Game of Thrones: Minor Houses

We continue our Game of Thrones preview.

Today we take a look at the Minor Houses of the Freys, Bolton, Greyjoys and Tullys.

Lets keep in mind that this is not a full breakdown of everything GOT, but more a primer of what has happened and what you need to know moving forward. (Example, the whole Drago storyline and Viserys? Not really needed since that’s a dead thread and everyone involved is dead.)

There are also a ton of minor players who will get their treatment.

Again, keep in mind, neither EJ or David have read the books, and don’t be that asshole that spoils the series for no reason but evil glee. What the hell is wrong with you? So if we miss something IN THE SHOW, by all means let us know.

House Bolton

House Bolton

Roose BoltonRoose Bolton

Bolton was a Bannerman of the Starks, and was charged with taking back Winterfell from the Theon and the Ironborn. After they turned over Theon in exchange for safe passage, he killed them anyway and burned the castle to the ground, blaming it on the Ironborn.
Bolton then was a major participant in the Red Wedding, killing Robb Stark. He’s been given Winterfell to look over until Tyrion can arrive with Sansa Stark (once she has an heir in her belly). Lord Frey is his grandfather in law.

David: Can we all just agree we want this asshole dead? Its obvious he has been under the Lannisters thumb for a bit with the burning of Winterfell. Its going to be interesting when he finds out that Winterfell is going to the Imp and Herrenhal is going to Baelish. Where is he going to live?

EJ: I like Roose Bolton actually. Then again, I’m the guy who laughed through Red Wedding. I could be a bit of a sadist when I’m ready. I don’t know about you but I’m waiting for that scene in the show. You know, the one where he finds out that he won’t inherit Winterfell, and he’s not going to get Harrenhal either. Shit is going to hit the fan when that happens. You know it.

Ramsay SnowRamsay Snow

Roose Bolton’s bastard son, he’s just as sadistic and uncaring as his father. He is currently holding Theon hostage against the Ironborn.

David: Considering what Theon has done, I’m fine with him wanting to die. He’s not much better, but at least he’s not killing kids . . yet.

EJ: Do not kill Theon. I like Theon. I mean he’s crude, but I definitely don’t want Ramsay to kill him. No, I don’t want that. I just don’t want that! Ramsay is a sick S.O.B., but he’s a sicko that’s going to be getting some screen time. He’s got Winterfell, and he doesn’t know that Bran and Rickon are still alive. That’s going to be interesting if he finds out.



He is the one that captured Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth, he is currently holding Harrenhal. He cut off Jamie’s hand and made Brienne fight a bear unarmed.

David: He’s dead right? Cut off Jamie’s hand? This is just a dead man walking- or he better run off to the Night’s Watch.

EJ: Locke won’t be alive for long. I never read the books, but you got to think Tywin is going to kill this dude once he finds out about Jamie’s hand.

House Tully

House Tully

Edmure TullyEdmure Tully

Catelyn’s younger brother, and Robb Stark’s uncle, when Robb had to go back on his word to Lord Frey, he was the one that got put up as an alternative. After the Red Wedding, we don’t know if he’s alive or dead.

David: I have to think he’s still alive. He drove me up the wall (not Wall) trying to figure out where I knew him from. Then I got it- he played Brutus on ROME. One of my all-time favorite shows. Tully is probably screwed here, but I have a feeling the Tullys are going to have to make a comeback against the Freys.

EJ: Yeah he played Brutus in Rome. A favorite of mine as well. I also think Edmure is still alive, if to be nothing more than a captive-groom for House Frey.

Brynden TullyBrynden Tully

Catelyn Stark’s uncle, and advisor to Robb Stark. He escapes the Red Wedding, having gone to the bathroom when it went down. He’s back in Rivverrun, and that puts Bolton on edge.

David: Kind of a minor character, but if you worry Lord Bolton, then you should be on everyone’s radar.

EJ: Not much of a player, Brynden, but his niece is dead and Edmure is a captive. Dude is still dangerous.



House Frey

House Frey

Walder FreyWalder Frey

This is ONE OLD DUDE. Gruff and mean and as blunt as they come. He’s got over 100 kids, and simply doesn’t care about any of them, unless the wife is young and hot. He holds the Twins, a powerful fort with a powerful army. Supposed to be sworn to the Tullys, he gave his support in the War in exachange for getting Robb and Arya Starks hand to two of his kids (Making him the father of the Queen of Westeros and the King of Winterfell) ticked by the betrayal of Robb Stark, he switched allegences to the Lannisters, and when Robb came to collect his support for the final push, he slaughtered Robb, Catelyn, and the bulk of the Stark army.

