Game of Thrones: House Lannister, Part 1

We continue our Game of Thrones preview.

Today we take a look at the People of Kings Landing that are not members of a House- plus the Houses of Tyrell and Arryn. The next two days we will be covering the Lannister House.

Lets keep in mind that this is not a full breakdown of everything GOT, but more a primer of what has happened and what you need to know moving forward. (Example, the whole Drago storyline and Viserys? Not really needed since that’s a dead thread and everyone involved is dead.)

There are also a ton of minor players who will get their treatment.

Again, keep in mind, neither EJ or David have read the books, and don’t be that asshole that spoils the series for no reason but evil glee. What the hell is wrong with you? So if we miss something IN THE SHOW, by all means let us know.

House Lannister

CerseiCersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister is the wife of King Robert, and the mother of Joffery. Her father arranged the marriage, and she bore Robert 3 Children in an unhappy marriage. The children are all the sons of Cersei’s twin brother Jamie, whom she has carried on a relationship with for years. Cersei may have started all this by having Robert killed before he found out the truth about their children, but we are not sure. Cersei makes sure that Joffrey ends up on the throne, with her as the power behind the throne. Her father sends her younger brother Tyrion to be Joffery’s main adviser, or Hand. Joffery quickly stops listening to anyone, and acting on any and all urges. Cersei is matched with Loras Tyrell, but she is not happy about it.

David: Cersei has some issues, she states that her kids are her only joy. She keeps putting up walls against anyone that may want to be friends or even kind to her, other than her twin brother. Incest is hinted at running in the Lannister House. I feel that she is going to get more and more mean- and I love her for it.

EJ: Cersei loves her children, but it’s just so crazy with the whole incest thing her and Jamie got going on. I’d like to correct something David said, it’s more than hinted. It’s admitted by Cersei on several occasions that her twin brother Jamie is the father of her children. In any case, you have to figure that she’s going to continue down the dark path that she’s on and that it will only get worse for her.

Myrcella and TommenMyrcella Baratheon

Second child of Cersei (and Jamie) She has been shipped off to Dorne as a political marrage.

Tommen Baratheon

Third child of Cersei (and Jamie) heir to the throne if Joffery dies.

Neither kid has done a ton, being so young. The bulk of the screen time has been when Cersei was willing to kill them both if Kings Landing fell.

David: Not quite sure if they are going to matter going forward.

EJ: I’m not sure if we’ll see Myrcella this season with her being in Dorne and all, but Tommen? Yeah he’ll be around. A lot of people hate Joffrey and Tommen is next in line to the throne.

Jamie LannisterJaime Lannister

One of the best swordsman in Westeros, he killed the Mad King, and kept his position as a member of the Kingsguard. He has been having an affair with his sister Cersei, and does love his brother Tyrion, but does want to make sure that he’s the main guy of the family. He’s captured by the Starks, but freed in exchange for Sansa and Arya and given an escort by Brienne. He’s captured by Locke, who wanted him dead- but used his wits to not only stay alive but save Brienne as well. He’s arrives in Kings Landing and Cersei at the end of the Season III.

David: Jamie only seems like he grew up during the series, but in reality, he’s always been honorable, the reason he became the Kingslayer is due to the Mad King wanting in blow Kings Landing up with Wildfire (the same Wildfire Tyrion used in the Battle of Blackwater) almost the only horrible thing he has done is throw Bran out the window. Is he the man that saved Brienne or that man? I can’t wait to see Tywin and Jamie’s first scene together. It will also see what happens now that he does not have his hand.

EJ: In all honesty, I never understood the derision Jamie receives for killing the Mad King Aerys. The act in itself seems noble. Yes, he stabbed him in the back, but he saved people from certain death. So, why is he mocked and derided for it? Don’t know. Jamie is a character you want to hate, but you secretly admire. He seems to know that he’s committed some misdeeds, and wants to right himself. Now that he’s back in Kings Landing, it’s only a matter of time before we find out where he goes from here.

BrienneBrienne of Tarth

Brienne was a member of Renly’s Kingsguard, winning a spot by beating Loras. She tends to put people off being huge, strong and able to whup most men. She is blamed for Renly’s death and escapes with Catelyn Stark. She is later charged by her to deliver Jamie home, and bring back Sansa and Arya. The pair are captured, grow a bit close, she fights a bear, then finishes the job and is currently in Kings Landing.

David: Brienne is a fun one too, she kind of started off as this kickass- who reminded me of Patches immortal words . . .”All I know is that dyke can play” but as time moved on, she as go almost gone into a kinship with Jamie, kind of like the Brothers in War type.  I don’t think she is gay, not that it matters. I don’t see her and Jamie hooking up, I can see her and Hodor giving birth to a new race of men that go on to dominate the NFL and WWE at the same time.

EJ: Brienne is awesome. She’s over 6 feet of ass kicking female. I don’t want to see her hook up with anyone, but I damn sure want to see her kick some more ass.

