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joe1On Thursday (4/10) there was a story in the NYDN about an Illinois lawsuit that was settled for $355,000 in legal fees and punishment costs. Now let me say a word or two about that word I just used: punishment. That’s my word. The newspaper article said settlement costs. But, I think that, if the truth be told, the costs that were doled out for the so-called settlement purposes are really a punishment for what some LaSalle County police officers did to some people incarcerated in a LaSalle County jail.  I mean, first, isn’t any amount that that is being paid so a lawsuit is consummated a settlement any which way? I mean, regardless, if, a part of the money paid is towards the plaintiff’s lawyer costs and a part, what is being called a settlemen, to the plaintiff  isn’t the entire kit and caboodle really a settlement in and of  itself. No?  Hell, yeah, it is! So the part being paid to the plaintiff is a punishment cost, damn it!

Okay, okay… semantics aside here… here’s the nitty gritty… 33-year-old Dana Holmes, was arrested in the Spring of 2013 and

Dana Holmes
Dana Holmes

because of stuff that happened during her arrest… specifically her subsequent processing and imprisonment at the cop shop… brought a lawsuit against LaSalle count authorities.

And, what the heck happened that was so greviously nasty that she should sue? Because she said those authorities violated her rights and as well as her personal being by violently tossing her into a holding cell and stripping her naked. She said in the suit that there was no legal justification for what they did and it caused her emotional harm. Her lawsuit contended that she was standing against a wall; a female guard began to pat her down, and, as she shifted her weight, she was thrown to the floor and then into a cell. She was then stripped naked by the guards, which included a male guard, and, who then left her in the cell with just a couple of blankets.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… heard that one before… every drunk or dumbass fool seems to claim they were totally innocent when the police have to rough ’em a tad became they were being… well… dumbasses.

And right on cue… the cops said she was being uncooperative so necessary force was sued.

Okay… I can buy that… but wait a sec… that still doesn’t explain why the guards… including a male guard… had to take off her clothes, and, leave her naked in a cell. But… hey, so fits her word against theirs. Right? And who ya’ll gonna believe? A drunk or some peeps who have pledged to serve and protect the good citizens of LaSalle County?

One small problem… the entire incident was caught on a surveillance camera at the LaSalle County Jail.

The video obtained by The Chicago Tribune shows Holmes story is pretty much what occurred including the fact she had beenDana-Holmes4 cooperative during the entire processing procedure.

Soooo… LaSalle County paid out the so-called $355,000 in legal fees and settlement costs to Holmes because in the words of the county’s attorney’s office, “… (it was) in everybody’s best interest to focus on policies and protocols moving forward rather than spending time and money fighting over who was right and wrong.”

Excuse me???? Who was right or wrong? There was gonna be an argument about who was right or wrong? Can we go back to the video tape? Just once more? And, unless I happened to misplace my spectacles and misread the words describing what was on the tape… I could have sworn… I read that the tape showed that what the lady said happened… including that she at no time was uncooperative… that the cops whomped on her and stripped her naked because they felt like whomping on her and leaving her naked.  Whomped on an average size woman who was drunk that any cop… woman or man…  worth their salt could have and should have subdued with little to no trouble. And… about that stripping her naked part and leaving her that way????

Okay… now… be that as it may… despite that mind-boggling claim by the county attorney’s office… it comes down to this… the county pays Holmes about $125,000 while her lawyer will get $100,000 for legal costs. And then… there’s this real nice kicker…five other folks, who had joined the lawsuit because they said similar searches were down with their bodies, will get some money, too… four get $30,000 and the last person gets $10,000.

But, wait one freaking moment here… one big freaking momentous moment… let’s put aside that these peeps settled for the numbers reported… why they did, I have no idea… I wouldn’t have… unless there’s something being left unsaid… but, since video… the cops’ own video… seems to verify what the lady alleges I find that sorta hard to fathom. If this is me… the cops whomped on me; made me bare-ass naked as the day I arrived on this planet, and, then leave me that way in a damn cell with little to no amenities… then WTF and Huh???? It would not end there with me settling for anything less than a half a mil. And, that’s a half mil in my pocket. You deal with my lawyer separately… whatever you pay him… fine… that’s what you pay.

