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(Editorial cartoon is by Bramhall via the NYDN.)

joe11) On Friday (4/4) I caught an article from NYDN’s online edition about a Texas driver who cheated death… not only cheated death for himself but also for his two kids and another adult who were with him.


Well, seems this dude, Ranuel Arreola-Moreno, must have been in one hell of a hurry because as he approached a train crossing that had the warning gates fully down, and, I assume that had lights flashing as well all the other stuff that tends to go on at a rail crossing in a business area of a city…  and… its obvious a damn big ass heavy duty multi-ton train is a’coming down the tracks… he tried to defy logic and decided to risk his life, and, his two children’s lives and drive around the gates to get across the crossing before the train comes through.

Note the word… the operative word… in the last part of that enormously long ass sentence is “tried”…trainweb

He didn’t make it. And the point of this… me abeating on my keyboard to tell this story… is that he was charged with running a red light and going through the crossing gates.

Ummm… That be it?

How’s ’bout reckless endangerment; how’s ’bout child abuse; how’s ’bout being a public nuisance and causing a disturbance and maybe wrecking public and private property and how’s ’bout being a dumbass and douche bag and scaring the shit out of everybody around, especially those two kids of his… oh, those last two aren’t legitimate charges… well… they damn well should be.

This dumbass should never be allowed to have anyone in a vehicle ever again if he is driving… in fact, he needs to have his license suspended for about a year and then be required to take about a month of Sunday’s worth of any and all of the safe driving classes that the State of Texas offers.

How freaking stupid can a supposedly grown man be?  One… a person does not try and beat a train across a railroad crossing… two….especially when that person has other peeps…double especially when the peeps are children… in the vehicle.

Damn and tarnation… my dumbass of the year candidates list is getting very long and its only the first week of April.

2) Also, on Friday, I caught this little morsel in the pages of the NYDN… “Pakistan charges 9 month old with conspiring to murder.”

Seems Muhammad Mosa Khan allegedly threw stones at police officers during a raid in Lahore. He was arrested and fingerprinted. He was charged with throwing stones at police and attempting to commit murder.

According to news wire reports a state-run gas company, for reasons unspecified, raided the child’s family home and some family members resisted. As the family’s demonstration and resistance against the company peeps became more sustained police became involved.  As police entered into the fray some stones were hurled towards the company peeps and the police. The child seeing his family’s actions began picking up stones and throwing them in the direction of the “enemy”.  The family members involved in the altercation… including the child… were taken into custody and were charged with, among other things, of being involved in a “murder attempt of the police”.

On April 4, the child, accompanied by other family members, was in court to answer charges that he was involved with anbaby6n-3-web alleged assassination attempt on the police. As the child was while sitting in the lap of his grandfather, at times crying as he held his baby bottle, the lawyers of both sides argued the case.

After arguments, the presiding judge ruled that bail was to be granted and adjourned the infants hearing until April 12.

Now I don’t want to ever be accused of belittling a country’s mores or cultural approach to life events… but… I really have to say in this circumstance… WTF???!!!!  This is a nine-month-old child… How the hell big could the damn stone be that he threw and how hard could he have lobbed it at the police? No one even considered the fact that this baby was simply imitating the actions of his family members who were actively engaged with the police? Did they really think that a nine-month-old baby has the power of cognitive and responsible thought? Like this baby understood that his actions had consequences? Really?

Someone, please, tell me the Pakistani court system, or whoever has rule over this situation, just says this entire thing is without any merit whatsoever and that enough is enough.

I have read in subsequent wire reports that the judge wanted all sorts of reports to be made and that some heads have began to roll. And, from what I can discern some police, who were involved in the raid, have been suspended, and, an official, the Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Affairs, has taken a possible human rights violation by the police under advisement.

But, this entire episode needs to be just dissolved and the child allowed to resume his childhood with mama….  Or, as my Grandpa Dominick would probably say… “Persone, Sta ‘zitto e andare a casa.”

