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What up world? This is EJ and I’m back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. As I mentioned in last week’s blog, I’ve been in a bit of a weird space. I’ve always been an up and down cat, and I’m not saying this shit asking for a hug or as a cry for help, because I don’t want no damn hug and I don’t want anyone asking what’s wrong, but if you’re reading my blogs lately and thinking “this guy sounds angry” well you now know why. So, when things happen that piss me off, I tend to explode on it. I initially was going to stay away from the DeSean Jackson story, but then I realized that’s not what I do. I have no problem giving my two cents, and I have never had an issue in injecting my emotions into something. I don’t want to be neutral. This is my blog, on a website that allows me to say what I want, so why the fuck would I be neutral? No need for that. Lets do this!

DeSean Jackson missed the end zone back in high schoolLast Friday, after I already published last week’s blog, the Philadelphia Eagles released wide receiver DeSean Jackson. The franchise had been trying to deal him, but they eventually released him. With his release, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly stated that they did it because of issues the organization had with Jackson and his work ethic. See, I understood that. Jackson has always been a diva. This is something I saw for myself back when he was in high school, where he attempted to summersault into the endzone during an All Star game, but grounded the ball on the 1 yard line. He does these things, thinking he’s being flashy, but they’re often boneheaded. Like throwing the ball away on the 1 yard line (like he did against the Cowboys), or running along the goal line in order to taunt opposing fans (like he did against the Giants). He’s spent his 6 years in Philadelphia operating from the Terrell Owens/Chad Johnson playbook and of course those antics wear thin. However, if the media focus was on Jackson being released due to some concerns over his antics, and his potential $10.6 million cap hit, I’d have no problem with last Friday’s events.

However, it wasn’t that simple. released an article questioning DeSean Jackson and his ties to the Crips, within moments of him being released from the Eagles. Now an organization trashing a former player isn’t new. Members of the New York Yankees were crapping on Robinson Cano within days of the 2nd baseman agreeing to a deal with the Seattle Mariners, but this article just struck me as being potentially dangerous. I understand in this post Aaron Hernandez world, it’s easy to point the finger and yell gangbanger, but you can’t take these preventative moves because you THINK it will lead somewhere, not because it WILL. By tying DeSean to the Crips due to his association with two men, one of them who was involved in an alleged murder plot, because of their ties to his record label Jaccpot records (which I have to honestly admit does show a Crip influence because Crips don’t put “CK” together because “CK” is Blood vernacular for Crip Killer) was reckless to me on the part of The article painted him as some gangbanger because he know people (or know niggas as I eloquently stated on Facebook). However, please let’s not act like DeSean is the only athlete that kept ties to people from the old neighborhood. Most people, of all races, have that one friend that went down that path of either gang or criminal activity. Should we all be painted as potential troublemakers because we know someone that may have (or does have) a criminal past?

My feelings is very similar to what Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks stated this week on Most athletes (but not just them alone), especially those who come from rough areas like Richard and DeSean did (Long Beach, California) still maintain friendships with friends who went down the criminal or gang path. It’s not because they want street cred, it’s because you don’t want to be that guy who discards people because you’re big time, or you’re rich. You want to maintain the same ties you always had, and not be THAT GUY. To me, that’s pretty understandable, but the reason why I claim that there is a racial element to the story is because I sincerely feel we’ll never see the media go after the white athlete that may have Mob, or even Klan ties. I’m not calling Riley Cooper as one of those guys, but I have to be honest and think it’s a very strange message being sent out by the Eagles organization that they kept the guy who drunkenly stated that “he’ll fight every nigger in here” but cut DeSean, in part, because he happens to know some guys. I’m sorry, and I know my views will not be shared by everyone (not that I give a damn) but I’m calling out every last person who read that article and were alright with what the journalists behind the story were trying to accomplish. If you can’t see character assasination, libel, and slander, when you see it then I feel sorry for you. #realtalk

DeSean Jackson throwing up gang signs | The Victory FormationP.S.: If you want to take issue with DeSean throwing up signs at DeAngelo Hall, then please take issue with the NBA players that do the same damn thing during games! Where do you think that “3 point” sign NBA players throw up came from? Umm… the Bloods! It’s a B, and it was also popularized, in part, by rapper Jim Jones, who is known for his association with the Bloods. I kept hearing that because DeSean threw up signs, that meant he was a gang banger, or at least complicit in that lifestyle, and I thought that was the stupidest shit ever. You can’t call out the one guy, and not call out everyone else.


