Game of Thrones: House Stark

House Stark

House Stark

(Whats left of it)

Bran StarkBran Stark

Bran started off Game of Thrones as the able bodied, trouble making 3rd son of Ned Stark (Lady Catelyn’s 2nd son), until he caught Cersei and Jamie getting it on in the tower. Now disabled, and parentless (Damn Lannisters!) Bran has developed the power of greensight and he’s off in the wilderness with Hodor, Jojen Reed, and Meera Reed.

EJ: With the Stark family losing numbers by the minute, I really want to know what’s going to happen with Bran. Since Martin loves killing Stark’s, I wonder if he’ll even make it through the season.

David: Would you trade your legs for greensight? Almost makes you wonder if having that would be a great trait for a king. I’m almost waiting for Bran to jump off Hodor and stab someone, of the remaining Starks he seems the weakest willed, outside of the baby. I have to think now that he’s sent Rickon off, he might grow up. He is the heir of Winterfell now.


Hodor is the loveable giant manservant of the Stark clan. All he can say is Hodor, so naturally that’s what he’s called even if that isn’t his name. His name is actually Walder.

EJ: Hodor is the comic relief for me. Doesn’t bring much to the story line but I get a good chuckle when the big guy lets a Hodor off.

David: HODOR!! I’m waiting for him to go all Andre the Giant on someone and just crush them for doing something wrong to Bran. But then again. The lovable mass o’ Man is just awesome. Who wouldn’t watch a show built around Hodor, Gendry and Podrick just hanging out in Brooklyn? Or VEGAS?

EJ: I’d watch that show. Those three in a Brooklyn dive bar just sounds cool.

Jojen and Meera ReedJojen Reed

The son of Howland Reed, a bannerman of the Stark family, Jojen has greensight and is there to help Bran harness his powers.

EJ: The character is a bit useless to me. Hopefully he doesn’t receive much screen time.

David: So is this dude just wandering around looking for greensighted people? Did I miss the Shepard and the Star? Not exactly a stellar coach here either. I feel like he has more to offer than he’s shown.

Meera Reed

The daughter of Howland Reed, and Jojen’s sister, Meera is the hunter/gatherer of the group. She’s responsible for Jojen’s and Bran’s protection.

EJ: She’s also a bit useless to me. Unless, she plans on getting naked. You know me, the more female nudity on Game of Thrones the better.

David: Who? EJ! She’s like 12 dude!

EJ: If the actress is old enough to get naked, then she has to get naked. Show rules.

Rickon StarkRickon Stark

Bran’s little brother and the youngest Stark. Rickon is too young to truly grasp what’s going on. All he knows is that his parents are dead, Arya is missing, and Sansa is about to marry King Joffrey.

EJ: With Rickon and Osha separated from Bran and the Reed’s we’ll likely never see or hear Rickon be mentioned in this show ever again.

David: The fun about Rickson is he’s vanished, like Cersi’s youngest daughter. Who knows what is going to end up here? I think he’s got a group of people around him, and thats a good thing in the North. He could end up being found dead, or found on the Throne at the End. He needs to do something though, the Starks are dying on the vine.


The Wilding woman captured by Ned Stark and forced to be a slave to the Stark clan. That is until Bran took a liking to her. Instead of being a captive, Osha, has become one of them. She may mock their “Southern” ways, but she’s fiercely protective of her charges.

EJ: Last seen guiding Rickon to safety. Now that she’s separated from Bran, we’ll likely never hear or see her again.

David: What? You don’t want to see he nude too, EJ? I like her, I thought her and Hodor was going to end up being a pair. No telling what is going to happen with this group, but you can bet that the first dumbass to head her direction with a sword is going to die. Count on it.

EJ: Osha? Naked? Nope. Too ugly.


Jaqen H'gharJaqen H’ghar

Saved by Arya, while he was enroute to the Wall. He gives her the power over him to kill three people. She names 2 and declares him the third if he won’t help her and Gendry and a few others escape the Lannisters, she relents, and unnames him. He leaves her, but gives her an Iron coin, and says if she meets any of his people, she needs to say “Valar Morghulis” (All Men Must Die) if she needs help. He hasn’t been back since.

David: I wonder if he is going to end up killing the Hound as man #3. There are hints he has some magic in him. He may show up again, he might not.

EJ: One of my favorite characters but with Arya moving on, I’m afraid we won’t be seeing him anymore. Damn shame.

Sandor CleganeSandor Clegane “The Hound”

Nicknamed the Hound, he is younger brother of Ser Gregor Clegane, who tourtured him and burned the right side of his face. Started out as a force for the Lannisters. He saved Sansa from being raped. He is made part of the Kings Guard. He has a bit of an honor code, and protected Sansa even after her fall, and offered to help her escape from Kings Landing. He gets captured, but escapes taking Arya with her, wanting to sell her to her family.

After the Red Wedding, instead of selling her to the Freys, he leaves town.

David: I love him. He protects kids when he can, but if he has to, he will throw them out the window faster than Jamie Lannister. His honor code makes him awesome, and you wonder how deep it runs. He’s saved both Stark girls, and you could see him being the Bronn to Arya’s Tyrion – less the whoring and drinking. You have to feel that he’s had a hard life, and would have been happier just being a farmer all his life.

EJ: The Hound is pure awesome. He hates fire, he hates his brother, but he’s got a good heart. Nothing wrong with that. I feel you on the Hound being Arya’s Bronn. It would be cool if the two can stick together and just go revenge hunting in the countryside.


Arya Stark

Arya StarkYoungest daughter of Ned Stark.
We started off with Arya as a tomboyish little girl running around Kings Landing. She witnessed her father being killed. Then got captured and ended up as a servant of Tywin Lannister, who didn’t know who she was- or so she thinks. She’s been through several hands (small H) and passed around a bit. Sandor Clegane “The Hound” has her and was taking her home to her mother, but then came upon the Red Wedding. Where is she going now? What is she going to do? What is the Hound going to do? She is a major tomboy. She’s been trained with a sword, but didn’t kill anyone until late in Season 3, when she killed a man for bragging about putting Robbs Direwolfs head on a stake. He won’t be the last.

David: Arya is one of the best written characters so far. I have to think she will vanish for a bit. She needs the break. I really think she is going to see the end of the story. She tends to pull powerful people near her, and that is the best weapon to have in the Seven Kingdoms. Everytime she’s been screwed, here comes someone to save her, and make sure anyone that put her in danger is dead. That might be why Tywin Lannister didn’t touch her. If she was swapped with Joffery at birth, Westeros might be putting a man on the moon before she left the throne.

EJ: I’m going to surprise you David and say I do not want to see Arya naked. Not because the actress is underage, but because she is far too awesome of a character to be subjected to nudity. If you paired down the cast and just centered the show on the adventures of Arya, I’d still watch (well as long as you kept Daenerys and Missandei for my purposes). My dream scenario would be Arya popping up and killing all of the Lannisters, but that just seems to unrealistic.

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