Ohhhh.. ya’ll want English?  “People, shut the fuck up and go home.”

3) All these stories about Justine Bieber… I mean the ones where he is supposedly intoxicated either on booze or drugs or both… ummm… if he can be denied access to certain clubs, or, areas within clubs because they serve alcohol, and, he isbieber arrested under a certain age, then shouldn’t a cop be able to arrest him on suspicion of being intoxicated while under age and then get a court order for him to undergo a toxicology test? Then, if, he fails the test) then doesn’t he get to go to court and deal with whatever consequences his lawyers and the DA’s office lawyers come to an agreement upon? And, hopefully, if, he is in violation he gets whatever just desserts are deserved for violating the laws he is deemed to have violated.

I mean, just saying that  it seems it should be pretty simple to see that this dude should be facing about… oh… just randomly recalling stories that I see in the NYDN on a weekly basis for the last month or so… at least 10 or so court appearances. No?

4) Over the weekend, there was also this little gem from the pages of the NYDN… “Wait for it… there actually is an alternate ending to ‘How I Met Your Mother’.”

Seems that the series ended after a nine-year run and a lot of peeps were disappoint, if not downright pissed off, about the not so solid final episode and the resolution of how mom got met and what all happened after that. But, now, co-creator Carter Bays has done twitted that there is an alternative ending.

In Bays’ own words… “Here’s a bit of news: 16 days ago today we were in the HIMYM edit room, trying to decide between two very met-motherdifferent endings. We only shot one script, but through edit room magic we had two possible outcomes for the series. We chose the ending we chose and we stand by it. But we loved the other version too.”

Now… get this… Bays said that the other ending will be available on the season 9 DVD set, as well as, on the series box set.

So the bullshit continues all over…right?  Don’t know what I mean? Well… how long did the folks who are responsible for prompting the show’s last episode keep everyone hanging on suspenders so the eyes on the TV screen would be at optimal levels?  And, they got their numbers, too…didn’t they? So, with them there numbers… or, eyes on the telly watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’… some things happened.

One, advertisers were paying through the nose so they could get those eyes seeing and hearing about their product/products.

Two, the producers, writers, actors and whoever else was connected to the show now have big props that they know how to get eyes on whatever they are connected with which means they theoretically can draw eyes to shows they are connected with in the future and that means advertisers will want to buy into that.

And, three… well… now it’s…  does the mother survive? Will Robin and Barney not get a divorce? Will… oh what the fuck… just when does this nonsense stop?

These sumnabeetches are just trying to sell a bunch of DVDs is what I think. And, if I were a fan of this series I would let the DVDs come out and then wait until some unethical type of guy bootlegs the damn thing and then makes it available from your friendly neighborhood bootlegger source.

But, that’s just me… I mean, that’s what  I would do… that is, if, I cared about the damn TV show to begin with… seeing as how I have never even watched more than ten minutes of the show at one time, it makes me no never mind what happens to any of these folks involved with this “mom” person. But, seeing the uproar that they just caused… doesn’t it seem that so far all they got out of you is your time? I mean, so, you invested… what?…  an hour or two of your time… got disappointed… maybe felt like you got kinda screwed… depending on how you think… but, now if you fall for their shenanigans this time, it could be putting a hurting on your wallet. I mean somebody’s profit margin would go up while your profit margin would go down. No?

So, if’n it were me I’d cut my losses at time lost and be done with them and just wait for the bootleg copies to start appearing.

5) Some people just don’t know when to STFU… case in point… Louis Billittier broke up with his fiancée back in 2012 because she refused to sign a prenuptial agreement and he did it by texting the bad news.

Quite understandingly, the lady, Christa Clark, got a tad pissed off and let him know he was bit of a coward when she texted back… ‘You’re doing this through text message????’