This is Houston Rocket James Harden standing next to Compton rapper The Game. Game is a noted Blood, and raps about that lifestyle in the majority of his songs. What’s that Game throwing up? That’s a B. What is Harden throwing up? The same damn B! Are we going to call Harden a gangbanger? No. As a matter of fact do yourself a favor: google NBA players throwing up gang signs and you’ll see players of all races throwing something up. This is why I got heated at the fact that people wanted to bring up DeSean’s incident. It’s just a handsign, a handsign that is being misused, but it’s not being used by these players because they have a gang affiliation.

Now that I got that off my chest, I will move on to DeSean’s impact on the field now that he agreed to a deal with the Washington Redskins (3 years, $24 million, $16 million guaranteed). On paper the Redskins offense should be dangerous. With Robert Griffin III at quarterback, the Redskins have a guy who is a true dual athlete that can run and throw. The Skins can also look to Alfred Morris in the backfield and a receiving corp of Jackson, Pierre Garcon, Andre Roberts, Santana Moss, and Jordan Reed at tight end. New head coach, and former Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator, Jay Gruden has a lot of weapons to play with. However, I have some concerns with DeSean Jackson and the Washington Redskins.

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is known for making moves in free agency and bringing in guys that will improve the franchise. However, his signings almost never work. Why? The Skins tend not to have good chemistry in the locker room. Jackson is an acknowledged diva, Robert Griffin III is verging on diva status (he’s an intelligent but a bit of a cry baby), and on defense there is DeAngelo Hall who has always been a me-first kind of guy. This is Jay Gruden’s first go-round as an NFL head coach and if he can’t control the locker room, things can get real ugly, real fast in Washington D.C. I’m going to put the onus on Griffin here. He’s going to have to step up and assume that leader mantle if this thing the Redskins are building will work.

The NFC East is a division in flux. The Eagles may have won the division last season, but at 9-7 they weren’t that impressive. The Cowboys took some losses this free agency, and even though the Giants have signed a lot of players, there’s no telling how they’ll rebound from a disappointing season. The Redskins, and that offense really have a golden opportunity to win the East, and with a motivated DeSean Jackson, I think they will but the Skins need that leadership. Only way this thing is going to work, is that they get all the me-first guys in line, and identify who will be the chief in the crew of indians.

That’s it. I’m done. Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting, and peace.

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  1. Question… if these are known gang signs that athletes are flashing… regardless of what sport… shouldn’t they be not allowed? I mean if you’re trying to sell your product do you really want to send the message that its gang approved or that it’s all right to accept gang behavior on any level?

    Now, having opined that… I agree with you… that blurb is biased and racist and your argument for why is entirely correct.

    Almost all of us have some sort of connections to peeps that have done bad stuff in the past, or, are presently connected to stuff that is illegal. Because we know peeps that are criminals, or, may have criminal ties, or, are actively criminals, then, we should be condemned as criminals ourselves, or, at least have the potential to be bad guys and unfit for certain job opportunities?

    I don’t freaking think so.

    Hell, some peeps, including peeps reading this right now, have family members that are, or, have been connected to gang, or mob, ties and yet are so-called upstanding citizens holding down jobs.

    So, the logic of that peeps should be ostracized, or, let go from certain jobs due to the fact they could be associated with probable bad guys is simply asinine.

    Unless you have proof of someone doing criminal activity, then, don’t make allegations that they could be involved with said criminal activity. Piece of advice for… don’t go throwing boulders at folks… it’s wrong and possibly libelous for defamation of character.

    Ever see the movie “Absence of Malice”? It’s all about defamation of character and what happens when folks make assumptions and accusations based on hearsay, innuendo about people’s associations with people who have unsavory criminal connections… including family ties.

  2. Oh I agree 100% they shouldn’t be allowed. I know I downplayed the impact of flashing the signs in the blog, but I do believe that the signs aren’t appropriate in the field of play.

  3. What you’ve just said Joe is more or less what I was saying on Facebook last Friday. I got into a heated discussion with a few folks, and I regret that, but I’ll speak for myself: I know people who have gotten themselves involved in the wrong things. This has led to jail, running away from the neighborhood to save themselves, and death for one person I knew when I was younger. I’m not a street kid. Why? I made that decision on a “Scared Straight” trip when I was 10 years old, that the life wasn’t for me, but I definitely know, or knew, guys from my neighborhood, from my block that were, and are up to no good. Is my association with them worth me losing my job? Hell no.

  4. I don’t disagree even though I admit to throwing one up from time to time. No different than those athletes in the pictures. I just don’t share those photos.

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