Game of Thrones: Night’s Watch and Beyond The Wall

We continue our Game of Thrones preview.

Today we take a look at the White Walkers and the Nights Watch.

Lets keep in mind that this is not a full breakdown of everything GOT, but more a primer of what has happened and what you need to know moving forward. (Example, the whole Drago storyline and Viserys? Not really needed since that’s a dead thread and everyone involved is dead.)

There are also a ton of minor players who will get their treatment.

Again, keep in mind, neither EJ or David have read the books, and don’t be that asshole that spoils the series for no reason but evil glee. What the hell is wrong with you? So if we miss something IN THE SHOW, by all means let us know.

Nights Watch

Night’s Watch & Beyond the Wall

Maester AemonMaester Aemon

Maester Aemon is the old scholar of the Night’s Watch. He also reveals himself to be the brother of Aegon V Targaryen, a former king of the 7 Kingdoms, and the father of the Mad King, whose death is the lead in to this whole show.

EJ: Is it just me or does the old guy actually do anything? Would you miss him from the show if he didn’t appear in anymore episodes? I wouldn’t.

David: Be nice to us old people. Aemon is a hard character to really see. He’s been around forever, and seems like a kind man, who simply needed to get away from it it all. I’d like to see him more and get into his background. I don’t know if the population of Westeros could handle a prequel.

Alliser ThorneAlliser Thorne

Ser Alliser Thorne is the cruel master of arms of the Night Watch. A big bully. Drill Instructor for the Nights Watch, he was caught north of the Wall, and forced to eat his dead comrades.

EJ: I forgot all about this dude. Not even Wikipedia has much on him, so I don’t know what to expect of him this season.

David: He’s a bit of a hardass, and as the men start to come North to fight the White Walkers, he might take a bit of a step forward.



I’m going to keep it 100: I have no clue who Rast is.

EJ: Who is this guy?

David: Rast is the guy that killed Lord Commander Mormont and took Crastor’s keep. Rast was sent North for rape, and came in the same year as Jon Snow. I don’t know if we will see this group, but Rast seems like he’s destined to pop-up again, and anyone that can stab his superior in the back, could very well stick around.

EJ: Ah, thank you. That’s who Rast is.


Janos SlyntJanos Slynt

Former Commander of the City Watch, who assumes the position from Littlefinger after he double crossed Ned Stark. Eventually Janos is made a Lord and is given cursed Harrenhal castle by Cersei. However, all of this pisses off Tyrion, and when he becomes the Hand of the King he bounces him Janos from the position and into the Night’s Watch. This demotion, and exile, upsets Janos and he reacts “holier than thou” towards everyone around him. He’s last seen opposing Jon Snow and bullying Samwell Tarly.

EJ: This guy is a major prick. I can do without him.

David: Kind of funny he got kicked to the curb after turning his back on Ned. He’s a stuck-up prick, and I have to think he’s gonna get slit by Jon Snow as soon as he finds out about how he helped get Ned Stark killed.

Mance RayderMance Rayder

Mance is the King beyond the Wall. Yup, another King in a show full of them. We may have lost a couple in Renly and Robb, but damn it we got more Kings! Mance is leading his Wilding army south towards the Wall in order to escape the supernatural force that is the White Walkers.

EJ: I like what Mance Rayder is about. He’s a king, he has a mission, and he wants to protect his people. Nothing wrong with all of that. I expect he’s going to have a big role this season. Also, he’s played by Ciaran Hinds who played Julius Caesar on Rome. I really liked the Rome miniseries, so I’m happy to see him here.

David: Another ROME alumni! Quite the hardass- in a land where you have to be a hardass. I don’t quite understand the hatred from the Crows and the Wildlings- seems to me that would be an easy alliance.


A wilding raider. He’s loyal to Mance, and he, along with Ygritte, first brings Jon into Mance’s party. He’s last seen with Jon and Ygritte south of the Wall.

EJ: I have to figure he’s going to play a major role this season, with so much of Jon’s storyline still unresolved. I like the Tormund character so it’s all good.

David: He’s one tough little bastard. He seems to waiver on Jon Snow, wouldn’t stun me if he was Ygritte’s father. No telling whats going to happen with him.


