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Ex-Kentucky star Rex Chapman: John Calipari is ‘done deal’ to Lakers – Kupchak denies

David Snipes: How did Cal do last time? John Calipari
Oh yeah

EJ  He did do poorly in New Jersey but I understand this link. Calipari must be ready to bail from Kentucky, despite making it to the Finals, and Kobe tends to like the flashy name and the college guys.

Joe : I read Calipari is saying this news is all “hockey pucks”.

EJ It may very well be but it would be in poor taste to confirm this as true just after losing in the title game and with the Lakers still finishing the season. He has plenty of time to make a decision. Lakers don’t really need to hire a head coach until around the lottery.

David  I don’t know how well Cal would be in the Pros I mean, best of 7 series, salary cap, harder conference . . . .

Darren:  I’ve been on record saying I want Byron Scott to coach them next season. He’s just sitting & waiting in the TWC studios. Not sure I like this. If it’s true.

EJ  All valid points David. There are definitely obstacles. For my money I’d like to see Kevin Ollie get a call. He coaches more like an NBA coach than a college guy.

Joe : The salary cap would hurt the most, probably.
Leave KO alone… damn it!

Joe : And DJ… I was always pissed the Nets let Scott go. I like him a lot as a coach.

EJ  Sorry Joe but he’s not staying. That’s a NBA guy. He’ll be there eventually. He’s also an L.A. native. Just saying.

Joe : He can write his own ticket in UConn. And his own legend. I’m not sure he can do that in the NBA.

David:  Ollies gonna be gone soon, lets face it, he’d be stupid to stay

EJ He’s not even 40 years old. Legend? Do you see a man that young really wanting to stay in one place? I know you love UCONN but that’s unrealistic.

Joe : Why stupid? Unless someone gives him the moon… why would it be stupid?John Calipari 2

Joe : UConn ain’t the worst place. Besides he can almost write his own ticket now. He’s probably gonna go eventually but still…

EJ  Because he’s still a young enough man to take the challenge. He has nothing to lose by making the leap. Now that he has a title, even if he does fail in the NBA, he’d be a hot commodity in the college game. Sorry Joe but David is right: he’d be stupid to stay.

Joe : Lets see how he does next year… I do think he is pretty good.. but lets just wait and see what he brings next year when he has to rebuild.

David:  Stupid to try and rebuild in today’s college game when he can almost name his team. How many “hot” coaches stay a year or two past their run? UConn isn’t Wichita, but it ain’t Duke/UNC either. Go to the NBA, take a shot- then come back, If he stays too late, he might be stuck with mil or wash as his best jobs

Bob Hinnant: Here is my take… Calipari has left just in the nick of time before. People like to forget that at UMASS and Memphis he took those programs to the final four and then left JUST before the NCAA came knocking. Both were smacked down hard with sanctions and vacated seasons, etc. I would not be surprised in the least if he left for the Laker job and this summer Kentucky finds itself under investigation.

David: Dude, Kentucky is in so much Hotwater the entire Conference USA is ineligible until 2091

Bob:  If we are to believe that Calipari is the genius Vital, Bilas, etc say he is we would have to accept that he is head and shoulders ahead of the likes of Coach K and Rick Petino. Petino was about as successful as a coach could be at Kentucky and recruit…See More

David : That’s the problem Bob. coach Cal has a rep as a guy that can grease the wheels for a one and done guy looking to be a top pick.

Zach: Ooh let me get in on this. so basically we can agree that (should Cal leave), he is branded the Petey Carroll of basketball? Granted, it would not break my heart (being a Duke fan) to see UK have years of turmoil, and it would not break my heart (being a Mavericks’ fan) to see him go to L.A. and screw things up for them even more. It’s a win-win for me boys!

Darren : EJ makes a great point on Kevin Ollie. He played ball at Crenshaw HS and is a Californian (although he was born in Dallas, Texas).

David:  I get the feeling Cal is waiting for that ONE mega-star to leave. Why he didn’t leave with the Brow for total control in Peli-land makes me wonder if he’s ever going to leave.




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  1. I don’t see Kevin Ollie leaving UConn in the immediate future and quite possibly for a very long time. Maybe I’m wrong… who knows… But, I just think he is gonna be at UConn for a few more Championships.

  2. Let’s see: UCONN plays in something called the American Athletic Conference. A conference that has already been disrespected by the selection committee, and next year won’t have Louisville who is off to the ACC. How much longer would you want to stick around at a University that won’t pay you top dollar and play lesser competition?

    On top of that Ollie is highly regarded among NBA types. Not saying he leaves now but I’d be stunned, STUNNED, if he elects to stay long term at UCONN.

  3. Yes, KO is highly regarded by lots of folks, including NBA peps. However, winning in the college ranks does not necessarily translate into winning in the NBA. What works with kids doesn’t usually work with older men and veteran players.

    As far as being in the AAC… per the NYDN: there are “rumblings (the Big East) would welcome the Huskies back…” Also, the same source indicates the ACC and the Big 12 are not off the table yet. Long shot but still viable.

    Another thing to consider: Jim Calhoun is said to consulted with KO about deciding on the UConn job… and he supposedly said either you want to be a pro coach or a college coach. Two different things.. college is working with kids and teaching… a lot of teaching. Calhoun says that really appeals to KO. The teaching stuff.

    And last, Why won’t the university pay him top dollar? Maybe not top top dollar but, believe it, they will give him a raise… a very nice raise. And frankly, I think he can make more coaching college than coaching pros. As long as he keeps winning he can. How much does the top pro coach make? And who are they? They ain’t no rookie coach fresh out of the college ranks. If, he is even offered a pro coaching contract, he will have to work his way up the pro salary ladder. He’s already making about $1.2 mil a year… will he make that in the pros? Just food for thought.

  4. Sorry Joe but almost all NBA head coaches make more than $1.5 mill. As per the Big East: why would they invite UCONN back? The league currently is a basketball centric league. Why bring back a football playing UCONN?

  5. I’m with EJ here.
    The death of the Big East was laid when they refused to add the Big Ten, and was SLOW on the uptake of taking advantage of how great their basketball was.

    Think on this. Look how much the ACC and SEC has monetized Football.
    Now let me give you the teams the ACC took from the Big East (Pitt, Miami, BC, Syracuse etc) and add Temple and Penn State.
    Now explain to me how this conference dies?

    You have 12 schools that play football, then add in 6 more for every other sport- including basketball, but again- that is a MASSIVE footprint, and you have a Penn State/Miami/Cuse/BC and Pitt playing in a title game every year in football. Only the Big 10 and SEC tops that game (no matter what Oregon fans think) 9 years out of 10. Those FB schools stay stronger because of the fertile Florida and Penn recruiting grounds.

  6. I agree 100%. The Big 10 stealing away Penn State is the reason why we’re here now. Imagine how different college sports would have been if Penn State chose the Big East 20 years ago.

  7. Like you said almost all, but not all, NBA coaches make more than 1.5 mil. KO makes about 1.3 next year.. UConn wil offer him a prememptive raise… You say you would be stunned if he stays at UConn? I say, I would be stunned if he leaves. We are gonna have to wait and see how this plays out, I guess.

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