Rest in Peace: XP is dead . . . right?

XP is going away.

Le me be upfront with you. I work in Tech Support for a major company.

DAILY. I have people calling in wanting to know what to do about their XP machines.Windows XP

Microsoft is going to stop support of XP today.

All they will tell you to do is upgrade, preferably to Windows 8- since everyone loves that- right?

According to web-tracking firm Net Applications, in January 2013 Windows XP was the second most popular operating system among desktop PC users, holding steady with a 29.23% market share.

Lets keep in mind that at the time that this survey was taken, XP was ELEVEN YEARS OLD.

Since XP came out- Windows has tried to replace it with Windows Vista (2007), Windows 7 (2009), and Windows 8 (2012).

Why is XP so popular? STILL?

Service Pack 2 for XP came out in 2004, and Service Pack 3 – while not as popular as SP2 or even SP1, came out in 2008, after Vista came out, some opinion came out to try and hold the line until Blackcomb (Windows 7) could replace them both.

Windows Vista, for lack of a better term, SUCKED, there hasn’t been a version of Windows so hated since ME. When it came out it was slow, it had compatibility problems with damn near everything, and gained a reputation that it has never been able to recover from, even though later patches did fix most issues.

Blue Screen of Death
This will be like a VHS tape to future generations

Windows 7 kicked ass- it was faster than even Windows XPSP2, made Vista look like the crapware it was- and pretty much put the Blue Screen of Death a memory. How great was Win7? You can run it on a Mac.

How good is Win7? Its on 47% of all PCs out there. (according to the survey above in Jan 2013)

Problem is for XP people, is its getting harder and harder to get Win7 operating system, and in the resale market- its even more expensive than Win8.

Here is the issue- you CANNOT BUY A WINDOWS 8 Disk, you can only get an upgrade disk.

Windows 8 has been rightfully hated, and most think it was a flop as a mobile operating system, and was slapped on PCs to try and recoup the loss cause NO ONE is getting in Apple’s face about the tablets.

Now here is what WINDOWS says will happen to your XP device

If you continue to use Windows XP after support ends, your computer will still work but it might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Also, as more software and hardware manufacturers continue to optimize for more recent versions of Windows, you can expect to encounter greater numbers of apps and devices that do not work with Windows XP.

Here is what will be different on today vs tomorrow vs what your PC did yesterday.


Nothing is going to change. Windows has not made ANY updates to any XP system other than the 64-bit THIS YEAR. Nothing is going to change.

If you are counting on Windows to be your security system on a 12 year old PC, then you are a GIANT IDIOT. Its like thinking Spybot is perfectly fine and you can click on all the links in every porn site from Bulgaria. Windows isn’t worried about your system, never has been never will be. If you buy a BRAND NEW computer- and you turn it on and get the Blue Screen of Death and you call windows- they will instantly tell you to call whomever made your PC- be it Dell, HP, whomever. They have not and never will care. The only think they have ever cared about is the security key and getting 300 bucks for it.

I’ve been through this before- with Windows 98 (I am not considered an early adapter) and being a DOS guy (welcome to being OLD) I could run around the background and fix what broke in the last TRUE command prompt in Windows. I ran 98 well past the death date of the OS.

When did I give up 98?

When Flash quit updating, when Java stopped caring, when never versions of HTML came out and some websites would not display right on the system, it became like trying to stream a HD movie but all you have is 768K download speed, you can still get there, but pack a lunch.

XP 2

So your PC is going to work fine, for now. Just don’t get comfortable.




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  1. When I read the notice this past week about no more updates for Windows XP and you’re on your own security-wise, good luck to you, I had to reassure myself that we had Windows 7 and everything would be okay. Thanks for reaffirm that belief.

  2. Good job David. I used Windows XP as long as I could. I loved it. I got a great deal on a new computer that came with Windows 7. I have a disc with Windows 7, and will buy used, or build another one before I would even consider Windows 8. I’ve never heard one person say they liked it. I feel sorry for the “sheeple” that will run out today and buy a new computer.

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