Game of Thrones: Oath Keeper

Welcome to our weekly Game of Thrones Post, where we don’t do a recap. Our Game of Thrones fans- David and EJ, present candidates and opinions.

Again, neither of us have red the books, so don’t be that person, ok?

1. Ok, EJ, you picked Littlefinger. Why would he turn his back on the Lannisters?Lord Baelish

EJ: Yes I did pick Littlefinger. I also picked Olenna, so I was doubly right and I’ll take my victory lap accordingly. Anyway, why would he turn his back on the Lannisters? Easy. All Littlefinger cares about is Littlefinger, and having an unstable monster on the throne like Joffrey is the worst thing for a guy like Littlefinger. He may be in Joffrey’s good graces today, but tomorrow his head would be on a spike. In the Tyrells he has a stable alliance, and if/when Margaery marries Tommen he’ll have a ruler who he can control through his Tyrell alliance.

David: I don’t get it. He has Herrenhal, he’s about to bring in the the Tullys, Oh, and the only surviving Tully still in some kind of Power. I mean my goodness! Of course, if he loses, he’s a dead man and house Littlefinger dies. If he wins, he adds the Tyrells to those in his thrall- but now the Tyrells have something on him. No one ever has anything on Baelish and lives, right Ser Dontos?

2. Why would Tywin allow Tyrion to take the fall for the murder of Joffrey?

Admit it, you miss him already
Admit it, you miss him already
EJ: Another easy answer: he hates him! The birth of Tyrion, caused the death of Tywin’s beloved wife. Tywin told Tyrion that he contemplated drowining him in the sea because as a dwarf, he’ll never be able to take his place as a capable Lannister. Tywin may have made Tyrion Hand of The King in his stead, back when he was fighting Robb’s rebellion, but he only did so because he had no other option. Family and legacy may be everything to Tywin, but he’s never considered Tyrion as a useful member of the clan. That is the reason why he tried so hard to get Jamie out of the Kingsguard and why he turned down Tyrion’s request to be named heir to Casterly Rock.
David: Another plot point I don’t see. Jamie is not going to have kids- well, that Tywin will admit are his, and he’s certainly not going to have any more. Tyrion is the only one that can sire a grandson from the male line- and he has the Stark woman as his kid. The only way this makes sense is if Tywin is going to set the North on fire- with Sansa gone, there is no chance he is going to have to bring the North under his thumb. I would think the better way to do it is to blame the whole thing on Sansa and lets say, Stannis- or hell, even the Greyjoys?

3. Ok, So Littlefinger gave the poison to Sansa in the necklace, and somehow the Tyrell Grandmother got it in the cake- who are we missing from this little plot?Margaery Tyrell

EJ: Fair question, but I don’t think we’ll ever know who else was involved in this plot besides Littlefinger, House Tyrell, and the drunk fool Ser Dontos. Sansa was an unwitting participant, but other than her I really can’t think of any of the major players who had any insight. I would like to believe that Littlefinger would keep his circle as small as possible in a matter like this. He’s far too cunning to draw in any other players.
David: So that the hard question, someone had to take the poison off the necklace, and put it in the cake. I still got money on Shea showing up, she had access to the kitchens, and a sleeping Sansa- the hole of course, is she doesn’t like Littlefinger. Of course, being a female, its possible that she did it just to make Tyrion die for it.

4. Why is Bronn still in the Capital?Bronn

EJ: He’s valuable. Yes, he is loyal to Tyrion but as a sellsword, Bronn is about his own survival. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he turns away from Tyrion and towards the Lannister plot against Tyrion in order to save his own ass. Doesn’t mean he’d betray Tyrion fully, but he’d do just enough to advance his own cause.
David: He’s Tyrions buddy, he’s going to be killed. Jamie isn’t smart enough to protect him. Either Bronn is going to die, or turn on Tyrion. I think he’s trying to maximize his cash from teaching Jamie- but realistically, as soon as Tyrion grabbed that cup, a lowborn sell-sword would have been imprisoned and tortured for any shred of information.

5. Do you think Daenerys should have taken the advice of Ser Barristan?Ser Barristan Selmy

EJ: Absolutely. Being the breaker of chains is fun and all, but is it just me or has Daenerys turned herself into the master now? Yes, killing the masters who created order in Astapor, Yunkai, and Meereen is admirable, but who exactly fills the power vacuum? By showing mercy she could have gotten the entire population of these three cities on her side, however, I’ll be far from shocked if all that she has gained slowly sinks her. I got the suspicious feeling that Daenerys may believe her own hype as a conquerer far too much that it will blind in her knowing how to rule.

David: Maybe no killed them all, but I do think her one track mind is going to bite her in the ass. I am damn good at my job, and I might be able to do my bosses job- but my 2 levels above? 3? I don’t think so. If I was named VP of DSL, I wouldn’t be buying stock after about 90 days, unless they are grossly incompetent at what they do. Running a city is a bit more complicated than just sending out people to kill the ruling class. The Slaves STILL need to be in the fields at sunrise everyday- Daenerys  is just another name on the desk here. Just like in the American South, when Slavery ended, you had sharecropping, almost as bad- they just let you starve now instead of selling your kids.



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  1. From a reader on
    Dylan111: 13 days ago I just rewatched the wedding reception on my iPad, which allows for much better scrutiny of the sequence of events leading to Joffrey being poisoned. All I will say is that what happens reminds me of looking at those very detailed before and after photos in magazines in order pinpoint what’s missing from the second picture that was there in the first. Once you figure that out, you know who put the poison in the cup.

    My fifth-grade teacher used to have all of do those on a regular basis to train us to be perceptive and patient. The first five kids to figure out the difference would get a Hershey kiss.

    vinegarstrokes: @Dylan111 Why are you acting like this is a spoiler – the episode already aired and these comments are spawned from a recap. Just tell us what you saw!?

    Dylan111: Okay then. To me it looks like Olenna took one of the blue glass crystals off Sansa’s necklace when she seems to be straightening her hair. Notice how fluid her hand motion is and then examine the necklace after Olenna went back to her place at the table. Doesn’t it look like one of the crystals drops is now missing?

    That was the necklace Sansa got from the knight she helped save, right? The knight who would have every reason to hate Joffrey, and who showed up to spirit Sansa away to safety just at the right moment.

    Since Olenna was seated right near Joffrey, she would have the perfect opportunity to drop that crystal into the wine goblet. I think that was the poison. She protects her beloved grand-daughter from having to be married to Joffrey but keeps the Tyrells in the good graces of the Lannisters. I feel sorry for Tyrion though.

    Anyway, that’s my take on it.

    The recaper of last night’s episode all but admitted that the reader had it right. It was Olenna who removed the crystal. I’ll watch the episode again because I want to see it myself, but she did touch Sansa’s hair and neckline.

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