nails done especially for her once in a lifetime night. Just like many of her other classmates were doing other special things for their once in a lifetime nights.

The school’s drama adviser Michael Mele perfectly delineates and identifies the prelude to the tragedy… “So, here is this girl with her freshly painted prom nails, painting the set, and just having a great time with her classmates talking about plans for the prom and plans for after prom and going on a double date with another one of the drama kids and her new boyfriend…”

In March she posted a photo to Facebook of her wearing her prom dress and added a “Yay” with a smiley face emoticon… and… “So excited!!!”

And… now… she is so very dead from this world and who knows what the world has been cheated of because of what Maren might have been. Maybe she was the one who finally found the answer for the scourge of pancreatic cancer… or, was the one to find the key to ending global warming… or, growing enough food to feed the millions and millions of desperately hungry…

Who knows. Maybe.

Not now, though… now, it has to wait another lifetime for another Maren to be born. And, then we have to just hope some other tragedy doesn’t rob us of that Maren.




This ain’t over yet… unfortunately…  

Exceptional dumbass idiot number three…



3) Heard about the fool on the hill?  Ok.. hows about the lady who ran over and killed a teenager and is now suing the dead kid… well, his estate … or his family … for more than $1 million because she is suffering “emotional trauma.”

Believe me, I wish I were making this bullcrap up… but my feeble brain could not even conceive of something this dumbass. driver suing

Brandon Majewski died after being struck by an SUV while cycling with two friends in Toronto in 2012.

Sharlene Simon, the driver of the vehicle, is now suing all three boys for the trauma she claims she has suffered since the incident.

Majewski’s dad said, “I feel like someone kicked me in the stomach… I’m over the edge.”.

Majewski’s mom said, “She killed my child and now she wants to profit from it? She says she is in pain? Tell her to look inside my head and she will see pain, she will see panic, she will see nightmares.”

And, the family attorney said, “In all of my years as a lawyer, I have never seen anyone sue a child that they killed. It’s beyond the pale. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell them on the phone.”

“Beyond the Pale” Simon, herself a mother-of-three, is suing for $1.2 million for the trauma because she blames the boys for the accident… why is that?… cause, they were “incompetent bicyclists.”

Now, I have had my issues with peeps who ride bikes on the road and how they seem oblivious to life around them, and, how they sometimes hinder folks who be driving by being… well… incompetent bicyclists.

But, I was also taught that I am driving a massive piece of machinery and it’s sorta my job to be aware that pedestrians, and peeps on bikes, are out there not always being (I hate this word but it fits) mindful… and, whenever I am driving I should always be aware of my surroundings because… ya just never know… when you least expect it… boom, bang… kids on bikes appear out of freaking nowhere and shit can happen.

Now.. having said all of that… A bicycle is a vehicle and under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, a vehicle is defined as: “anything drawn, propelled, or driven by any type of power including muscular power.”

And, therfore as peeps who are driving vehicles, bicylists are subject to, essentially, the same rules, or the road laws, that motor vehicles are subject.

Now, here’s what I got on the situation and how I see what went down…

The accident took place in the early morning, about 1:00 am, of October, 28, 2012 when Ms. Simon struck the three teens from  behind with her SUV while they were riding their bikes. Majewski took the brunt of the hit… and

accident scene
accident scene

died… one kid suffered a broken leg and hass ince recovered… and, the other kis just had scratches. So… the collision injured two of the teens and claimed the life of 17-year-old Brandon Majewski.

According to published reports, police on the scene, including Ms. Simon’s husband… yep, he be a cop though he was off duty… ruled the incident an accident due to poor visibility and hazardous driving conditions due to rain.

However, the official police report also says that Simon admitted to driving over the speed limit when the accident occurred… 90 km/hr in an 80 km/hr zone… which technically is speeding, or, at the minimum, driving too fast for the road conditions… obviously, the road was wet because the report says “hazardous driving conditions due to rain.”

Simon did not undergo a breathalyzer test at the time of the incident… the report says police did not believe she was under the influence. Not that her husband might have had anything to do with any suspicion or lack of suspicion, eh? Just saying…

Now, if it were me?  I damn well would’ve required the lady to blow into a breath test thingamabob just because her husband was a cop and was at the scene. Why? Cause, that stuff can done come out in the wash; then other stuff may also hit the damn fan… but, whatever; they didn’t.