David: Being the History guy, Robb was wrong. and Frey had every right to feel abandonded by his Leige-Lord. In not forgiving it, and neither will the Starks, but this was a master-stroke in the big picture ways of War.
The Question does become what will Frey get for the betrayal? Arya was still out there for Winterfell, and Casteligh Rock was still up for grabs if the Lannisters were destroyed- and the Starks have 2 more boys after Robb. The Lannister kids- outside of the youngest, are spoken for.

EJ: I’m not sure Frey even thought that far ahead. He wanted revenge for Robb’s slight and he got it. He got it in the most gruesome way possible. He’s a bad ass, but does he really have a role to play going forward? Don’t see Tywin really keeping this uncouth guy around.


House GreyJoy

House Greyjoy

Balon GreyjoyBalon Greyjoy

They were one of the first people to revolt against King Robert, and was put down but Balon was left on the throne. His only son, Theon was taken as a hostage to keep Balon loyal to the crown. With the civil war starting, The Greyjoys though that was a great chance to go raiding and wait to see what way the wind blows. Once Theon was returned, Balon thought he was made soft in Winterfell, and rejected him, but decided to give him a chance with a minor raiding party. Theon conquored the North, but Greyjoy didn’t have the force to keep it. Theon has been castrated, and in Lord Greyjoy’s mind, no longer able to continue the line, and coupled with his disobidence, useless to him now.

David: Forgive me if my slant on him shines through a bit- but its true, son is gone the whole time, comes back whining and then when given a shot- does not do what he’s told, and kills the male line of his house. I’d be pissed too. This is old-school northern values in a tough-love world. I see a lot of Frey and Greyjoy that mentality.

EJ: You either pay the rock price, or the salt price, and the Ironborn do not sow. Got it. Balon is a hardass, and I kind of like him. However, with the Ironborn being so damn rough, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Balon ends up dead at some point this season.

Yara GreyjoyYara Greyjoy

First born, but sadly a female. She is a one good fighter, and commands her fathers best ship. He doesn’t like her brother, but he gained a bit of her respect in taking Winterfell. She decides to ignore her father and go rescue her brother.

David: I like Yara. Family first, even though he’s a eunich now. I get the feeling she could be a major player. Its going to be fun to see her dad when she shows up with Theon on the Iron Islands- AND SHE WILL.

EJ: Yara? Another one I wouldn’t mind seeing naked. Got to keep it real. Don’t care if she saves Theon or not, but if she bares her breasts? I’ll be all over that.

Theon GreyjoyTheon Greyjoy

When they Greyjoy’s revolted against King Robert, he was taken into Winterfell and raised alongside the Starks own children.
He becomes great freinds with Robb and Jon. Tyrion poisions his mind against the Starks, and is sent back to his father to try and gain him for the North. After making a pass at his SISTER (He didn’t know it was her) he is brought to his father, who rejects him as not a true son of the Ironborn.
His father gives him a chance to regain his respect and he is sent to raid the shoreline of the North. Theon decides he wants the whole thing and conquors Winterfel. He quickly is in over his head, and is forced to kill Ser Cassel when he helpds the two youngest Stark boys escape- witch turns him into a laughingstock. He fakes their deaths, but that only buys him a little time.
When the counterattack comes, his men are offered clemency, and they turn Theon in.
He is now being held prison by Ramsey Snow- illegitamate son of Lord Bolton. Snow is enjoying tourturing Theon, and has cut off his manhood, sending it to his father to get him to leave the North completely. Theon has been named Reek in a Kunte Kinte moment by Snow. Snow also killed all the Ironborn that surrended in Winterfell.

David: I can see why he did this. He lost Ned Stark as a father figure, and was able to go home, where he was rejected by his blood father. So he did the only thing he could think of- his people were warlike, so he had to do something to earn respect. Winterfell was the easiest target. Betraying the Starks was unforgivable, so he deserved what is coming to him, but if Jamie can gain redemption, why can’t Theon?

EJ: Theon is going to get all messed up. All messed up. Ramsay is a sadist, and I just can’t see Theon escaping, or earning that guy’s trust. I love Theon as a character, even when he was betraying the Stark family, and I like seeing Ramsay messing with him, but this guy is about to go through a journey of pain. Pure pain.

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