As far as these peeps settling… the county essentially paid them peanuts. Especially, the other five folks that were supposedly abused… they just let it all get swept under the carp so to speak.

Look, I have been in more than one holding cell in my time on this here orb of ours… why is no matter, I just was and ya’ll don’t need to know every little dang thing now, do ya’ll… and they are usually not more than three cement walls and a barred entry with a metal cot attached to the floor, or the wall, and not especially well heated. And, I have even had times where my ass got whomped on by cops… some whompings were sorta deservedly and some were not so deservedly. Unfortunately, in the times I didn’t deserve the ass whomping, I didn’t have any video to prove my case because if I did the story would be… let’s just say I probably would not be sitting here writing this stuff today.

But, I got no problem with cops doing their job, and, sometimes having to get a bit rough when they do it. I mean, sometimes mops get carelessly left where shouldn’t oughta be and certain peeps trip over them and fall and bang their noses or what have you. Stuff happens.  And, sometimes some peeps just get screwed by the karma they make… BUT…. Illinois law allows a strip-search only when officers have a legitimate belief that the inmate is hiding a weapon or a controlled substance… and, the law mandates the search must be done by a guard of the same sex as the subject, and, the search cannot be observed by people not conducting the search.

I don’t see anything remotely like that in the situation just described in Ms. Holmes case. 100413_Strip

The cops broke the law and they got caught on tape doing it as well as some nasty additional stuff. LaSalle County got off cheap. Very freaking cheapo, if, you ask me. And, if they be smart then they would do good to fire some asses; dispense some suspensions and fines, or loss of pay, and, rewrite some procedures… STAT!

Hint: if your gonna tape stuff and then make certain claims about the stuff that happened? Make sure someone fucks with the tapes so certain strategic pieces are missing… like erased. Just a thought.

And if you’re curious about who pays the money for the Lasalle zcounty Six? The taxpayers.. that’s who. Don’t they always?Seems, LaSalle County opted about ten years ago to become its own insurer. That means property taxpayers, and not some independent insurance company, gotta pay up to the LaSalle Six. So, what’s that mean?

About roughly $5.07 per La Salle County property tax bill.

And…  the lady’s case? Holmes, who blew around three times the legal blood alcohol limit when she was stopped, pleaded guilty and received court supervised probation.

2) News item found over the weekend on the wire services… MLB is investigating Baltimore Orioles’ Adam Jones’ comments.

If ya haven’t heard what happened… sometime last week, or so, some dumbasses at Yankee Stadium randumbass fan onto the field and security had to take them down and arrest them. As the jackasses were lead away with their hands cuffed behind their backs, Jones let them have it in some very colorful language.

Asked by reporters after the game about what he yammered at the dolts, Jones said, “… I think it’s idiotic for people to run on the field and I think the punishment needs to be a lot harsher. And, they should let us have a shot to kick them with our metal spikes on… because it’s stupid. You look like an asshole when you run on the field. We don’t go to any other events. We don’t go to other sporting events and do that to their jobs, but they come to ours and do that. I get it, you’re drunk and you want to be on SportsCenter. Your ass is going to jail with a fine, and you might not be allowed to come back to the ballpark. That’s heads up. I remember a couple of years ago; one dude broke his ankle in Baltimore. I was laughing at him. I wish he shattered his femur because it’s stupid. It’s just plain old stupid. Anybody who does it, I wish the cops tase the living shit out of them. I wish that.”

adam watchingSo, for some reason MLB is now looking into what Jones had to say about fans who trespass onto private property… yes, essentially, baseball fields are private property and among the myriad charges a fan could get hit with for stepping onto a MLB field, without a formal invite, is that the police could throw their sad little ass into the pokey with a charge of trespassing. Now… about MLB and Mr. Jones…what baseball decides is entirely up in the air but since they are initiating a look-see into his words means that Jones could face a fine and/or a suspension.

Now, I reluctantly sorta agree with the sentiment of some folks who are airing out that players should not really discuss harming fans because it is the fans who pay a major part of the operating expenses of which includes the salaries of players such as Jones. However… they are trespassing. And, let me ask, how in the hell is a player supposed to know the intent of said trespasser… and… what if, the trespasser has the intent to cause mayhem or maybe even mass destruction upon the palyer’s body or both?  I mean… a player can’t see inside another person’s mind… especially when its themind of a crazy ass galoot running amok… the player gotta be thinking saying… WTF?

