Puppet Master: Series Wrap-up

Puppet Master CollectionThis is a B-movie serial, and you have to grade it on a curve, of course.
But looking back on the series, all I keep seeing is wasted potential.
You have a set of dolls, who can act independently or as a team, and in some movies all the movie cares about is the humans.
The biggest issue is the films are cheap, and they want to be as cheap as possible by using the puppets as little as possible unless necessary, just to make us happy.
Thats understandable, but not exactly what I want when I am putting my money down for a movie. Its like Star Wars when the whole movie is Baby Vader and Jar Jar talking- but we get 10 minutes of Yoda at the end. Actually, in some of these, we don’t even get Yoda, we get one of those C-list Jedis only Gamers know who the hell they are.

So lets take a look at the plots, shall we?

Part 1- Someone trying to get Toulons secret, but pisses off the Puppets at the moment of triumph, and gets killed.

Part 2- Toulon coming back, but he pisses off the Puppets at the moment of triumph, and gets killed.

Part 3- We go back to Germany, and Toulons Origin (2.0) and fight Nazi’s

Part 4- We get evil puppets and their Demon Master trying to break through, and our legit new Puppet Master

Part 5- Uh, Part 4 part 2? Same story, same plot, same ending

Part 6- Another Puppet Master who somehow turns wood into metal in making a new one- oh and pisses off the Puppets at the moment of triumph, and gets killed.Puppet Master Axis

Part 7- We go back in time for the first generation of Puppets, but it doesn’t really tie into anything else.

Part 8- Clip Show time! We show all the highlights for the first 7, yet care so much about it- we don’t even get the kids name right from part 3.

Part 9- We hit the way-back machine, and get right after part 1 and forget part 2 happened, oh and a good chunk of Part 1- since it makes no sense.

The biggest issue again, is that the PUPPETS are not front and center. The pop-up when you look to fall asleep, or when there is a half-hour left. That almost makes part 7 worth it just because it cuts out a lot of the annoying humans. The plots are not bad, per say, just not pulled off. Take for example part 4- Waste all that time to bring about the Big Puppet. Who doesn’t DO anything? Then the same thing happens AGAIN the next movie! A better story could have had them build a machine to blow-up the Ouija board that brought the Power Ranger Villain to the World.

So what should you do if you get a box set of Puppet Master?

First thing- toss 7. Its dull and you’ve seen it already once you get there. The protagonist is kinda hot- but she’s not even close to the hottest of the series (She’s in Part 4)

Back to Fighting Nazis!!!
Back to Fighting Nazis!!!

So don’t even TRY to watch them in order, they fit together nicely enough- Retro(7), III, 1 pause it, 9, finish 1, 2, 4,5, 6 and 7 for no good reason.

So should you watch them? That’s a harder question.

I would say that 3 is easily the best of the bunch. If I had to throw one in the player- thats the one I go with. I think 4 even has some redeeming parts, but 1 is the best. 2 and 9 has horribly funny parts- just skip the end of 2, and only watch 9 when you are in the mood for stupidity and bad acting. There is little redeeming about the rest.

I paid 5 bucks for the set- I think I got my moneys worth.

If the series was redone would I watch? Of course.

If I had to make the movie?

Easy. I’m going after part 3. I’m having the Puppets take on the Nazi’s as part of the underground. I’m concentrating on the original set- even Leech Woman. Imagine Tunneler and Pinhead working to derail a train- or Blade trying to cut the power to a Nazi Prison?





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