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I thought I’d give a few snippets from the NBA, MLB and NFL.

MLB: MLB may adjust rules for plays at the plate. Catchers will be asked to give the runner a lane to the plate reducing the possibility of collisions at home plate. Still sounds like the rule that was implemented this year, that you can’t block the plate if you don’t have the ball.Pete Rose

Also the instant replay will be discussed, MLB thinks its going well, but I disagree. Its suppose to get the call correct, but several replays still made the wrong call. I can understand if the replay is inconclusive, but when you get the call wrong both on the field and instant replay, then its not working, some have been obviously called wrong after looking at replay. They also should not allow managers to get a replay from their personnel upstairs before the make the challenge, that just negates having only 2 challenges, because if you lose the first challenge you lose the second one. They will also review the transfer rule.

NFL: I think the biggest talk is the draft coming up on 8 May. There undoubtedly will be trades on picks as well as personnel.

Raiders will cut Terrelle Pryor on Monday if they can’t trade him, Someone may take a chance on him if he is released, but they won’t trade for him.

A lot of potential draft picks have visited with numerous teams. Some teams have brought in players that won’t be available at their pick. For example, New England has brought in all the QB’s in this draft, but most will not be on the boards at the 29th pick. Yes, they do need to get Bradys replacement now as Mallet is in the last year of his contract and Brady probably has 2-3 years left. I hate to see him go, but its going to happen sooner rather then later.

Stay in School
Stay in School

NBA: The play-offs are here and the Nets and Raptors have just finished up the first game with the Nets coming away with the victory, 94-87. I will of course be rooting for the Nets only because my favs are now playing for them. I still like Garnett and Pierce. They certainly weren’t going to win with the C’s this year, but Danny Ainge is open to re-signing Pierce this off season and says that ROndo will be with the C’s next year, so that’s a good start.

Steve Kerr Expects a call from the Knicks and would except the coaching job. I think Kerr would be a good choice, if he figures out how to handle Lamar Odom.

The NBA is looking to raise the age limit from 19 to 20, Adam Silver is spear heading this idea and he seems to have the backing of the owners, of course they will have to negotiate with the players Union. They seem to think that there needs to be some incentive to keep players in college.

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  1. If they kept Pryor closer to the draft….I think they could get a 5th or 6th rounder for him. But, McKenzie won’t wait till then.

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