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Ok, I’m going to be honest with you. I love me TUF.

But the irritating thing is the people they pick, they miss quite a lot of fighters that deserve a shot at TUF.

You want to know why the show isn’t putting out guys like it was?  The biggest reason is most of those guys are in Bellator now, the other reason is they pick guys to look good on TV.
There are 2 types of fighters that deserve to be on TUF.
Yes, I say DESERVE, cause its the type of show that can make a fighter a star, to a certain extent, Forrest Griffith is still getting PPV spots that a fighter with his record doesn’t deserve until her retired, even fighters that didn’t win the show have had great careers and even the ones that get bounced from the show still have that Ultimate Fighter bounce in booking local shows. I still think TUF is a big deal, and I am sure there have been quite a few guys to fight on the TUF finale that never, EVER would have gotten to fight infront of Joe Rogan and Mike Goldburg otherwise.

Amazing that they put Frankie on this show vs Penn. Frankie beat him twice pretty convincingly, but he is still in neutral, and more people care about Penn still. Show its almost like a Chuck vs Tito situation.

We open with different fighters talk about fighting. Yay?

We go Middleweight and Light-Heavy this time around. Waiting on that next Heavy-weight season Dana!

Dana pimps Frankie.

Dana pimps BJ Penn

Penn thanks Edgar for the opportunity, Frankie says he’s just returning the favor for the title shot. Frankie says he tried out for Season 5 when Penn coached against Jens Pulver. Maybe its me, but I’d rather see coaches train their own weight classes.

The families are back, and its fight to get into the house. I still like both changes to the format.

Lots of clips of fighters warming up and praying. Kind of odd.

Time for the TUF Drinking Game!

Take a shot every time someone talks family

Chug when they mention this is my last shot.

Tyler King kicks us off talking about breaking his ankle playing football. His mom is there and she feels bad for the other guy.

Daniel Spohn talks about his wife. (Drink)

— I don’t really care. I don’t know why we get to talk to guys that might not even make the house- I mean we got 16 fights to get through tonight! Lets move people!

In case you are late to the party, they didn’t have this format when BJ Penn coached last time- so he really doesn’t have an advantage being a former coach, plus he kinda blew the whole draft format anyway- in one of the better moments of the season.

Tyler King 32, 6’6 6-1

Daniel Spohn 28, 6’4 8-3

Uh, why have a guy in his 30s on here? With only 7 fights? Even if he wins the show he’s gonna be 35 before he’s out of his contract! ok, Lets move on.

Spohn wins quick, catching King coming in and he goes down like a TON of bricks. We get a shot of King’s Mom, and she’s panicking. Penn and Edgar talk about this being a hurt sport. I think its low class to show his mom like that.

Recap of the fight, the Camera was just perfect to catch the fall. Tyler is up and ok. Penn says don’t bring your mom.

Daniel Spohn
Daniel Spohn

Adrian Miles talks about getting in fights because he gotten picked on.

Hector Urbina talks about being Mexican.

No Proper title card (Damn You)

Hector Urbina 16-8

Adrian Miles 14-5

Good scrambling matchup, Hector finally gets a guillotine to get the stoppage. All 3 guys are impressed, Hector wants Dana to be his uncle. Guy knows how to get on TV. With that 16-8 record though, gonna be interesting to see how long he lasts. Minor point Our Ref, whom I won’t call out by name apparently thinks Fence Grabbing is ok now. SHE does a great job!

Jake Heun tried out for Tuf 17, lost to Adam Cella, so he’s back. We get the Final Chance Chug! 

Todd Monaghan talks God. We have our first MMA Redemption kid. No drinks for that. Talking to fighters, I honestly think thats true and not a gimmick.

Jake Heun 5-3

Todd Monaghan 8-2

Todd get stunned early, and Jake tries to finish, can’t, then gets a takedown. Our ref, won’t call her out by name again, warns about 3 times about hitting the back of the head, but Jake just keeps pounding on it, but I guess SHE has not authority to do anythng about it. Scramble and Todd is up, slips and Jake thinks he has won, posing for a second (DUDE YOU ARE 5-3) but pounces when he sees he’s the only one thinking its over- then goes right back to the back of the head. Our Ref is fine with that this time. Jake tries a gator roll, but not being Brazilian, it goes no where. Todd snatches an armbar out of nowhere! Jake quits quickly, It didn’t look that deep, and they falls over but Our Ref did see the tap! Dana says he was whupping his ass but again failed to get in the house.

Our Ref redeems herself by saying winner by TKO . . and Todd becomes my hero by correcting her. Jake announces his retirement. “Anyone hiring get at me” Todds wife does NOT want to hug her sweaty man. I’ve seen that before- always good for a laugh.