Tywin LannisterTywin Lannister

He is the current Hand of King Joffrey, not exactly appointed by his grandson, but he is working to keep his family on the Throne. He’s worked hard in reducing the challengers to the throne, but never did meet Robb Stark in combat. He was the man behind having the Red Wedding, and is looking to unite the 7 kingdoms, but is fustrated by not only the armies still out there, the upcoming White Walkers, but also his children.

David: Tywin is a fun one. He’s almost always the smartest guy in the room- see how he did the Tyrion/Sansa situation, and placed all people he knew was loyal in powers of position, but ones we know are not (Littlefinger) a bit closer to home, or in areas he could roll if need be.
I do wonder why he”s not better toward his smartest son, Tyrion, but considering he blames him for the death of his wife- that’s almost understandable.
Our bigger issue is the fact that Jamie  went into the Kingsguard, so he’s unable to marry or have kids, and Cersei, as much as she is like her father also cannot rule alone- so marrying his eldest daughter to the King was a masterstroke.
Problem is, Robert died, and his younger brother revolted, and due to the idiocy of the family in Kings Landing- a full scale civil war as erupted, so now he has no choice but put his oldest grandson on the throne.
I don’t think Tywin likes his grandson, and I think he may blame Cersei for it. Since raising kids is woman’s work. I’m sure he is hoping Tyrion has a child and quickly, or Joffery calms down as he ages. I almost think Tywin will kill Joffery to maintain the Lannister as the ruling family of Westeros. I wonder if the remaining Starks would take that deal. if Joffery and some of the other members of the first family were killed, as well as the Freys and House Bolton.
EJ: In an earlier post, I compared myself to Samwell. In all honesty I relate to Samwell Tarly, but if I had my wishes: I wish I was more like Tywin Lannister. Why? Tywin is a cold, hard man, but he’s a smart man, a man that is feared, and often victorious. All he wants is to continue his family line, and see that his children, follow the path that he sets for them. Unfortunately, none of them seem to comply to his wishes. Going forward, I expect Tywin to enforce his iron will, but as much as I admire the character, I expect doom. Why? Those foolish children of his.

Margaery TyrellMargaery Tyrell

First seen married to Renly, she was fine with him liking men, even though he took her brother as a lover, she was willing to do anything to have him give her a child to finalize the alliance. After he was killed by the Smoke Monster, she moves on to Joffrey to solidify that alliance, she takes a liking (we are lead to think) with the fallen Sansa, and moves to have her married to her brother- a plan foiled by Tywin who marries Sansa to Tyrion to hopefully bring the North under the Throne. She’s got a bit of a mean streak to please Joffrey, and we are never really shown if she really feels that way, or just acting the part. She’s tried to be friendly with Cersei- who simply told her that the next time Margaery called her sister, Cersei would have her killed.

David: I love Margaery. Her best scene is when Joffrey was showing off his crossbow to her, and she asked him if he wanted to watch her kill someone with it. The look on his face and the smile he had made me almost think he was going to throw her on the floor right then and there. I think she’s just great. Can I confess something? I want to see her face when she kills someone. Its going to either kill the character and the actress for me- or its going to make me want to put her in the trunk of my car. You just know this series isn’t going to end well for her, but we are pulling for her.

EJ: Of course I want to see her naked. Early and often. Margaery has the kindness that Joffrey doesn’t but she’s just playing the game. As she told Littlefinger when he was at Renly’s camp all she wanted to be was The Queen. Didn’t matter who the King was. Nothing wrong with that.

JofferyJoffrey Baratheon

First born of King Robert and Cersei (uh Jamie). When King Robert died, he actually did not want Joffrey to become king, but the Lannisters made sure that didn’t happen. He wasn’t going to be a puppet to the small Council or Cersei. His first major decision was to have Ned Stark killed, and that just made him more and more cruel. He’s got a bit of a coward in him when face to face with death, but he is still young. Tywin and Tyrion have opposed him face to face, and Cersei is even starting to see what he is becoming.

David:Oh this kid.

Lets see whats wrong with him, he’s first generation inbred, so there is damage there, he’s first born, negleted by his nominal father, and he’s spoiled beyond reason, he has unlimited money- and now power, plus he’s been taught for years that he holds the power of life or death over lesser people. Keep in mind that this is an era of the idea of “lesser people” being commonplace- not exactly a new invention.
So is he an ass? Sure- but again, Roman history is FULL of kids who got power and made a lot of people dead before they were overthrown and killed.
I feel like the actor of Joffery just is awesome, he’s got the glint in his eyes when he SUPPOSED to- just a great job casting here.
EJ: I don’t know if this is going to happen, so I’m just telling you what my gut feeling is: he is going to die. As David correctly points out, history is full of characters like Joffrey who assume power, go mad, and meet an untimely death. Someone will kill Joffrey. Just a matter of who and when.

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