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What up world? This EJ and I’m back with another edition of the Blog About Nothing. It’s springtime in New York City, but you wouldn’t know that with the cold weather that passed through here this week. It snowed. Yup, snow. However, I’m a New Yorker. Snow and ice ain’t stopping me, and this cold that I have had for a month now ain’t stopping me either. This week I’ll talk a little NBA playoff action, Chris Johnson to the Jets, and a mea culpa to Manny Pacquiao. Let’s do this!

The NBA playoffs kick off this weekend. In the East we have the following matchups: Pacers vs Hawks, Heat vs Bobcats, Raptors vs Nets, and the Bulls vs Wizards. Out West we have the Spurs vs Mavericks, Thunder vs Grizzlies, Clippers vs Warriors, and the Rockets vs Trailblazers. Clearly the West has the better matchups. The Western Conference once again proved to be the beasts of the League. 9th placed Phoenix finished the season with 48 wins. If they played out East the Suns would have had finished with the 3rd best record. Sad but true. I’ll show some love to the East though. While I expect the Pacers and Heat to have no problems in their series, I think the remaining two series could go at least 6 games. The Nets and the Bulls are probably favored but I wouldn’t count out the Raptors or the Wizards. Both teams are young, neither were expected to be here, and they go into this postseason with little to no expectations. If I’m the Nets and Bulls I’d be worried about that and be on guard. However, with that said I’d be surprised if the 2nd round of the Eastern Conference playoffs were not matchups between the Pacers vs Bulls, and the Heat vs. Nets. Surprised. Stunned. Shocked. All of that.

san antonio spurs 2013 nba finals memes 1Out West is where my attention, and I think the attention of a lot of fans, will be centered. All four opening round series are full of intrigue and honestly all four series leave open the door for upsets. The Mavericks as the 8th seed matchup pretty well with the Spurs. San Antonio might have been the only team in the NBA to win 60 games, but they’re an older team that has been shocked in the 1st round before. Age has to catch up to them eventually, right? The Grizzlies have a good shot at the Thunder. The Grizz actually beat them last year, but that was when the Thunder was without Russell Westbrook. I believe the Thunder have the edge this year but I see this series going at least 6. Clippers vs. Warriors intrigues me a great deal. These two teams HATE each other. As much as I love the Clippers, and as much as I would like to see them come out of the playoffs as Western Conference Champions it would not shock me at all if the Warriors knock them out of the playoffs. I’m hoping this series goes the full 7 games. Finally, we have Rockets vs. Trailblazers. Portland got off to a hot start before crashing some as the calendar turned from 2013 to 2014. Houston is a dangerous team. I think they dispatch the Blazers handily in 5, and I think they give the Spurs some trouble in the next round.

The 82 game season of the NBA may be at least 20 games too long, but this is the payoff: the playoffs. Although the games are spread out and series could take 10 to 14 days to complete, you still get NBA action everyday on your television. These games mean something. So although some of these teams limped to the finish line, you’re about to see 16 teams go for the Championship. I’m ready. Are you?

Chris JohnsonThis week the New York Jets agreed to a 2 year contract for $8 million with former Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson. CJ2K is on his way to the New York/New Jersey Metro area, and I for one could not be happier. Yes, I’m a Jets fan. Although the Jets had a solid running game with Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell, the team needed a running back with speed and playmaking ability. The Jets were hoping Mike Goodson could have provided that last season, but he got himself in some legal trouble and his availability for the team is still in some doubt. In Johnson the Jets have a player with homerun ability that can take the football to the house either running the ball or catching it out of the backfield. If Michael Vick is the presumed starter, now the team have two players that can make something out of nothing.

Although Rex Ryan was given an extension to return as head coach, he is still on thin ice. John Idzik, the team General Manager, did not hire Rex and it is presumed that he would still want to bring in his own guy. After the Jets unexpectedly went 8-8 last season, after projecting to finish with a record that would have been much worse, the Jets were forced to keep Rex. Ryan knows he is on thin ice so he needs Vick, Johnson, new signee Eric Decker, and company to come out firing on all cylinders. I love the signing of CJ2K but if the Jets somehow regress to 6-10 or worse, than it will be a new head coach that will be coaching Johnson in his 2nd year with Gang Green.

Le combat entre Manny Pacquiao (à droite) et Timothy Bradley s'est ...I’d like to take this time out to say sorry to Manny Pacquiao. I doubted you. I doubted that you still had the desire in the ring. Well, I was wrong. You went into that ring last Saturday and you beat Timothy Bradley Jr, and you reclaimed your WBO Welterweight title. You did that shit. I believed in Bradley. I believed that the then undefeated fighter would leave the ring with his record in tact, and that he would make some noise to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr, and finally heal this stupid Top Rank/Golden Boy – HBO/Showtime rift that is ruining boxing. You were my hope Timothy and you blew it.

I haven’t seen the fight. I don’t pay for PPV and I didn’t feel like staying up late to catch a feed online. I’ll watch the fight Saturday night when it replays on HBO, but the word is Pacquiao pitched a shutout against Bradley. Timothy apparently suffered a leg injury in the fight, just like he did in the first Pacquiao fight, but he didn’t use that as an excuse in his loss. Bradley Jr. went looking for the knockout, despite never being a heavy puncher, and this strategy left him vulnerable to the quick fists of Pacquiao. Now, that Manny has won that should set the table for a 5th match against Juan Manuel Marquez. I have no desire to watch these men faceoff for the 5th time, and I’m unsure why either man would want to revisit the matchup but due to the fact that it’s a huge money maker, we are definitely going to see Pacquiao-Marquez part cinco before the end of 2014.

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