Cathal Pendred is shown, the Irishman gets a bye since all the other opponets either missed wight, got hurt etc. He gets a bye to the house.

HEY DANA! HERO HENRY WOULD HAVE MADE WEIGHT! Get Quentin Henry on the plane! How about Chris Bell? He got robbed off TUF 10!

Roger Zapata has a THREE DAY OLD That is one way to get out of the early daddy duties. He’s gonna miss it a lot. If he loses, I’d let him go home early. I can’t see skipped out that early.

Tyler Minton talks with his wife. Women weaken the legs, so she leaves

Roger Zapata and Tyler Minton have matching 5-1 records and no scorecard.

We get our first clip show fight, as Dana takes a potty break! Dean stops the fight after Roger is just beating on him.

We goto Commercial as Dana says it would be kind bad if the Bellator Champion can’t make it into the house. ROY NELSON Callback! Dana told him he had to go TUF to get in, and apparently that worked out ok.

A running subplot has been the Red Corner has been coming out in cut shorts. They have been getting on Frankie about it- and he finally calls over one of his guys. He says one of the fighters said is was good luck, so they have been doing it. Dana says if it works, go ahead.

So far the red Shorts are UNDEFEATED  (Spohn, Hector, Todd and Zapata) hey, 4-0 is 4-0 people.

Lyman Good is out (15-3) and he’s the Bellator champion.

Ian Stephens (4-0) is supposed to be a good wrestler. We get no hotel scenes in this matchup, and I have given up on seeing a scorecard.

Clip fight. Ian just dominates him on the ground. Rides him to a decision.  Dana just rips Good apart saying you can’t be in the UFC if you can’t stop takedowns or get up on them. Ian wins 2-0. He goes over to Dana and says Bellator champs don’t belong here. I’m sure Dana loves this kid- might be a little extra in his TUF pay packet now. Dana is happy.

Ian Stephens
Ian Stephens

Red Shorts are 5-0

Back to the Hotel

Chris Fields just got married. He’s wearing the Bruce Lee UFC T-Shirt! (8-4-1)

Josh Stansbury still wins, he’s got the PRIDE shirt on. He has two kids, so we finally get to drink. Its been a while. (4-2)

Stansbury is Red Shorts, but doesn’t have them cut. Fields is also Irish and Conor McGregor is here! We got 3 Irishmen here! Time for the open Bar! (I’m part Irish- I can say that!)

Pulling for Fields here, not only for the Irish, but RED SHORTS KARMA~! Irish goes down with a HARD right hand, but Stansbury can’t finish. We have our first first nut-shot. Ref is slow moving here- get Our Ref in there. Stansburg with a takedown, but came down on his leg wrong, Dana thinks its a broken leg- maybe his knee. BJ calls it quickly. good eye BJ!

Conor calls it the luck of the Irish. I call it RED SHORT KARMA! Frankie calls it out too.

The coaches joke about it, breaking the tension. Frankie says they are going to get shorter and shorter, Dana says they are going to be fighting in Speedos by the end.

Cody Mumma: His wife has confidence in him, his mom will be covering her eyes. We have our first white boy dreads!


Anton Bersin: 23 6’2 and 3-1

Cody Mumma 20 6-1 and 5-1

BJ Penn does not like Cody, says he doesn’t belong. Dana: “The Hippie?” Anton finally gets an armbar to win. Cut Red Shorts are still undefeated.

Tim Williams (7-1) is back- lost to get into the TUF 17 house (Dylan Andrews) he talks about his brain aneurysm he had to come back from. His girlfriend visits and almost changes the rating of the show. He says she plays professional tennis for her college  So I guess the NCAA is coming to see her after the show.  Tim kicks the cameras out and we hear kissing. DAMN!

Bojan Velockovic (8-2) gets no camera time, since his other half is not under NCAA investigation. He wants to be the first Serbian in the UFC. He shakes the hand of the ref coming in.

BJ Penn calls Bojan the Joe Lauzon of the season. Ok. Clip fight. Bojan is just gassed and worn out. He is also wearing UNCUT RED SHORTS.

Matt Gabel (8-3) Never seen the scorecards as a pro or armature.

Eddie Gordon (5-1) Trains with Wiman. Also wears uncut Red Shorts.

Clip fight, Matt sees scorecards and the losing end of one. Eddie looks like a BEAST.

John Poppie (3-1) We have begun to speed up the show. He is wearing UNCUT RED SHORTS

Josh Clark (5-1) 4-0 in Pro Boxing. Says he’ll lose his job if he gets into the house.

Clip fight. Clark wins in Rd 3 armbar . Guess he’s unemployed- hey, there ya go Huen!

Team Red needs some scissors FAST!


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