Donald Sterling Fallout

Donald SterlingIn all honesty, this could be VERY messing going forward. Sterling got his team via trade (CP3) and the draft, you can’t stop him from doing either. Its not like he’s the GM anyway. This is not Cuban here people. He’s about as hands off as it gets, other than being cheap.

If I was an owner, I would be VERY wary of allowing the Commish the power to FIRE ME. I would make sure that you had to have a HUGE majority to allow the Commish to do that- I mean like 25 of 29 votes here. Yes Sterling is a shit- but he hasn’t killed anyone- and his checks have not bounced.

I watched the Press Conference on ESPN, and the question about Sterling just discovering he was a racist at age 80 did come up. and why the NBA hasn’t done squat about this before was asked.

Adam Silver: “cause Stern didn’t have the Balls to do what I’m doing” I keep waiting for him to say that, but of course he didn’t. I do think Stern would have liked to have done something, but lets face it. He didn’t. Stern is an attorney, and Sterling loves lawsuits.Silver wasn’t around for Al Davis, and if you think the NBA hates Sterling- thats nothing compared to the White-Hot hatred the NFL had for Al Davis, and Vice Versa, how did that end up? Well. Al’s son still owns the team, and they still do whatever the hell they want to do, as did Al until the day he died.

So the punishment is a 2.5M fine (thats the MAX) and he is banned from all NBA Activities, Arenas and weekly BBQs at Mels on 5th. He also loses his discount card at Dick’s Sporting Goods on NBA gear. Plus he now has to pay full price for all popcorn at Magic’s movie theaters (Magic’s move to canola instead of Peanut oil on the popcorn is the not-reported reason for the tapes in the first place)

Of course, Lifetime ban is what? 3 years? 5 years max? 2.5M? Sterling has got building that house 7,000 people that he’s spent less money on since the Nixon Administration. Heck, he’s got first year lawyers that have made that in court costs. He’s paid off er, donated more than that to the NAACP this year than that. Board of Governors Meeting

Some of my favorite questions from the press conference and what Silver should have said.

Q: is the NBA looking for more African-American ownership
Silver- Oh Hell no, we are 0-2 for good owners, you want more shit like Bob Johnson?

Q: Shaq wants to be an owner?
Silver: Anything that gets him off TNT we would support. We would try and get better effort as an owner that we got as a player in the last half of his career. And the first half of every season. . . and on defense . . .and on the boards. . . uh, lets move on.

Q: What about Magic Johnson as an owner
Silver- considering the massive cash dump the LA Dodgers have become, we have that in Brooklyn, so we are fine with Magic as an owner.

There have been some new Reports that have come out since the end of the press conference.

Sterling: I am donating the team to the Westboro Baptist Church, and making Jason Collins minority owner

@Sterling: I am moving the team to Seattle
— Grantland immediately pushes to have punishment reduced.

LA ClippersThere is a petition to force the Sale of the New York Knicks. So far, 1.9 Million people have heard Dolan use the N-word in the last 10 minutes. The NBA is investigating.

David Stern is going through back tapes of Mark Cuban to see what can be done. UPDATE: Adam Silver is having a press conference to force Cuban to sell the team – having found a tape of Cuban signing along to an NWA tape back in 1987 at a frat party. The Justice Deptartment is also looking into reports that 911 is a joke.

BREAKING: AL Sharpton has filed a class action lawsuit against the NBA for . . . .well, he doesn’t know yet. But Al has declared he’s suing.

Elgin Baylor has announced he is re-opening wrongful termination lawsuit. Adam Silver as urged him to not sue- since no one in his right mind would employ Baylor for 23 years as a GM, and this would weaken the NBA’s position.

There is no truth to the rumors Daniel Snyder has bought the Clippers- and is renaming them the Wetbacks, and making Jose Calderon the GM so its all good.

Jordan has been forced to sell the Bobcats, under reverse discrimination by-laws. His tape against Craig Ehlo was exhibit 1.


Lets keep in mind, this isn’t over, by a LONG shot.

Sterling is going to fight tooth and nail to keep his team, and not like he cares about winning.

I expect a compromise where the son takes over the team, and has to pay off the NAACP (again)  have sensitivity training for everyone whomever has bought a Clippers ticket since 1871.

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  1. Somewhere Craig Ehlo is reading this and smiling. Jordan almost kicked that guy in the head when he leapt in the air. Least he can do is give him the Bobcats.

    I’m glad you blogged our convo from earlier. Those jokes had me cracking up.

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