Me? I gotta say if that player were me and that was happening … I’d be all… shit this dude is about to place my ass into imminent danger and I damn well mean to do whatever I can to protect my ass and other folks around me, asses. If, that means I has to kick his balls with my metal spikes and drop him and then give him a couple of extra stomps just to make sure he stays down… then a kicking and a stomping is what he be getting.

Now, anyone who has an inkling about this Jones guy is all about, knows he is a dude who tends to speak his mind. Some stuff he says can be a little off the wall but nothing that I have ever read, that is supposedly from his lips, is totally absurd. In other words, usually he makes some sort of sense, even, if, I don’t agree with everything he says.  So, I hope baseball uses some wisdom in this instance… maybe a small fine because  the bottom line is ya can’t go around… no matter how you feel or even as right as you may be… advocating that someone gets their femur, or any other body part, shattered. Besides, it might fuck your karma and no one needs their karma getting all fucked up.

But, as one wag pointed out, Jones wasn’t talking about your every day garden group of rabid fans who are mostly mouth and little else… rather, he was talking about a specific group of fans… who, thank the powers that be, are a very small minority of the fans… the dumbass dolts who get drunk and/or so crazy hyped up that they decide they want to be the center of attention. The fans who potentially jeopardize player and team personnel safety and who inconvenience all the other fans by stopping the game by their actions which are simply unacceptable.

But, ya wanna know something? We fans are part of why these dumbasses do what they do… tell me…why, exactly do some of us jump up and down and cheer these dumbasses when they do this stupid people stuff any way? Yeah… we do it because we are laughing at them and we do it because, maybe, somewhere inside our own macabre inner psyches we wish we had the nerve to be as dumbass as they be… but, what we really do is, we give them just what they seek… acknowledgment and attention.

Sad… that this just might will be what they accomplish with their so-called allotted 15 minutes of fame that supposedly we all get during our lifetimes.

And, unfortunately, this is not the only recent incident of fan/player interaction that was an issue. Seems Curtis curtis-granderson-touched-by-fanGranderson, the NY Mets right fielder, was catching a ball in the outfield’s foul ground near the stands during a game in Anaheim… as he turned to throw the ball back to the infield a fan touched him… Granderson turned toward the fan and the glare he must of given that fan caused time to momentarily freeze… a general sense of “what the hell” and an “oh shit” feeling occurred as folks weren’t sure what really had just happened or what was about to go down.

The moment passed as security appeared to escort the fan from his seat.

Later when asked, Granderson said… “He touched me (on my back) and then I turned around.  He was like. ‘No, I didn’t mean to.’ I was, ‘Hey, just don’t touch me.’ And that was it… Say whatever you want to say. Boo, cheer, clap, cheer for your team, cheer for the other team. But just don’t physically touch the players.”

curtis-granderson-angels-fanGranderson said the incident had caused him some real concern because, “You never know what’s going to go on. The thing that was asked to me by the [Angels] team security was, ‘Are you OK? Did anything happen?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, everything’s fine.’ But just the fact that I got touched during the act of the game while things were going on is obviously something to always be concerned about.”

Here’s my skinny on this… Jones’ opinion of fans that come onto the field of play or Granderson’s feeling about fans touching players… The field belongs to the players and the game officials. And, peeps who are on the field can’t read other peeps’ minds… especially peeps that are jumping out of the stands or touching from the stands. Field peeps have no way of knowing if someone is just a harmless stupid ass drunk with no ill intentions what so ever… or some deranged crazy fuck head with who knows what all on their mind. And, there have been times when fans… or… assholes, because, that’s what they really are… have actually tried to hurt peeps that have been on the field.

So, the rule is this… your ticket entitles you to cheer, jeer or whatever your little jack-be-nimble brain desires as long as it’s within the realm of common decency. But, to do so within the confines of the stands… and, never where the invisible line that separates the stands from the field of play becomes blurred or, in some cases, eradicated.

