Game of Thrones: House Lannister, Part 2 The Imp


We continue our Game of Thrones preview.

Today we finish the preview with the second part of the Lannister Clan the Imp and his crew- plus some Q&A with our tour guides.

Lets keep in mind that this is not a full breakdown of everything GOT, but more a primer of what has happened and what you need to know moving forward. (Example, the whole Drago storyline and Viserys? Not really needed since that’s a dead thread and everyone involved is dead.)

There are also a ton of minor players who will get their treatment.

Again, keep in mind, neither EJ or David have read the books, and don’t be that asshole that spoils the series for no reason but evil glee. What the hell is wrong with you? So if we miss something IN THE SHOW, by all means let us know.

House LannisterHouse Lannister

With all the power of the Lannisters, there have to be some random relatives we don’t care about yet- but in case some of them pop back up, here they are.

Kevan LannisterKevan LannisterLancel Lannister

Tywin’s little brother, and Captain of his bodyguard. Doesn’t do much but be another old dude standing around war councils. He’s not as smart as his brother, but a better fighter.

Lancel Lannister

Kevan’s son. When Jamie goes off to battle, he steps in as Cersei’s lover- since incest turns her on. He gets discovered by Tyrion and turned into a spy. He is part of the body guard to his cousin Joffrey during the battle of Blackwater, and does defend the king- but gets hurt.

David: Neither one of these have done much, but I think Lancel was part of the King Robert’s hunting party. I’m not sure if Kevan is going to matter, but we have to have minor family members for some reason.

EJ: Minor characters but because they are Lannisters, I’m sure we’ll see them around. By the way, David: Lancel was part of the hunting party. He was King Robert’s manservant. Also if I’m not mistaken Cersei has slept with Lancel as well.


Shae was a camp follower, but her sharp wits and her uh, other talents, gave her a special status for Tyrion, and he seems to honestly love her, and he wants to keep her safe. She is placed as Sansa’s handmaiden and she becomes protective of her.

David: I like Shae, I do think she should have taken Varys money and left town. Tyrion and her will not live happily ever after- once Joffery became King, that went out the window. I think she does love Tyrion, but thinks that they will have the castle with a white picket fence around it.

EJ: I can do without Shae the funny whore. I really could. I suspect she’ll have a good part to play this season, but I too wish she would have just taken Varys’ money and skip town.


Bronn first popped up to help Tyrion out of a trial by combat, and admitted he fights to win, and does not care about Honor. So far he has stuck with Tyrion through thick and thin.

David: I love Bronn. I think he’s getting a BIT too big for his britches, but Tyrion does still need him, and Tyrion does look upon him as a freind and companion. I do wonder if Tyrion has outgrown him, and if Bronn isn’t careful, Tyrion will outlive him too.

Bronn  is a fun character, but I get the feeling he’s going to skip town before it burns to the ground.

EJ: Bronn is just awesome. The sellsword has really improved his lot in life, but with Tyrion on the outs, I’m just not sure how far he goes. As long as Tyrion is alive, he’ll have a part to play, but the question is how big of a role does he have going forward?


PodrickPodrick Payne

Tyrion’s squire. Tyrion changes how he feels about Podrick fairly quickly, and likes the young man- even though Bronn seems to not care as much at the beginning. During the battle of Blackwater, when Tyrion is betrayed, Podrick is the guy that saved him. Tyrion took him to Littlefingers brothel and paid for a FOURSOME (down EJ) to say thank you (or kill him to keep him quiet, one or the other) he uh, performed so well, they TIPPED HIM. That not only had Tyrions head buzzing about his new freind- but also gaining Bronn’s respect as well.

David: I love Podrick. I hope they never explain a thing about his night at the Brothel. I want him to just pop up every now and again and just be awesome, but spend the rest of the time just being a common squire of Tyrion. He is just awesome without being awesome- someone get him and Sam a spin-off! I have to think our last view of him is going to be on a ship out of town with a pocket full of gold and a perfect 10 (or 5) in the hold to a faraway land. You can be Samwell, EJ, I want to be House Podrick!

EJ: The adventures of Samwell and Podrick would be a fine spin off. It really would. It looks like Pod can put it down in the bedroom, and although he’s an odd guy he’s a brave guy.

SansaSansa Stark

She was matched with Joffrey, to unite the Tully, Stark and Baretheon Clans- just like the Baratheons and Lannisters were united in Joffrey. All that went to hell when King Robert died and Ned Stark and Arrys started asking questions. Joffrey really went Sith when he had her father killed in front of her, and as she was forced upon him, he loves torturing her. She is still a hostage to the North, and has to do all the Lady things that upper class ladies do. She has had chance after chance to leave: Littlefinger, Hound, Shea have all been ready and willing to get her out of town, but she stays for some reason (duty?) She is married to Tyrion to give the crown a claim to Winterfell, but Tyrion won’t touch her until she wants him too, Tyrion and Tywin have both worked to protect her from the worst of Joffery, and having Shae as her handmaiden is starting to bring a bit of protection to her.

David: Lets not forget that Sansa was a bit of a bitch in the early shows, quite the teenaged bitch, only caring about her social standing, and the latest styles and telling her older handmaiden she doesn’t care about anything she has to say. Whiny and stuck-up, I think that Sansa is gone for good, but still. I think now that she is out of influence on Joffrey, I think Cersei has a bit of a soft spot for her, one of the few women she wont skin alive with her teeth if need be. Sansa is destined to be tortured, but she is either going to get payback, or just be the saddest death in TV since Henry Blake in M*A*S*H.

