Our 1000th Post!

Welcome to the 1000th Post of 7Poundbag. 1000 magazines

Since Our rise from InformativeSports, we have posted 1000 articles. Amazing. Yes there has been some padding to keep the site going (anyone pining for the return of Picture of the Day?) and 3 major site redesigns, again, the latest one by Zach, thanks again.

I started this site, my 4th I’ve ever paid for, on one simple premise. I was creating a TON of content for other sites, with ZERO chance of getting a dime or even a slight chance of getting even a thank you.

For Example:

I’ve written a chunk of MMA stuff on Wikipedia. If you’ve been a fighters page that fought in the first 40 UFCs chances are there is something I have done there (or used to be) You would NOT BELIEVE the infighting that was going on when I was writing. Wiki’s guidelines are one thing, but holy jeebus- the only thing that comes close is when cookie sales come up and some parent wants to goto Wal-Mart out of turn.

I did a TON on Fannation. Much like a lot of writers on here. I think I still have the most TDs on the site, if you count all the ones that have been removed, and I still have the most wins (back when that meant something) Not only did I run tournaments, create groups, I also ran the UNC Tarheels, Charlotte Bobcats, Carolina Panthers Official Groups- and had logins in case I wanted to do something on the ACC Page.

I did wrote a few reviews and Quizzes on IMBD as well as a few other sites. But again, lets be upfront. I stopped that 3-4 years ago and all those places have been fine. Fannation sucks wind, but that more of a will issue by the sites owners.

But bottom line. I needed an outlet where I had control over what I said, could write what I wanted and about what I cared about. I try to pull people in that have the same way. I/We ran a series on the N-Word that I would be willing to be would never had flown in a newspaper in this country. You can search for it. I’m still not comfortable with it, and to date its the ONLY thing I have sent to another writer and asked, should we do this? Not happy that I felt that way, but sadly, out of context does become context in todays world, and lets be honest, google doesn’t exactly scream freedom of speech sometimes.

I am proud of the people I’ve put on here. I’ve had people in the US, Europe and Lower Canada. I’ve got right-wings, Left wings, Hippies and Lesbians. People that work for THE MAN and people that have been in prison. I’ve even got a Raider Fan and a Pats Fan.

Let me throw a little out at you in closing.

Our first post him on August 10th 2012, and gained all of 8 hits that first day in 2 states

Since then we have gone well over 50K hits in 184 countries and Every State in the Union. Every Month we are seen in over a hundred countries.


I want to thank, first and foremost my fellow writers on the site, I couldn’t do this without you, but lord knows I don’t want to. I also want to thank you the reader, for coming here. There is a TON of sites out there, and some have good content, but you chose to come here.

Thank you.

David Snipes


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  1. Congrats to the site. I’ll take my bow for the part I play in the 1,000 posts and the growth of the site.

  2. Just for chuckles… who did get the 1,000th post? They should, at least, get a hearty handshake if nothing else. 😉

  3. I did. Once we cracked 990, I started thinking of what to do, if anything, then I had one written and in drafts at about 996. I just had to make sure I snuck it in there in case the Raiders did something and DJ did one of his 4 posts in an hour jobs. 1K went up about an hour after 999.

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