The former happy couple
The former happy couple

Right about here is where the dumbass should’ve just let well enough alone and ended it… the engagement, the  planned wedding, the relationship and above all the stupid texting…but nope…  he texted back, “Plus you get a $50,000 parting ring. Enough for a down payment on a house.”

Well it seems this didn’t stop here either because the lady was soon to put the poof to the old saying  “that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and it appears she began to wage a scorched earth campaign of rants and insults. To which, the dumbass’ reaction was, instead of biting his tongue and take the higher road,  was to send Clark text messages threatening to take back the ring if she continued to insult him.

She didn’t and he finally sent a text that said… “… by law (you) have to give it back. You’re nowhere near the person I thought you were. You don’t deserve it.”

See normally, courts tend to side with the dude in disputes over engagement rings… that is to say they usually say the dude is still entitled to the ring, even if he is the one who calls off the wedding. But, this dumbass just couldn’t STFU from the get go… and now his words were about to come home to haunt him and royally stick it where he sun don’t shine.

ring1The Buffalo News ran a story that the case was eventually presented before a New York State Supreme Court judge and just last week that judge decided that Clark was entitled to the white gold, 2.97-carat diamond ring or its fair-market value…. 53,000 large… okay for you peeps who don’t understand the vernacular… $53,000.

The judge said that because the dumbass responded to his ex’s pissed-offednesss by saying “… you get a $50,000 parting ring…” the ring was now a gift rather than as a part of avoided contract and returnable.

In the judge’s words… “Many gifts are given for reasons that sour with the passage of time. However, gift law doesn’t entitle to the gifter to recoup the gift just because feelings have changed. Once a gift is given, it is irrevocable.”

Billittier had claimed in court that he meant it as a joke… “I was being sarcastic, like a game.”

Well guess what, dummy… the jokes on you and the game’s over… Game, Set and Match… to the lady.

Next time STFU!

6) About a week ago… maybe it was two… any way… the NYDN ran a few pictures of Eddie Murphy’s ex.. Remember him? …and, she was… well… sort of smoking hot… and, the News made a point of saying exactly that. And, sort of suggesting that Eddie was sort of SOL… and, maybe should be ruing the day he let Nicole Mitchell Murphy, slip away. And, after looking at some of Nicole’s pics that the News printed… I thought so, too.

But, then, just this past weekend, guess what? … I found out that old Eddie… the sly old fox… ain’t exactly been snoozing in the old rocker on the porch thinking about what could’ve beens and dreaming about doing the horizontal mambo with old flames… seems, he’s hooked up with another lady… and, she ain’t no sad sack of bones either…

I present for your perusal…  Old flame…

Do Something Awards 2012













New flame….






















Me?  I think old Eddie done quite all right for his self if you be asking me…




7) I’m just gonna quote the entire story that appeared in the NYDN on Tuesday (4/8)  it’s that short and  I wanna make sure I don’t misrep anything… so, here goes… “A petition with over 1,500 signatures is calling to ban Jets quarterback Michael Vick from SUNY Cortland’s campus, where the team will hold its trainingjets-camp camp this summer. The petition, hosted on the website, is addressed to Erik J. Bitterbaum, the school’s president. The Daily News reported last month that the Jets will return to Cortland, where they have held training camp every season since 2009 except for the lockout year in 2011, again this summer.

Vick pleaded guilty to a federal dogfighting conspiracy charge in 2007, for which he served 19 months in prison.
‘If we welcome Vick onto our campus, we are complicit in his crimes,’ the petition reads. ‘We are sending the message that, for money and publicity, we will turn a blind eye to the horrors of dogfighting.’
The web page has an old picture of Vick in a Falcons uniform next to a photo of a mutilated dog.

The Jets declined to comment. SUNY Cortland did not immediately respond to a request for comment.”

Ya’ll know what? Anyone can think what they want. And, by that reasoning… I got the right to think as I want… especially, when I believe I am thinking right and somebody else be thinking wrong or at least wrongheaded.