EJ: Don’t underestimate Sansa at all. She can play the game. She may have been late to the “Joffrey is a monster” party but once she figured it out, she played her hand pretty well. Well, whatever hand she has left anyway. Smart money for Sansa? Cling to Littlefinger. Littlefinger might have been a bit obsessive over Sansa’s mother, and he’ll likely shift that obsession onto Sansa, but at least he’ll keep her out of harm’s way.

Tyrion LannisterTyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister is the smallest member of the Lannister family, and the younger brother of Cersei and Jaime. Not only does he have the drawback of being a dwarf in the late Middle Ages, but his mother died in childbirth, so before he even took a good look at sunlight, he had two major strikes against him, and if not for his name, Tyrion would have had a much different life.
Tyrion has been allowed to run the realm, drinking and whoring his way through life, and has been able to thrive either using his wits or his name in tough situations.
He gets called to the city since his father wants him to be the Hand of the King, so he can try and hold the capital since Jamie has been captured and Cersei is a female. Tyrion has a tough time starting, but soon becomes a great Hand, and does wonders learning the rules of the court. Tyrion does a masterful job in defending the city from Stannis’s attack. Giving us the Middle Ages version of Napalm, the Wild Fire. Tyrion takes personal control after Joffery shows a yellow streak, and even survives an attack by one of the King’s Guard under orders from Joffery to kill him thanks to his Squire Podrick.
He awakes after the battle, and has been stripped of being the Hand and is getting no credit for the win.
Tyrion is just able to come back to court life when he is commanded by his father to marry Sansa, something neither wishes. The marriage is done, but not consummated, as Tyrion has no desire to sleep with a woman so young, or for the amusement of his family. He says he will not bed until she wants him too.

David: One thing I do not understand is why Tywin sent Tyrion to be the Hand. He doesn’t like him, he certainly doesn’t love him, and he’s not being groomed for the family home of Casterly Rock, and then why is given the job of Master of Coin. Lets all be honest, we all love the Imp. Game of Thrones is all about the Imp vs the world. I’m sure in a perfect world it comes down to Tyrion and the Dragon Rider- and Sansa just falls in love with him and has 80 kids while Gendry and Arya rule Westeros and Podrick goes on to be Barney’s ancestor while Jon Snow unites the North.

Being Martin- thats not gonna happen, but thats the Happy Happy ending right? I get the feeling whomever wins the Throne is going to have Tyrion as his hand, he seems better as the King Makers over the King.

EJ: Tywin doesn’t love Tyrion but in his odd way he respects what he knows. He wants to hate him because he’s a dwarf and his birth killed his wife, but he realizes that Tyrion is the only game in town. Jamie is in the Kingsguard and Cersei is a woman. With that said, Tywin will look to destroy Tyrion in order to consolidate his power over the 7 Kingdoms. He does have a plan for Tyrion but I’m guessing it only goes so far.

Question Time!

TyrionWho is your favorite character?

David: Gotta be the Imp right? The Imp is just awesome. He’s grown up a lot since he was in the Skycells.

EJ: I too have to go with Tyrion. He’s come a long way from Episode 1 and his tumbles with Ros. A close second? Arya.

What is your least favorite part of the show?

David: The whole White Walker and Wall part. I just have a hard time caring. I do love how we have this GIANT WALL- but you can climb it, and there are ways through it, plus you can go around it? WTF?

EJ: I’m with you on that David. I think the Wall storyline is leading to something bigger in future seasons but as of right now, I feel it steals air time away from Kings Landing and Daenerys.

What is your favorite sub-plot/storyline?

David: House Targaryen. From Drogo, to the golden crown to the way Jorah has changed and the whole she-bang. Just the best part of the show, how she’s on Army part II and we still haven’t seen her jump on a dragon!

EJ: Kings Landing. I love the political intrigue. I’m into that stuff. The whisperings of Varys, and Littlefinger. It’s like they break the 4th wall of the show and give you little subtle clues as to what’s to come later. You really have to remember the things that they say because they do have a way of coming back.

Who kills Joffrey?

David: I think its suicide, myself, in the ways of the Early Roman Emperors- maybe he dives out the SkyCell his uncle was in? I’m also fine with Arya killing him with her bare hands- in revenge for the butchers boy- seemingly decades ago. Long shot? Podrick. I’m gonna be pissed if he just gets eaten by a dragon as he’s running out of the city.

EJ: Take your pick. Tywin, Tyrion, Jamie, Cersei, Littlefinger, Varys. They all have their reasons for killing Joffrey but at the end of the day I suspect a Lannister will be involved. They all know Joffrey is mad, and Tommen is young enough and sweet enough to be controlled.

Tyrion and ShaeDoes the Imp live?

David: I don’t think he can. I think it depends on who wins the Game and if Sansa lives to see it. He could end up on a ship with Shea and Podrick or hiding out his days as a “Hostage” of the North.

EJ: I’m not counting out the dwarf. He might not live the way he wants to with, power, and control but he’ll create his own destiny. The guy is a survivor.

What Subplot are you almost afraid to see explode

David: When Jorah is reveled as a spy for Varys. You know that pardon is coming out eventually. I’d love to see that part just go away, but I don’t think it will.

EJ: Have to agree with you there. Daenerys must find out the truth eventually. Right?

Who wins the Throne?

David: Arya and Gendry. I think thats what we all want to see, right? I think 2 is Bran Stark, maybe marrying some kid (Shireen Baratheon?) to finalize the throne?

EJ: The creators of the show recently said that they want to go 8 seasons with Game of Thrones. We’re currently on the 3rd book and the 4th season. There are at least 2 more books to cover (a possible 3rd if it’s completed in time) so we’re looking ahead a good way. With all of that said: I’ll go with Daenerys, or a wildcard: another Targaryen. I just got a hunch that Daenerys isn’t the only Targaryen out there, aned at the end of the day a Targaryen will reclaim the Iron Throne for their family.

Game of Thrones

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