In simple words… keep your damn hands to yourself and just act like a person who knows what respect for others means. And… if ya’ll gotta drink and/or drug then try and know your limits so ya don’t do something ya’ll regret before the day is out… taint no badge of anything to get bailed out of the drunk tank. And, if, by chance no one has enough for bail, or, the place you get busted says a judge needs to set your bond before you get released then you just might need to sleep in lockup over night… and a stay in the pokey ain’t what some peeps try and make it out to be… it’s a freaking night in the pokey… no TV… No refrig… no comfy pillow… no nothing really.

Besides, you might wind up being with some real bad asses who really don’t give a shit. And, ya never know what some dumbass might do to your dumbass. Stuff happens and sometimes it ain’t good stuff. So, be careful what you wish for because you just might be the center of attention and that attention might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

3) An article in Tuesday’s (4/15) NYDN lead off with this… “He’s a pretty average guy — father of four, owns his home, pays his taxes, volunteers at his family’s church. Except for that prison thing…”


Well, it seems that back in 2000, Cornealious “Mike” Anderson, of St. Louis, given a 13-year sentence for being involved in a robbery.  He was out on bail… why he was out on bail after he got convicted I’m not sure…I guess they do things different out in St. Louis… but as far as I know (don’t ask me why ‘cos it ain’t nobody’s business but my own) if you get convicted the judge tells the bailiff to apply the cuffs and off ya’ll go… but… he was, indeed, out on bail and simply waited for the call to surrender to the Missouri Penal system… or… (cue the Law and Order music)… for his bid in the slammer. And he waited, and waited, and waited…

He waited a really long time.sentence delayed

I reckon he figured if they ain’t a calling I ain’t asking “whassup?”

So, he went about his life… he married, he had kids… four of ‘em… he coached one of his son’s teams… he joined a church… started a business. The entire time he stayed in St. Louis… never even thought of running… and… waited, and waited, and waited… until he just probably said… Hey, I reckon they either changed their mind or just forgot about me… go figure.

Thirteen years go by… AND… last summer, he was scheduled for release from prison… that is, if, he had been in prison… he was to be released… but, as the paperwork process unfolded, state prison authorities realized Anderson wasn’t exactly in prison… sooooo… a SWAT team descended on Anderson’s house and dragged his ass off to jail.

And,  there he now sits… waiting… nine months now of thje original 13-year sentence.

His present lawyer says… “I’m hoping that there is a way for them to save face while still allowing him to stay free.” The attorney added that a paperwork error, not of his client’s doing, resulted in his client never being processed into jail… “He’s no legal expert. He relied on his lawyer (and, he figured the state of Missouri changed their minds).

His previous lawyer… who is retired… says he thought Anderson was in prison.

Me? While I am of the firm belief in the so-called adage that “if you do the crime; you should do the time”, I also realize the penal system is supposed to be about rehab of a person’s so-called character… prisons rarely do that in my view but that is supposed to be one of the intents of prison… to rehab a man’s character. And, sometimes, they actually do it… whether by design, or, by accident, where some dudes say “This shit ain’t for me and I ain’t ever going back.”

Now, then… if, this man is not an excellent example of a man who has been rehabilitated… who turned his life around; realized he did a very, very dumbass thing and spent the rest of life trying to better himself, and, by a result, his community. If, this ain’t what being rehabbed is, then I don’t understand what the gist of what is to be rehabbed… or… to change a person’s mindset and character for the so-called better.

So… let  him stay free is what I say.  Missouri… ya’ll fucked up, and, by the lucky stars, it worked out and this man did do the right thing… he changed his life for the better… never tried to run… and, in effect atoned for his wrongs.

At the worst… either give him teem served and sentence suspended… or…  let him serve a reduced sentence…  on the weekends until his debt to society has done been paid…   either way, a form of time off for good behavior.

Note: An online petition at has gathered more than 14,000 signatures calling for Anderson’s freedom.

4) Also in Tuesdays (4/15) NYDN,  there wa a piece that said “A 15-year-old bullying victim with (ADHD and an anxiety disrorder) was treated like a criminal after he recorded his schoolmates in the act.”

Christian Stanfield was disciplined by his South Fayette (PA) High School, and, then was found him guilty of disorderly conduct by a local court during a hearing last month.