Simon, who was being followed in a separate car by her husband, the cop, drove her home after the accident since no arrest was made. I can’t find any verification of this but I am gonna surmise they met after work.. thus the separate vehicles… were coming home from some event.. dinner, dance, whatever… and were driving home.

The family, however, says, “hol’ on dere, baba looey!”… Simon admits speeding… okay, its going slightly over the limit which almost everyone tends to do… but, it is speeding and since the road was wet… remember hazardous road due to rain… she was going too fast for the conditions… so speeding.

And, they add that Simon may have been drinking and possibly on the phone when she struck the kids. Why they make those allegations is not mentioned but its part of the reason I think that (1) Simon was drving home from some type of event where she and her hubby had been and (2) the phone thingy… she was calling the baby sitter? She has three kids… Simple to get cell phone records these days. So, I be guessing the Majewskis did that and have some type of record that supports their allegation.

But… with the driving at excessive speed sitaution, it seems like a lock that Simon was the person who bears the most responsibility for the accident happening. So… from what I see, Simon should STFU.

Now, what this may really be about is that the Majewski family had filed a suit seeking $900,000 in damages related to “emotional trauma and shock.”

Hmmm… tit for tat going on here? You drop yours; I’ll drop mine? Or maybe we settle for whatever the insurance companies decide?

Either way… any which way… no matter how it’s diced and sliced… Simon is wrong… just plainly and simply wrong. brandon-majewski-ghost-bike-memorial

My advice? Just negotiate a settlement and be done with it and stop the nonsense countersuit. You were the negligent party and need to bear that responsibility.

I ain’t the only one feeling about Simon like I do because according to a report at the HuffPost… “A white bicycle, a smattering of flowers and a picture of Majewski now form a roadside memorial at the spot where the accident occurred. At the time of this writing, more than 4,500 people have also signed a petition on, lambasting Simon and urging police to further investigate the incident.”

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  1. Damn Mircea damn!!

    Thank you for calling the owners two faced. I typed up my blog earlier today, and I said the same thing. I called them hypocrites actually. Why? Donald Sterling has been an NBA owner since 1981, and there were several instances of him saying racist things about his own team. I found a great article on Deadspin that chronicled all of his racist quotes, and the fact that most of these owners have been around for a long time (as well as Adam Silver who was a long time deputy under Stern) and they did nothing is kind of hypocritical for them to ignore him then and act now.

    The only thing that’s different now is that social media is a real thing, and it was the vehicle for the public outrage.

  2. Just threw a few quotes out there. If I really wanted too I could have reached your word count if I broke down every last one. All I know is that he’s had a long history of saying bigoted things, and he went by unpunished. Look, I have no problem with what the NBA is doing now, but all I keep asking myself is “why now?” That Deadspin article has him quoted as calling his team the N-word way back in 1983. I included another quote from 1988 that he said in front of Stern. That’s why I don’t get the outrage now. This should have been reported.

  3. My short answer is that he owners have a nice little social club and if the boat don’t need to be rocked then they don’t rock it…

    Now, the lady done rocked the boat and went public, for what ever her reason was… now, they have to deal with the aftermath and frankly, I think, they are hoping against hope that peeps (like us and higher up the food chain don’t ask certain questions like “when did you know and why didn’t y ou do something.)

    The problem is Sterling is not going quietly and it will all come out in the wash… Kareem’s oped piece already exposed a lot.

    Was an old folk-blues song from when I was a lot younger with a line that went… “When it all comes down I hope it doesn’t
    fall on you…”

    Guess what… some people gonna feel some weight. Or, I certainly hope they do.

    Fuck them. I keep thinking about what MLK Jr had to say about not speaking up.

  4. And like I wrote in my column… Sterling is not the only one, he’s just the most visible one. He is the least of the problem when dealing with this bullshit. Its the ones you don’t see or know about that are the scary ones.

  5. Somthing… an analogy… that just crossed my mind is this.. ya know how PED use in MLB was known about but no one said a word? Sterling is the NBA’s PED scandal. Now, how deep does it go?

  6. That is a good analogy Joe. Public outrage has backed the owners into a corner and they have to vote, maybe not unanimously, but they have to vote in favor of stripping him of ownership. However, Donald, and the Sterling family have nothing to lose by fighting this in court. They’re billionaires. Why go quietly when they have plenty of resources of tying this thing up?

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