Pine Tar My Eye!

MPinedaOkay, since the Michael Pineda incident I have heard several former players, managers and analyst come to his corner by stating that “Pine Tar does not give the pitcher an advantage. It only helps them grip the ball a little better.”

Well pardon my sorry ass but IF I am doing something against the rules and it aides me in any fashion then I’m cheating. AND IF during any ballgame I am doing that and the opposing pitcher is not, then I have a decided advantage over him.

Now I know the book of unwritten rules amongst baseball players has existed for years and one of those is , “If you can get away with it without getting caught then it’s not cheating:”. Well, sort of.

I also know that some of the best or most idolized pitchers in baseball history had a little sum’in sum’in added to a collar, brim, glove, forehead and yes, even up their nose, available in those times they need a little aid to make the ball dance and dive according to their music.

Even with all this history and background knowledge, that still does NOT let Pineda off the hook. It was either Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel the other night that cracked wise, “Doesn’t he know that in baseball all the foreign substances must go inside your body not on the ball.” It is sad this is partially true. But hey, those guys can only be caught by testing. Pineda’s dumb ass was caught because he placed the Pine Tar where everyone could see it! In my opinion he should have served as a minimum one start suspension just for being stupid.

Now many Yankees’ fans want to point fingers at the Boston bench for having the umpires inspect Pineda to begin with. In his start agains the Sox two weeks earlier the TV camera’s highlighted what appeared to be a glob of pine tar on his pitching hand then. No one challenged or pointed it out then and even the Red Sox manager and some players did not seem to mind then that he used the stuff. They were only commenting then that he should have done a better job of concealing his error.

Since the media and everyone else around the baseball world picked up the story and it made the news then why in the hell would he do it again? And against the Red Sox, again?Pineda Pine Tar

Seems to me that Pineda was either flying in the face of defiance OR just did not get it. AND the Yankees however should have done a better job in ensuring that he DID know better; or at least how to cover it up better. I get accused of picking on the Yankees at times but let’s face it, they seem to get the headlines the most, therefore they will get scrutinized the most.

Regardless of all that, my boggle is that SOOOOO many analyst, former players and managers (Mickey Tettleton and Bobby Valentine especially) make such light of the incident and basically defend his actions. This is where I have the biggest problem with this whole thing. Why in the hell don’t former players, managers and sports writers in general take a stance that IF/When you get caught you should just shut your mouth and take responsibility for it?

Baseball is a very fickle. Barry Bonds and many others that should have been voted into the HOF are shunned and outcast now and they were NEVER PROVEN GUILTY of anything other than suspicion. However Pineda was PROVEN GUILTY and some of those same beat writers come to his defense and say stupid shit like, “Well pitchers have been doing that for years” “It does not really do much for the pitcher other than help him grip the ball “. Really? You guys are okay to defend someone proven of cheating but you still harbor a grudge towards those players that you made a living off of twenty years ago that was only suspected of cheating?

So now I guess there is a bubble or a level line somewhere that says, it is okay to cheat up to this point but once you cross it you are doomed? I absolutely hate the double standards. I love baseball and will continue to watch; and I don’t give two shits whether someone doctors the ball or applies something to it; just don’t whine like a bitch if you get caught.

And kind of along the same lines, IF you as an organization accept change to the game and agree to those changes made; don’t whine about it later when it goes against you. This line is for you Bryan Price. You lost your challenge. The umpire told you to stay off the field but you had to keep coming. Exactly what did you hope to accomplish?





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