Christian and mom
Christian and mom

What Christian did that was so terrible and criminal was he made a seven-minute recording on his iPad… a school approved electronic device, by the way… and, then took it home and played it for mom. Mom… well, mom got pissed… and she took it to school officials and said, “WTF!”

What Christian recorded was a scene that showed he was being harassed in one of his classes. Some boys are giving him the business which Christian tries to rebuff and it escalates from there. The dumbasses try to remove his pants and begin to comment on the boy’s sexuality… in some not so very nice terminology. Right in a real class while a teacher is trying to help Christian grok some math. Remember, he has a learning disability…

What that teacher tried to do to stop this idiotic behavior is not stated, but, if, it was me? I would’ve walked out of that room and told Christian “follow me”… went straight to the principal’s office and filed a complaint… but, then… considering what school officials did do,  I can kinda see why the teacher probably didn’t even try to do that. 

BECAUSE… School admin types didn’t see the recording the same the mom did. They called the police. The kid was forced to play the recording for the cops and other school official peeps… then Christian was told to erase everything.

Needles to say… Mom appeared; gave Christian a big hug, and, was again pissed… very, very pissed.

Ya’ll think this would sort of be the end of the cops involvement right? Nope… the school admin peeps wanted the kid to be

Questionable judgement? School principal Scott Milburn
Questionable judgement? School principal Scott Milburn

busted for felony wiretapping. However… maybe through the cops intervention… they decided to go with disorderly conduct so the kid could be spared a felony charge on his permanent record. Yeah, whatever…
And, of course, a real freaking dumbass judge then puts the icing on the cake and the poor kid is found guilty of that disorderly charge.

Ye gods and little fishes… what the fuck is wrong with this damn world? I am just incredulous this even went anywhere near this degree. Look it… the boy was the one being victimized… he was being abused… potentially a statement could be made that he was sexually abused because the other boys tried to pull down his pants and were making crude and rude comments about his sexuality. They should have, at the least,,been the ones suspended and disciplined by the school… and… in my view, maybe expelled and arrested, if, anyone was gonna be processed legally.

Christian’s lawyer says the disorderly conduct charge is bogus, and he is sure he can get the conviction vacated. Or in his words… “It’s ridiculous.”

No freaking kidding…

The kid says … “I just recorded it because I always felt like it wasn’t me being heard…like, I’d always go home or tell my mom that this is happening, but I don’t actually have anything to show for it. So it was kind of like, basically my voice wasn’t being heard and I wanted some help. So it wasn’t, like, I… this wasn’t just a one-time thing. This always happens every day in that class.”

The family’s lawyer, who happens to be a former teacher, says he believes schools don’t do enough to deli with bullying.

Again… no freaking kidding!!!!

He intends to file a civil suit on the teen’s behalf. Usually, I don’t like lawsuits, but, this time.. sue their mother-fucking asses off.

I just do not understand the way some idiot’s minds work… but… the thing that totally befuddles me, that really annoys and bothers me…that irks me off… these are the people who are supposed to be entrusted with our children, as well as looking out for the welfare of children, and, teaching and molding the minds of the future of our country.


5) Just last week, I stated that I purposefully have been not doing sports related stuff within the WTF columns because a lot of writers on this site do a damn good job writing about sports related stuff… so, I felt I could devote WTF to wheeling and dealing and dishing about other stuff. Ya’ll remember what Michael Corleone said…  “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.” Well, here I am a again… with not just one sports related piece, but, now, a second sports related piece…

Last week, MLB HOF member Hank Aaron was honored in Atlanta on the 40th anniversary of his breaking of Babe Ruth’saaron3 career home run record. Around that same time, he also told USA Today, “We can talk about baseball. Talk about politics. Sure, this country has a black president, but when you look at a black president, President Obama is left with his foot stuck in the mud from all of the Republicans with the way he’s treated. We have moved in the right direction, and there have been improvements, but we still have a long ways to go in the country. The bigger difference is that back then they had hoods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts.”

Then the shit done hit the fan… seems stuff started pouring into the Atlanta Braves front office… Hammering Hank is a Braves VP… hundreds of emails and letters and phone calls… Some of them not so very nice, either…

A guy who says his name is Edward… “Hank Aaron is a scumbag piece of shit nigger…  My old man instilled in my mind from aaaron1 young age, the only good nigger is a dead nigger.”

