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What up world? This EJ and I’m back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. I’ve been listening to some new music lately. I’ve been getting into cloud rap, or chillwave. Mellow and etherial beats just been speaking to me lately. So, I got to put y’all on to this new kid called Spooky Black a.k.a. Lil Spook. Spooky is a 15 year old singer/rapper from Minnesota, who apparently likes to wear turtlenecks and doo-rags. OK, his image is corny but he’s got a James Blake quality to his voice, and he’s a tamer version of The Weeknd in his subject matter. I’m digging it, and y’all should look out for his online project Black Silk.

This week I’m going to try and figure out Michael Pineda, my feelings on the NFL schedule, I’ll call for an A.P.B. on a missing giant in Indianapolis, and why I misjudged the Hawks, Wizards and Blazers. Lets do this!

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with New York Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda? Somebody? Anybody? I’m begging you. If you’re not familiar with Pineda, allow me to give you the abridged version of what this dumbass has done. Earlier this month against the Red Sox, the Yankees pitcher was spotted to having a substance on his hand. The substance looked like pine tar, but Pineda called it dirt. On Wednesday night, against the Red Sox (AGAIN!!) Pineda was ejected in the 2nd inning after being found with pine tar smeared on his neck. Pine tar is an illegal substance in baseball, used to give pitchers and hitters better grip. Some use it discretly on the end of their bats, or catchers on their shinguards, and I’ve heard examples of pitchers applying it to their caps, or even their hair. It’s an accepted illegality. It’s so accepted that Red Sox manager John Farrell didn’t even really want to out Pineda. He did so reluctantly, only because he brazenly tried to get away with it for the second time this season against the Sox.

For this Pineda has been suspended 10 games, and should miss at least two starts. This hurts the Yankees who are already without starter Ivan Nova (strained elbow) and has had some injuries to their bullpen. The last thing they needed was a pitcher suspension, but you have to say they brought this upon themselves because they had to know what Pineda was doing. Someone in that Yankees clubhouse was complicit in all of this. I’d even point a finger at Joe Girardi and ask why he did not speak to Pineda after the first incident. What really grinds my gears in all of this is just how blatant Pineda was. The tar was visible on his hand in the first incident, and was more than visible on his neck in the second incident. It’s like he didn’t even try to hide, it’s like his dumbass was on the mound screaming “PLEASE CATCH ME!!”. He couldn’t have smeared tar on the inside of his hat, or on the inside of his belt, or even in a part of his glove. Did he really need to be that freaking obvious!? OK, I’m getting off the point, but Michael “Pine Tar” Pineda is a damned fool and he’s costing the Yankees early.

This might as well be true. The Browns, are one of several teams that upon first glance has no chance at the NFL playoffs. The NFL released the 2013-2014 schedule on Wednesday, and it was covered as it was the State of the Union with ESPN and the NFL Network dedicating two hour shows on the subject. I avoided it on Wednesday, but I’ve taken the time to evaluate the schedule and make my own gut picks. My beloved Jets? A brutal schedule early (especially Weeks 2-7 where they have to face some top passing offenses) but I think they can go 8-8 again regardless of who they start at quarterback. The New York Giants? I can see 9-7 for them. The Oakland Raiders, drew the short end of the stick and have the toughest schedule in the NFL this year. I can see 5-11 for them. Drawing the NFC West and a couple of 1 pm starts on the East Coast is definitely going to lead to some heavy losses for the Silver and Black. I also love the marquee games. Seahawks-Packers to kick the season off? Nice.

While I’m not crazy about all of the hype the NFL puts behind the release of the schedule, I have to admit that it’s the first sign that we have to football coming back. The NFL are the kings of the sports world. Football is now our national past time, so to have the schedule release, the beginning of off season workouts and the NFL Draft in about 2 weeks, all means that the countdown has begun. If you love football, you know that preseason action kicks off in a little more than 3 months and we’re a little more than 4 months away from the regular season. Are you ready for some football?

Roy Hibbert!Where oh where has Roy Hibbert gone, oh where oh where is he? The Atlanta Hawks have gone up 2-1 on the Indiana Pacers and the Pacers struggles in part can be blamed on center Roy Hibbert. Their All-Star big man has all but disappeared in this series. He doesn’t lack confidence though, since in his post game interviews he talks repeatedly about how he’s kept Paul Milsapp in check, but a look at the stats shows that the big man is as delusional as he is ineffective. Milsapp is getting his (14 points and 14 rebounds in Game 3) and Hibbert despite being all of 7 feet is nowhere to be found. Roy finished second in the Defensive Player of the Year vote to Joakim Noah, but he’s been unable to impose his will on his favored end. Credit goes to Atlanta, and I’m sorry that I gave them no credit in our playoff previews.

I expected the Pacers to flip the switch and sweep the Hawks. Yes Indiana crashed the last month and a half of the season but I really believed that Frank Vogel’s men were going to be able to put that behind them and crush a Hawks team that barely squeaked into the playoffs. However, the Hawks are spreading out the Pacers with Antic, Milsapp, and Korver and it’s killing Indiana on defense. Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer deserves credit for his game plan, and even if the Pacers were to comeback and win this series it’s leaving serious doubts in my head that they’ll be able to even make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. This may be the end of Vogel in Indiana and this Pacers squad as we know it.

Since: Nov 2012Kevin McHale, and a few other head coaches, may want to pay attention to the words of Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Teamwork and intelligence does win championships, and right now I question what is going on with the Houston Rockets. The Rockets are down 0-2 to the Blazers, and Portland came in to Houston to win those games. LaMarcus Aldridge went beast mode and has averaged 44.5 points in the first two games. The Rockets have no answer for him on defense. They also lack cohesiveness on offense. James Harden and Dwight Howard haven’t really figured out who should be the #1 option in H-Town. Harden was the man in Game 1, and Dwight in Game 2, but they haven’t done it together yet. Maybe the Rockets rebound in Portland, but so far the Blazers are showing me the team I was so high on earlier on this season. Maybe I was wrong to bail on them when I did.

Two teams I never got behind were the Hawks and Wizards and so far both of them are proving me wrong so far. I picked the Pacers and Bulls respectively, and both of these teams are STRUGGLING so far in their series. The Hawks as I mentioned prior, are spreading out the Pacers with outside shooting, and attacking the paint with Teague and Lou Williams and the Wizards are attacking the paint with Nene and Gortat. Defensive Player of the Year Joakim Noah has been unable to stop the big man duo of the Wizards. To compound matters for the Bulls they haven’t been lacking on offense. Now, admittedly the Bulls are not a great offensive team but they have been better than what they have been showing so far. I’m not going to count out the Bulls or Pacers yet, but I have to admit that both of them are on the ropes, and I definitely misjudged the Hawks and Wizards. That’s the beauty of playoff basketball. You really have to throw the records and whatever preconceived notions you have out the window.

That’s it. I’m done. Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting and peace.


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  1. The Problem with the Brownies is

    1. They play the NFC South, a division you could make the case for any of them making the playoffs- and even capturing the top seed, plus the Ravens and Bengals- who should be yearly contenders, plus the Steelers, who I see taking a fall without a STRONG draft.

    Thats 7-8 losses right there, maybe even 10 if I’m wrong on Pitt.

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