Samwell TarlySamwell Tarly

Samwell Tarly, or just plain old Sam, is the son of Lord Randyll Tarly. Sam’s a smart guy, but he’s a bit of a disappointment as a son, so he was shoved off to the Night’s Watch. He quickly proves he’s not Ranger material, but Jon takes pity on him, and a friendship grows. For all of Jon’s brawn, Samwell is his equal in intelligence.

EJ: I like Samwell Tarly. If my life was Game of Thrones, I’d be Samwell. I’m smart, I’m fat, and I use my wits and charm to survive. So, I want to see Samwell stick around and I want him to kick some ass.

David: What? I almost had you as Gendry. I’ll be Podrick then.
For Samwize, oh, sorry. I really like the way he grewup since being in the North. It seems like being literate, and loyal to a fault, means he’s got his wagon hitched to Jon Snow. I’m not sure how long he’s going to last- until Martin decides he hates us again, but he could easily end up with Gilly over one of the 7 Kingdoms.


Gilly is a wilding woman. She’s the daughter of Crastor. He’s also her lover. You see, crazy old Crastor lives out in the middle of nowhere and he sleeps with his daughters and leaves his son’s to be offerings to the White Walkers. He has no use for son’s, and for men who lay eyes on his daughters. It’s from this World where Gilly is last seen making a run for it with Sam and her newborn son.

EJ: I don’t have much use for Gilly. Sam can’t marry her, and he can’t be with her, so I’m just guessing we won’t be seeing too much of Gilly going forward.

David: Uh, Sam is leaving the Wall with Jon Snow. She’s just innocent enough to be sweet and meek enough that Sam won’t be threatened by her. You would almost think that she would be a bit sterner with her upbringing. I get the feeling before too long she’s gonna put an axe in someone’s skull.


A wilding woman that Jon meets in his attempt to infiltrate Mance Rayder’s camp. She mocks Jon at every turn, “you know nothing Jon Snow”, but she wants him all the same. She eventually gets her man, I mean her crow.

EJ: Of all the women on the show that have showed their bodies, I find Ygritte the second least attractive (Shae takes the least attractive spot). I mean the poor girl is just skin and bones, but I do love the fiery red hair. A little attitude in a woman goes a long way. With all that said, I want to see her naked a couple more times so I hope she survives the season.


I have never been stunned by anything you have ever said before to me. I understand that her body type may look like she might shatter like a porcelain doll with a grown man, but I bet there is more Xenia Onatopp in her than you would imagine.
Back to her CHARACTER (Geesh) She’s hardcore Wildling, and cannot understand Jon Snow. I don’t understand Jon Snow either. I’m guessing she’s rebelling against  . . . something. Like most women, she wants to hurt her man, but not kill him.

EJ: She’s not ugly. I just like my women with a little bit more meat on their bones. Not out and out fat, but not a complete stick figure either. She’s cute, just a little too skinny for my liking.

Jon SnowJon Snow

Ned Stark’s bastard. We’re not sure who Jon’s real mother is, and Jon doesn’t know anything about her either. Due to his bastard birth, Jon takes up the Night’s Watch as soon as he can. Now that he’s donned the black, he’s buried a part of his past that’s always hurt him. As a member of the Night’s Watch Jon has assumed a position of leadership due to his personality, and excellent sword skills. He was last seen infiltrating the world of the Wildings that live beyond the wall of Westeros.

EJ: Jon Snow is probably my favorite character on this whole show. As I stated earlier in these recaps, characters that exhibit high morals are typically punished on this show but Jon Snow finds a way to not only survive, he prospers while doing it. He broke Night Watch code by sleeping with Ygritte, but I don’t blame him. She’s skinny as all hell, but that red hair would have seduced a brother too. No lie. Hopefully they hook up a couple of more times this season.

David: I wonder what he’s going to say to Theon when they meet. Both have loyalties to fathers. I do wonder why he wanted to go down the Knights Watch path, since obviously bastards are perfectly fine among the nobility. I get the feeling he’s going to last until the last season- and kill more humans than White Walkers.

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