Marion calls Aaron a “racist scumbag.”

Mark calls Aaron a “classless racist.”

The Braves have yet to issue any public commentary on the situation. And, personally I think its probably just as well that they don’t. Comments like those are not worth acknowledging.

And, the issue is not whether you agree, or, disagree with Aaron, it’s just that when someone voices an opinion about someone  they should do it with a bit of respect and decorum. And, at the minimum, it shoud lbe done without the need to use crass and ignorant negative racial epithets.

The thing is this… 40 years ago Aaron got subjected to all sorts of hate mail simply because of the color of his skin… now, today, that is to say in 2014,  he expressed an opinion and he gets the same vile stupidity simply because he had the audacity, as a black man, to speak his mind.

hate mail 1
hate mail 1


hate mail 2
hate mail 2









As the writer who wrote the USA Today piece said…. “Never in our 50-minute conversation did Aaron suggest anyone critical of President Obama is racist. Never did he compare the Republican Party to the Ku Klux Klan. Simply, Aaron stated that we are fooling ourselves if we don’t believe racism exists in our country. It’s simply camouflaged now. And, yes, he feels sorry for his good friend, President Obama, and the frustrations he endures.”

And, for that Aaron still gets to be called a nigger…

I love it when dumbasses prove a point without anyone having to say anything.

And the truth is we really haven’t gotten as far as we think we have and there is till a lot of racism that needs to be overcome.


6) On Monday (4/14) I caught this news item from the wire services… “The highest beef prices in almost three decades have beef prices sizzlearrived just before the start of grilling season, causing sticker shock for both consumers and restaurant owners — and relief isn’t likely anytime soon.”

Now, I ain’t even about to get into the where-alls and the what-alls and the with-alls of why this stupidity is being foisted upon us folks who have to put healthy food on the table… and contrary to what some peeps say beef… particularly steak…  is part of that health food that should be on all American families tables.

Not that long ago I had a serious op where a significant part of my digestive tract was excised from my being and my surgeon told me part of my recovery was that I had to eat healthy… and he pointedly stated in no uncertain terms that steak is a health food… so… he prescribed lots of steak and salad to be on my table each week.

When he told me that news on what my diet should include I thought to myself…. “You gonna pay for that freaking steak, dear doctor?” Now this was about four years ago or so… and I was wondering then how in the hell could I afford to eat healthy like my surgeon was telling me I should eat, especially if it included red meat. How in the hell was I to afford to even think about putting something like a nice inch and half porterhouse on my dinner plate? Porterhouse was about $3.99 back then… on sale.

beef costNow, per the news wires the average retail cost of fresh beef was at about $5.28 a pound in February, up almost a quarter from January and the highest price since 1987. And, prices are expected to rise from there… where to? … who knows. And they gonna stay that way for the foreseeable future.

People are turning to only the cheapest cuts of beef like ground chuck… or… chicken, eggs, pork and fish. And, guess what? Just watch as those food sources begin to become more popular and purchased more and more and peeps who sell us our food stuffs notice the trend… ya’ll bet your bottom dollar them prices for those food stuffs will go up to.

Ever think about chicken wings? What the hell is a chicken wing… a lot of bony stuff surrounded by a minimum amount of eating stuff. Brought any wings lately? The damn things cost more than chicken breast!

Why? Because us peeps like hot wings, teriyaki wings… you name it wings… peeps like wings and grocers noticed that and bingo prices went up… big time. And somebody still brought them damn wings… didn’t they?

And, already it’s becoming a fact… a whole chicken has gone past a buck a pound.. on sale… from about 79 cents not alrising-food-pricesl that long ago.

So, unless something gives what’s a poor shopper to do?

Pay the price or do without is what… and, lots of folks are gonna do without.

Let me ask… that makes sense?

Especially when certain politicians want to cut back on food stamps, on social security payments and charge more for Medicare?

Just asking the question… if you got an answer I would sure love to hear it.



7) The Dallas Morning News FROM WIRE REPORTS Published: April, 11, 2014…

“I feel compelled to take personal responsibility for all the evil that some priests — many in number, [although] not in comparison with the totality — to assume personal responsibility and to ask forgiveness for the damage caused by the sexual abuse of the children. The church is aware of this damage. We don’t want to take a step back in dealing with this problem and the sanctions that must be imposed. On the contrary, I think we must be even stronger. You don’t play around with the lives of children.” … Pope Frankie.

