Becoming the HORNETS!

The Bobcats, as a franchise: Sucked.Bobcats to Hornets

From a pair of idiotic owners, two bad GMs, lousy picks and bad, bad trades. Not to mention crappy uniforms.

So Jordan has actually made a pair of good moves to jump-start Hornets 2.0, the first of course being the name’s return. The other? The much-maligned contract of Al Jefferson.

So having ended the shitty run of the Bobcats- and leaving the crappy name behind as well.

Just a fun aside; the guy who named the team (ignoring many fan votes) was Robert Johnson, head of BET. Johnson named the team the Bobcats, denying that they were named after themselves. Yeah, right.

And just to throw this in, this is also the guy that said black players would take a discount to play for a black owner. As you can tell, he was more than correct in this regard. Oddly enough, this wasn’t ever screamed about on ESPN.

So here is the Roster Breakdowns (From ESPN)


The red stars are pending free agents. The only players I would be interested in bringing back are Josh McRoberts and Anthony Tolliver. Luke and his $4M salary can go away. Without a first round pick (thanks Bismack!), free Agency is the way to go. So let’s look for players I want to see the Hornets try to bring in. (Hey, Tim Duncan has Player Option!)

Lets keep in mind that the Bobcats only have 44M in contracts for next year- and 11 players under contract, So I have 4 spots and around 16M to play with.

Target #1 Greg Monroe.Greg Monroe

He is a restricted Free Agent, I understand that. I also know that the Pistons have about 3M more room than the Bobcats do. So my cap guy has to make the contract generous enough that the Pistons don’t want to match, but doesn’t kill me later on as I do have Kemba coming up next year. Gordo only made $4M last year. If I can triple that, appeal to his East Roots, maybe throw some Nike money his way, PLUS the promise that I can make him and Al happy…I’m there. Would I MAX Greg Monroe? That’s the question. I think I might have to.

Target #2 Carmelo Anthony

. . .

. . .

. . .


I don’t think Melo would be a good fit, on or off the floor. Even if Melo was willing, I wouldn’t sign him.

Target #3 Z-BO!!!!

I’d sign him to a 4-year deal as a backup to Gordon. He’s not going anywhere, but it’s the type of player you throw it out there.

There really isn’t another Free Agent out there I would throw more than 7M out there for, so we need to look for depth. I do see Kyle Lowry is out there, as is Danny Granger and Andrew Bynum. I could take Lowry, but I don’t want the other two, those are the type of guys the Bobcats would give a truck full of cash for and make their fans hate them. I mean, lets be honest, he’s not leaving the Grizzlies, but I’m gonna slide the contract to his agent, then leave- If Z-Bo shows up at the airport, great if not, thats fine, I’d rather go out swinging than saying, nah- ain’t happening. I’d throw one to Timmy too, why not?

Here are the players I would look for.

Antwain Jamison a 2yr 3M deal (homecoming) Al-Farouq Aminu

Al-Farouq Aminu for 3M a year, another homecoming signing

Francisco Garcia 3-4M

Shannon Brown, maybe a 3 year deal for 2M.

Finally, I wonder what Thabo Sefolosha is going to cost? Can I get him for 5M?

So go after Gordon, sign Jamison, Aminu, and Garcia. Plan B would be Aminu and Thabo, then wait and see what happens. I would throw a deal for Brown out there anyway.


I could also see taking a flyer for Elton Brand, only if he comes cheap. I would want a banger body to throw out there.


My luck? Jordan throws Lance 18M a year, and signs Bynum to a 5 year 60M deal.


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  1. Monroe would be a good fit next to big Al. I know you knocked Lance (and thankfully he can’t be offered 18 million a year) but I think he’d be a good fit for your team. As a player I’ve followed since he was in junior high school, I know that the boy can play. However, he needs someone to get through to him and mentor him. Larry Bird tried, but imagine if MJ was in the kid’s ear. Might work.

  2. Fair point. I’ll admit being a homer when I say this but Lance has far more talent than Kwame does. He’s just a knucklehead. Kwame was lazy, but Lance is a knuclehead that needs to mature. I’m sure MJ taking him under his wing can get through to him better than Bird has.

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