How I met your Mother: Finale

After 9 long years, over 200 episodes, and a whole lot of tangents and laughs, the famed How I Met Your Mother is over.

What were our thoughts? 4 writers hit the room to discuss.

How I met your mother

David Snipes: Its over. I feel cheated.


EJ: I, like you, feel cheated. I expected more. I definitely expected more laughs.

David : I was fine with the lesser laughs, I didn’t expect to crack up. I expected some tears.

Zach Case Predictable… It could’ve been better!

EJ:  It was predictable. I’m with Zach on that.

David: I’m a bit let down. I feel cheated. The writers came out early and often that Robin was NOT the mother- and Ted ended up with her anyway. Feels like a robbery.

Zach: But she wasn’t the mother. They found a loophole!

EJ:They teased us with that damn loophole.

David: I devoted over 100 hours to watching this show. I didn’t need a loophole. I needed closure. I want to see what happens to some of my favorite characters. I don’t need- Here is the mom, oh she’s dead- and here’s Robin!Mother

Zach: I didn’t like the Barney/Robin deal, but I guess it had to be done. I’m man enough to say the Barney scene in the hospital got me a little misty…

David: As a man with a first born Daughter- I can fully admit that I felt the same way with my kid. And my last.

EJ: Ain’t nothing wrong with that Zach. I got a little misty myself. I don’t have kids but I’d say something like that to my newborn.

Zach: Psh, and I don’t even have kids lol. I’m just a sap sometimes lol

David: Its legitimately one of the best times of your life. All 4 of them, in my case. No matter how much you want to shoot them later.

Jane Gray: That scene with Barney and the newborn was the best part of the finale. They could have just showed that and I would have been happy. As Dennis Weaver playing McCloud used to say, I feel like I was rode hard and put up wet. <He was talking about horses>

Zach: I’m only 23. I have a few things to do before I get to the kids part lol

David: I just feel like the parts I wanted were spread out too thin. The Marshal/Lilly got shoved aside. They are one of my favorite all time TV couples- and they got what? 5 minutes?

EJ: I hope one day I can have kids. Always wanted to make my Mom a grandmother. Biggest life goal I got left.

Zach: lol and Jane with the score!

David: 23? I had a kid at 23.

EJ: I’m 32 so I feel like I need to get on that ASAP.

Zach: lol yeah…but I also want a career in the biz. Not a good plan right now

David: Be careful. My Mom had me when she was 32.

Jane: Then Zach, I suggest you always wear a ‘raincoat’.

EJ: My Mom had me at 36 and I’m her firstborn. Why I don’t feel so bad.

David: Question on that. How the HADES is Barney not snipped so much he doesn’t have hair on his toes?

David: I just feel robbed. We spend all this time over YEARS about how the Mother is perfect for Ted. No other woman could put up with him or find him as adorable as he does. So she shows up, they are perfect for each other, they have 2 kids, and then WHAM she’s dead.Barney

The back to Robin. Non Star-Wars loving Robin

Zach: Yeah…That about sums it up lol

EJ: Its true. They tried to steer us away from Robin yet we ended up.with Robin

Jane: How was this finale written? Write out different ideas on bits of paper, put them in a hat and pick out five then somehow connect them together? I’m really pissed. Everything was too scattered.

Jane: Hell, there’s less time travel in an episode of Doctor Who then in tonights finale.

David: I was not happy with the Time Travel.

Why not do linear- and just jump forward 5 years after every commercial?

EJ: Word.

Jane: That makes too much sense, David. The first time was confusing then it just got annoying.

David: I’m almost hurt the way this season has ended. The only pay-off to a thread thats been more than 3 years old was the Slap-Bet. THAT I loved.

Jane: Be interesting to see the ratings.

David: Well, Seinfeld sucked too, and it was a Major hit.

David: Why kill the whole Robin/Barney angle? Two kids that seemed like a matched pair- then just crap all over it at the end.

David  Anyone care about Number 31?

Jane: Number 31???

EJ: Yeah who the hell was number 31? It would have been cool to at least see who she was.

Jane: Oh, Barney’s baby mama. Yeah, would have been nice.

Zach: I disagree. That part they had right. You knew it didn’t matter who the mom why show her? it just was irrelevant.  That’s how they painted her and that’s how she will remain.

David: I mean, Barney and Robin couldn’t have had a kid and we get the same hit?

Jane: Robin was too focused on her career to start a family. I guess with Robin hopping all over the globe it was too much separation for them to stay married.

David: Well, we’ve seen the playbook done a LOT better- Jim Nacho? Really? Maybe the Kid turns Barney into a house husband, and he goes around the world with Robin teaching “How to be a Man and Suit-Up” now in 76 languages.

Jane  That was one of his complaints about traveling with her….no WIFI.Marshall and Lilly

David: Hotel that nice with no Wi-Fi? Just stupid in todays age. You are not getting American Tourists in rooms that nice with Dial-up

Jane: And just how was she supposed to contact her employer or report her findings? Smoke signals?

David: Wife had a thought that number 31 was going to end up being Robin. That would have been a good twist. Wasn’t of course, but that would have been a good twist.

Jane:  And it would’ve explained why Barney didn’t use a condom with number 31.

David: I would have liked to have seen that, the more I think about it.

Jane:  Could be that’s where it was going but the network said no, change it.

David :Final Thoughts anyone?

Jane: It could have been better. I expected it to be better. Frankly, with all the hype, I’m disappointed.

EJ: Expected more but I’ll take what I got.

David: I have heard of there was two options for the finale, either the Mom was dead, or Ted had Alzheimers and was telling the Story because he was forgetting how he met the love of his life. I just feel like the last season has been a waste, and it hurts the entire series to know that Ted is RIGHT back where he was- back with non-Star Wars loving, non-KID WANTING, globe trotting Robin. You have to feel that Robin is jetting back off to India, leaving Ted and the kids at home.

I never liked Seinfeld, and I never saw Lost. But I feel that this one might be among that group in Shitty Finales.

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  1. I liked the series finale of M*A*S*H. Hawkeye ended up needing psychological therapy after the incident on a school bus behind enemy lines and Klinger, who couldn’t get out of Korea fast enough, actually fell in love with a Korean girl and decided to stay while they waited for the paperwork that would allow her to live in America.

    HIMYM…..don’t believe I’ll watch the syndicated episodes anymore.

  2. 12.9 million viewers, the most ever for an episode. The site where I got that had one comment which read, “I stopped caring how Ted meets his wife a couple of seasons ago.”

    Cobie Smulders, Robin on the show, made an appearance on Late Night With David Letterman last night to promote her newest project, “Captain America:: The Winter Soldier”, and as much as I like those movies this is one I’ll pass. Too dissatisfied to see anything she’s in at the moment.

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