Child abuse is wrong… doesn’t matter if it’s hitting, words or sexual or any combination of the three… it is pure D wrong. The harm that is caused is devastating and almost irreparable… and in too many cases it is irreparable… it steals from the child their childhood.  Children need that time to grow into this fucked up world and not be thrown into the chaos of what passes for adulthood that ravages the lives of so many of us in these so-called modern times. Childhood should be… yet, so often are never so… given the time to learn with innocent wonder and grace. If someone abuses a child they murder that child’s soul, that child’s spirit and innocence… their chance to be a being that slowly grows and develops into a responsible adult. An adult that has a decent base on which to make judgments and decisions throughout his, or her, life.

Pope Frankie said he took personal responsibility for the “evil” of priests who molested children and he asked for thepope forgiveness of the victims of that abuse.

It is the first time a pope has taken personal responsibility and sought out forgiveness for the sex crimes of some of the so-called ministers of the Catholic faith.

Pope John Paul II denounced priests who abused children and said they did not bleogn I nthe priesthood.

Pope Benedict XVI said he was sorry and expressed his regret that priests victimized children and even cried with some of them.

But, neither took personal responsibility for the crimes or asked for forgiveness as Pope Francis did.

Last month, Francis named eight folks to be part of a commission to advise him on the best ways to fight against sexual abuse in the church. Half of the members are women. One member, Marie Collins, was abused as a child… by a priest. Collins is an activist in the fight for victims and for justice being given to those victims. She had previously called upon Benedict to ask for personal forgiveness for the sexual abusive behavior of priests and for the church leaders who put loyalty to the church, and the abusers, ahead of the safety of children.

A central U.S. victims’ group, the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, said it was waiting for more from the Catholic Church and the pope. The group’s outreach director, Barbara Dorris, said “We beg the world’s Catholics: Be impressed by deeds, not words. Until the pope takes decisive action that protects kids, be skeptical and vigilant.”

Here’s hoping that Pope Frankie follows through on taking action against those who abuse children and does the right thing by defrocking them priests who abuse children… or anyone for that matter… and then turns over whatever information the church has gathered to whichever legal authorities need it so they can prosecute the offense to the fullest extent of the law.

It’s just the right thing to do.

So do it.

8) I recently saw a news wire report the other day that said seniors at a Nebraska high school made a real splash before their spring prom. Unfortunately, it probably wasn’t the type of splash they were looking to do on prom night. It was a splash in the realest sense of the word… wet… very dripping wet… and… soaking wet.

See it all happened because 22 Pierce High School students were posing for what they hoped would be a cool remembranceprom11n-5-web that they could someday look back upon… a very pretty picture or two or three of them all on this old quaint and somewhat rickety bridge… it went down and so did the kids into a 4-foot deep body of water.

No one got hurt. But, the dude who owns the property where the bridge was, and who was a dad to one of the kids, was sort of really upset when the the accident occurred. I mean he probably thought his damn bridge done ruined what is supposed to be a cool night for these kids. But all the kids took the entire event in total kid stride and simply said it was no one’s fault and there was nothing that could have stopped it from happening. And life goes on… and so did the prom… they just had to dig up some older clothes that they happened to have stashed in their closets… but they all managed. And,  as far as is known had a damn good rollicking time dancing the night away.

Lane Rohrich, one of the kids who took the unexpected dip, posted a picture on twitter the next day and of course it went viral… retweeted more than 60,000 times.

He also posted: “What I accomplished this weekend: 1) ruined a rented tux 2) ruined my iPhone 3) broke a bridge/ fell into a creek b4 prom 4) time of my life.”

But, all of this begs the question, (which by the way is improper use of that phrase but that’s another story for another time)… My golly, Miss Molly, those must of been some hungry, hungry heifers… or, is it hippos?

9) In today’s NYDN (4/16) there was this article with the lead line… “Watch out KFC and Chick-fil-A, there’s an unlikely player who’s trying to disturb the pecking order of fast food chicken chains: Domino’s Pizza.”