Last I looked I lived in America. And, I thought in America that we believe in a system that when peeps get caught being down with illegal dumbass shit and either plead guilty, or, wind up being guilty, because they get convicted, they get to go to jail if it bevick 1 serious enough… in fact, stuff just like what Vick did.

Then they do their time… just like Vick did… and get to come out of prison, and, then fulfill whatever court ordered requirements that are necessary… again, like Vick did… and their obligations to the state… or, if you would, we the people… are met and that means they get to go their way and become a citizen of this damn nice country of ours.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…  I know I rant and carry on about stuff but it’s still a damn nice country.

You get to do all that stuff and if you do it right then you slowly earn your way back into some of our good graces. It’s all about the actions you do in your life from that point on… anyway… that’s how I sees it.

Now, as far as I know, Vick has done nothing except be a good citizen who has fulfilled all of his so-called debt to society, has  committed no new offenses against the state, i.e., we the people, and therefore is free to come and go wherever he pleases and whenever he pleases to be going there… as long as he abides by the laws of wherever it is he pleases to be.

Now… by that sound rationale can anyone tell me how is it that these… ahem… folks with this petition can say that if Vick is allowed on their campus that they can be complicit… in any way, shape or form… in any of the crimes he had committed?  Which, might I remind everyone, are a thing of the past and for which he has met all court ordered and required atonements and fulfilled his court ordered punishments. So…somebody, please, tell me how in the hell is there any crime to be complicit with?

Ya’ll wanna protest… fine… its America… go ahead and protest. Ya’ll wanna be a dumbass while protesting? Go ahead… be my guest… there ain’t no law against being a dumbass as far as I know as long as you don’t break no laws being that dumbass. But, please, do not tell me you are protesting a man’s crimes when the crime is done and over with and his punishments are also done and over with. Because, if you say that’s why you are protesting then that is not a rationale that is even faintly based in reason.  Simply put… there is no longer a crime to be complicit with.

Look it, I hated what Vick did and probably all of ya’ll reading my words hated what he did, too… Hell, I damn well hope you didvick anyway. And, if you wanna still dislike Vick in a really big way… go ahead… knock your socks off; go waste your time hating, if, that’s what ya’ll need and your little heart desires. But, Vick paid his debt for what he did and he is entitled to earn a living; he is entitled to earn that living with the Jets if the Jets management wants him to earn it with them, and, if that means he has to be at the Jets training camp on the SUNY Cortland campus then so be it… there he will be and to stop him from doing so would be to stop him from legally trying to earn his living… in effect, you could say these protestors would be restraining his fair trade.

So, listen up there all you little buckaroos and bunkies… back offa the man and let him do his job. You don’t got to like the guy and you can even petition all you want and protest all you want… but, ya know what? It’s really a bunch of sound and fury that signifies not a damn thing and all a waste of time and energy that could be better used trying to end war… or feed the hungry… or clothe and house the poor… or countless and myriad other good and decent stuff that needs us peeps to be concerned with in this sometimes hard and cold world of ours.

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  1. I read about the Pakistani cops arresting the 9-month old and charging him with attempted murder. Still can’t believe they are actually pursuing this in Court.

    Seems to me Lindsay Lohan has spent more time in jail than Justin Bieber and for lesser reasons. At least she was of age when she drank and drove and crashed her cars. She never egged the neighbors house, held loud parties at ungodly hours, pissed in a bucket outside or any of the other stuff Bieber seems to have gotten away with.

    As for the SUNY protesters, never underestimate the stupidity of large groups.

    Another great blog, Joe.

  2. Great as always and Eddie Murphy tends to have beautiful ladies around him. Well except for that transvestite incident back in the mid ’90s.

  3. And, it puts to the proof… that just because you can dress them up, buy them some books, and, then send them off to school don’t mean they will learn to use their brains…

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