Game of Thrones: “Breaker of Chains”

Welcome to our weekly Game of Thrones Post, where we don’t do a recap, we talk about the show, and we make a few predictions and thoughts on the plot outlines. Like the format? Have a better suggestion? Let us know. Spoilers, Obviously.

1) When the Ser Dontos rowed Sansa away, who were you expecting on the Ship?Lord Baelish

EJ: Considering, I thought Littlefinger had a role in the death of Joffrey, I expected Littlefinger to be on that ship. When we last saw Littlefinger last season, he was supposed to sail off to the Eyrie in order to marry Sansa’s aunt Lysa. For that reason alone I expected no one but creepy Littlefinger on that ghost ship.

David: I did. I expected to see Shea to be waiting, maybe even with the Spider, and looking to get the heck out of Dodge. Once Littlefinger said “Payment” I knew the Fool was dead. That just screamed setup to me.

2) Littlefinger says Sansa is safe, he is taking her home- is Sansa “safe”?

EJ: Relatively so. Littlefinger has long harbored a love for Sansa’s mother Catelyn and despite her ending up with Ned Stark, and not him, I don’t suspect he’d hurt Lady Cat’s daughter. He’ll use Sansa though. I still think Littlefinger is off to the Eyrie and seeing that her niece is alive, might be all that he needs to convince Lysa to marry him.

David: I wonder about Littlefnger. He has made an enemy of Cersei if he does what you suggest. Cersei is dangerous, to anything in the seven kingdoms. If it was indeed all Littlefinger- the timing seems a bit early. If we have learned nothing about the Game, is you don’t want to be out in front until the very end. Ticking off the Lannisters, putting a better king on the Throne, and making sure that you are no longer part of the small council just doesn’t seem right. Of course, Littlefinger did love one thing in this world, and he has her oldest daughter firmly in his grasp. Wouldn’t stun me if he did to her what the Mountain did to Elia, and bringing her body to Cersei in a trunk.

3) Did the Cersei / Jamie exchange burn a lot of the goodwill Jamie earned last season?Cersei

EJ: Absolutely. Jamie in his exchanges with Brienne, became human last season. You felt sorry for the man called Kingslayer. Then to see him rape his twin sister, in front of the corpse of their son by their incestual relationship, was just pretty damn sick. Game of Thrones is a show that contains shock value, and perversions, but it went a step too far last night.

David: Gross? Sure, but I think Cersei might have been into it by the end. I think Cersei is not above using her body against her brother to get what she wants. Tywin seems to already have his hooks into her other son. Her grief may have cost her power. I do think that Jamie lost a bit in my eyes. He did slide over to the scumbag side of town to me.

4) Do you think Tyrion had anything to do with the death of Joffrey?

EJ: Honestly? No. Tyrion may hate Cersei, and he hated Joffrey, and while Tyrion is a cunning man he knows his limits. Killing Joffrey would have been a bridge too far. He may not be fond of the members of the Lannister clan, but Tyrion is well aware that he is a Lannister. So, no I definitely believe that he had nothing to do with the death of King Joffrey.

David: He was on my list, but like he said, if he was going to do it, he would have done it where he could not have been blamed. I can see that being his prime defense. “Why would I do it in front of everyone? I have the run of the castle, I’m not in line for the throne, I’m Master of Coin, what does Joffrey dying help me? My Father is the Hand, the only office higher in the land?

5) Do you think Tywin had anything to do with the Murder Prince Oberyn’s sister?Oberyn Martell

EJ: Tywin is a cold man. A calculating man, and he would have wanted Elia Martell dead, but not in the fashion she was killed. Raped and split open by Gregor Clegane, The Mountain, might have been a bit too far from what Tywin expected. The Mountain, has been described by people who have encountered him as someone who can’t be tamed, and as a sadist. I believe that he was acting on his own impulses when Elia was killed, but I don’t believe that Tywin was too broken up over the result.

David: I doubt it. He probably knew that she was going to die, but being a History Guy, you know that women get raped and killed when a city falls. Its – sadly – things that happen each and every time unless the commander is just top-notch (or in view), plus the higher up the social standing, the more likely she gets gang raped and killed when done. I don’t think Tywin knew anything about it until after the deed was done.

6) Do you agree with Jon Snow?

EJ: Jon Snow has proven himself to be a smart individual, and he knows how to read situations. While it would be best to fortify Castle Black, he is right in the sense that they have to stop the group of Night Watch volunteers that mutinied at Craster’s Keep. The Watch is woefully undermanned in comparison to Mance’s forces, and Jon is correct in the sense that he needs to do all that he can to stop it.

David: 100% His reasoning is sound, his point is spot on. The only issue is not even the Walls of Constantine is going to help against a 100 to 1 odds. They need men from the south, and they need them NOW- the faster to get used to the cold, and to start carving out arrow slits in Castle Black.

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