Now, the thing about this so-called chickenshit pizza is that there is no crust… pizza without bread… or… if, you would, doughless pizza.domino-no pizza

So what keeps the topping in place… the “dough” is now breaded, white boneless chicken pieces that is then topped with sauce, cheese and other assorted pizza toppings.

Okay, here’s my thoughts on this… Pizza is dough that is flattened out in as wide a circle as it can be… in a pie shape… relatively thin… then has tomato sauce thinly spread over the dough… then is layered with cheese… preferably freshly shredded and/or sliced mozzarella cheese… then with a selection of these toppings.. and these toppings only… sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes… yep, fresh sliced tomatoes are allowed… clams and meatballs… anything else is not pizza. And, don’t even think of serving me anything else and calling it pizza… call it whatever you want but not pizza.

Now, then… we alright on that? Good…

Next case… KFC used to have a sandwich called the Double Down Sandwich… it was a sandwich without bread…. yeah… right. The Double Down Sandwich featured two fried chicken patties to replace the bread. The innards were bacon and cheese. Now for fat lovers of all kinds it probably sounds delicious… but it ain’t a damn sandwich if it ain’t got that bread.

Guess what… uhhuh… it’s coming back for a limited engagement. On April 21.Hopefully very limited.

I gotta go to The Colbert Report’s main man… the Stephen dude himself who declared… “This is deep-fried madness. This is breaded double down sandwichinsanity. It is a sandwich that lacks all sandwich-ness. It’s like an edible Hieronymus Bosch painting wrapped in a paper straitjacket. If a sandwich has no buns, can it truly be called a sandwich? This is the warped creation of a syphilitic brain!”

What else can be said?

So… study up kids… there may be a quiz on this sometime down the line… it could be 25% of your grade… Pizza that has no crust is not a pizza and a sandwich without bread is not a sandwich.

Got it?

Good… case closed.



10) And, this week’s gratuitous pics…












Lacey Chabert at Photoshoot by Jeff VespaLacey-Chabert-Maxim-Lingerie_


Lacey Nicole Chabert (born September 30, 1982) is an American actress and voice actress.







And, another thousand words… or three…





A child bites a barbed wire after a slum fire gutted dozens of huts in New Delhi














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  1. President Obama is left with his foot stuck in the mud from all of the Republicans with the way he’s treated. We have moved in the right direction, and there have been improvements, but we still have a long ways to go in the country. The bigger difference is that back then they had hoods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts.

    — Uh, Kinda sounds like he’s calling Republicans the Klan to me.

  2. That’s one way to see it…
    eThe writer says of the USA Today peice says no…

    Me.. I’m sorta on the fence but leaning with the way you see it…

    He may not have meant that but it does sound like that is what he is impicating with the way the words are put together. But, whether he meant what it sounds like he said or not; whether he is right or wrong AND whether anyone agrees with him or not, peeps still need to keep the racial rhetoric out of the conversation.

  3. There is no chance he meant it ANY OTHER WAY.

    He threw the Klan out there and if you disagree with him you are either racist or racist, no third choice.

  4. 1) I disagree… I think there is a chance… slim.. but there is a chance. But, the bottom line is that if he did mean it then he made a big mistake by lumping an entire group as one big lablel. That is a form of bias in and of itself.

    2) With respect… how in the hell is it that if you disagree with him that “you are either a racist or a racist”? You can disagree all you want… the disrespect and the racist stuff is when peeps start calling him stuff like “classless racist”, “racist scumbag” and the big one… “A piece of shit nigger”.

    3) For the record.. I already said my first impression when I read what he said was “wow” and “oops” … which means my first imrpession was I disagreed with his statement because, while I am not a big elephant fan, I also don’t think all elephants are evil and wear sheets disguised as ties and starched shirts… so, if, I follow your reasoning … I was a racist? I don’t think so.

  5. “all of the Republicans”

    Seems pretty cut and dry to me.

    It would appear that to disagree with Obama is be a member of the Klan. Now I understand Aaron has been hit with racism that, to be honest is unimaginable to me, and pretty much anyone under the age of 30 in the US. That does not make him right.

  6. We are gonna have to disagree then because it ain’t so cut and dry to me. I just don’t follow your logic. Ya damn … oh I guess I can’t call you that because of your opinion now can I?

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