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Archie, Joe and Stephan take a look into Pujol’s career as well as other current MLB topics.




1. Where do you rank Albert Pujols amongst modern day players?


ARCHIE:: Of the past 30 years or so only Barry Bonds has accumulated better OPS+ than Pujols. A-Rod is the only active player with more Homeruns than Pujols. While he is 6th in hits on the active list, he is also the youngest of the 6. I currently put him #2 in all of MLB and that’s only because of a guy named Miquel.

STEPHAN: You have to rank Pujols right there at the top of the list. Albeit he did not have the typical Pujols type season last year. However, injury played a huge role in that. I think that Pujols is well on his way to breaking many of the all time records, and someone who appears to have done things the right way, can rightfully claim some of the records that are held by “tainted” individuals. As far as ranking him amongst modern day players; only Miguel Cabrera comes to mind that could give him a run for his money.

JOE: I see him in the top ten or five by the time he retires… I think he finishes with over 600 HRs for this career, with about 1800 plus runs scored and 1800 plus RBIs… which will put him in the top ten, or so, all time in those categories… his slugging average is right now 7th all time and the only post WW2 player ahead of him is Barry Bonds… his .409 OBP is 36th all time and that ranks him with post WW2 players like Mickey Mantle, Stan Musial, Manny Ramirez, Joey Votto and Frank Thomas and his batting average currently is .320 which places him with post WW2 players like Rod Carew and Wade Boggs (both at .327), Joe Maurer (.321) and Joe DiMaggio (.324) and he should be able to scratch out enough hits to get over 3000. That sounds like top ten, or better, to me.  Arguably, that makes him a lot better than two other players who are about ready to retire that are being spoken off as two of the better players, and first ballot HOFers, in the game… Ichiro and Jeter.


2. Albert is in his 14th season and is currently 26th on the HR leader board. Where do you project him to finish?

ARCHIE:: He has averaged 41 per season so far. I don’t see him getting any better than that. So calculating that he will go another 6 years and maybe averaging 30 per year for those seasons, he should top out around 680 which will put him 4th just in front of Mays.

STEPHAN: IF and that is a big If he can stay healthy for the remainder of his career. I see no reason that he will finish in the top 5 in the all time HR record. I would not be the least bit surprised if he gives Bonds’ record a serious run.

JOE: I think he can get by Ken Griffey Jr. (630) but not Willie Mays (660) or ARod (654)… so, let’s say… he’ll wind up at 6th all time.


3. What should Pineda’s penalty be for pine tar on the neck?


ARCHIE:: He should serve ever how many games it takes for him to miss three starts for being obvious as well as stupid. I also feel Girardi should serve a one game suspension for allowing it to happen knowing the spotlight was on him.

STEPHAN: Pineda was just suspended for 10 games for his pine tar incident. I think that is more than appropriate considering the situation

JOE: Nothing… but he’ll get some type of suspension. So, 8 games at the most (aka about 2 starts). Everyone does what he did… the difference is that he got caught for being too freaking obvious. On the YES game cast, two of the announcers who have pitched in the Majors said they used pine tar during their careers and they told how they hide it. And, they are not the only ones who are saying the same stuff. So, my feeling is that if everyone is doing it, and, everyone seems to admit they do it, then, why should one guy be punished while the umps/MLB ignores everyone else? Even, if, that one guy was Mr. Obvious and a dumbass.


4. Seems every home win in the 9th now is called a “Walk Off” win. How do you define a walk-off win? There is really only 4 ways you can “walk off” in the bottom of the ninth.

ARCHIE:: The only one I really define as a walk off is #1 on the list below. But I guess the others could be looked at as a walk-off.

#1. The Obvious, go ahead home run. Batter does not have to run, he can walk if he desires.

#2. The second Obvious; bases loaded walk.

#3. Bases loaded hit-by-pitch.

#4. Balk with runner on third.

Best I can tell, everything else would require someone to RUN the base pads with a possibility of an out being made and ending the inning.

STEPHAN: Simply that. A walk-off. If you score the game winning run, and that marks the end of the game. That to me is a walk off win. Some will limit that to a Home Run walk off, but if you figure the winning run is scored in the bottom of the 9th, that is the last play of the game, thus it is a walk-off.

JOE: Technically, they are…. However, I sort of think of Walk-Off status as being when a HR gets hit and then everyone gets to walk into the dugout in a dramatic fashion. I don’t know… there has to be some sort of drama attached to it… I guess. For Pete’s sake, recently, I think there was a Walk-Off wild pitch… I mean… really?


5. As a Team, the Colorado Rockies are boasting MLB best team BA at .301. How much of this is aided by Coors Field?

ARCHIE:: This one is almost too easy for me. HELL YES Coor’s field aids in ALL offensive numbers for the Rockies. This year you only have to look at the offensive splits to see it clearly.

Team Overall BA     Home             Away

.301                         .346                .249

In batting average alone, there is almost 100 points difference in the team stats. Some might say that the thin air aids only in home runs. But you also have to give into the fact the thin does not allow as much movement on pitches that normally dance around or break. There have been many visiting pitchers comment on their stuff not being as effective due to lack of movement. Therefore the batters get many more pitches that come straighter through the strike zone. Ergo, more hits.



Funny thing is, it is opposite for the Rockies pitching staff this year. I can only answer this by simply stating their pitching staff is not that good to begin with.

Team Overall ERA   Home             Away

4.21                             3.93                4.55

STEPHAN: If you asked that because the Rockies led the league in homeruns, and was that aided by Coors? Then I say yes. However, batting average is a far different stat that even the high altitude of Colorado is not going to aid a high batting average. I have had the opportunity to play baseball in Denver in college, and while the ball carries well, the air does not assist you at all in actually hitting the ball and having good contact and putting balls in play.

JOE: I think Coors field adds something to offensive numbers, but, probably, not that much. But, I am only guessing as I’ve never seen any studies regarding the issue.












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