Game of Thrones: House Baratheon

House BaratheonHouse Baratheon

Shireen BaratheonShireen Baratheon

Daugher of Stannis and Selyse. She was hit with a sickness called greyscale, but instead of it killing her it just left her with some scales on her face. She teaches Davos how to read.

David: I feel her and Arya could have been besties, but now? She’s got a good heart, and seems to be trying to make the best of her awful situation. I do think she’s either going to come out of this with a kingdom, or dead when the story wants us to hate life again.

EJ: I feel you on the whole Arya and her could have been best friends. This girl really does make the whole “I might not look right, but damnit I got a good heart” thing pop off. Her relationship with the “Onion Knight” is intriguing to watch but she doesn’t get much screen time.

Selyse Baratheon

Stannis’ wife. She is locked in the tower in Dragonstone. She is also a follower of R’hllor, the Fire god. She only had one child that survived childbirth, Shireen. She keeps her dead children in jars in her room.

David: Who? I’m sure the creepy jars may come into play, but this might be why Stannis is so cold.

EJ: Stannis is as cold as ice, and all Selyse want to do is love him. However, the dead children in the jar is crazy creepy.

Salladhor SaanSalladhor Saan

Pirate comrade of Davos. He is more than willing to fight for Stannis in return for the chance to plunder Kings Landing. After the Battle fo Blackwater, he takes off.

David: Every house has to have a guy you want to goto Vegas with. Saan is that guy. I don’t know if he’s ever coming back- but I miss him.

EJ: A black guy! Love this show, but it’s a tad bit monochromatic at times.

David2: Hold up. One of the coolest black men in the seven Kingdoms and all you say is Hey Look! Its a Black Guy?? Geez, talk about token.

EJ2: He’s a bad ass, no doubt, and he loves what’s in between a woman’s legs as much as I do, but yeah he stands out because he’s black. As a black guy, I take notice of such things.


High Priestess of R’hllor, a fire god. She has the gift of prophecy, and is convinced that Stannis is going to be the one to come out on top of the Iron Throne, and through him she can turn the 7 Kingdoms to R’hllor for all time. She’s slept with Stannis to create a fire demon to kill his brother Renley- who was his people’s first choice to become the new king. She is the one that convinces Stannis to send Davos North.

David: Good chance she survives this. She’s just evil enough to make it through anything. I get the feeling that our last shot of her is going to be her walking away from Stannis burning corpse- unless the Onion Knight pops a spear through her chest as she’s doing it. I love her character, she is right there with Cersei as women who have been evil for decades, and just embrace it.

EJ: Melisandre. Yummy! She might be evil and worship a fire breathing God but she’s hot and in this show full of nudity, there may be nothing better. Part of me secretly wishes she gives birth to another shadow baby, or seduce some poor schmuck in order to get his blood. I don’t know but I want more of her, and more of her naked!


Davos SeaworthSir Davos Seaworth

The Onion Knight. Grew up as a smuggler on a ship, and earned his Knighthood by getting fish and onions to Stannis Baratheon when he was under seige by King Robert. For some odd reason, Stannis took the ends of of his fingers off his right hand as punishment for being a smuggler, but then knighted him and made him his Hand. He keeps the fingers in a pouch around his neck. He is all for Baratheon’s push for the throne, but is not happy about the way that he’s going about it, and lost a son in the fight on the Battle of the Blackwater.
He is not scared of the Priestess Melisandre and directly confronts her, attacking her after the Battle- a trait that ended him up in jail. He is freed, and restored to his place as the Hand, but he frees Gendry and send him back to Kings Landing, in another act of defiance that has Stannis ready to kill him, but the notice that the White Walkers is on the move earns him a pardon, and he is sent to the Wall.

David: He has some serious moral codes for a former criminal, but maybe the taking of his fingers did what it was supposed to do. Men of a high moral code don’t last for long in Westeros, but the Onion Knight has a tendency for survival, and as a former child from the slums, he can and will do what is needed to survive.

EJ: I like the Onion Knight. Game of Thrones is a show where characters with morals are often punished. Case in point: Ned Stark a.k.a. Sean Bean lost his head in the first few episodes of the show. So, it’s good to see Ser Davos lasting so long. As much as I pledge my undying love for Melisandre, I wouldn’t mind seeing Ser Davos try to kill her. Just to get a point across to old Stannis.

Stannis BaratheonStannis Baratheon

He is the younger brother of King Robert. Once Ned Stark found out about Joffrey’s true father, he sent a letter to Stannis letting him know he was the true heir to the Iron Throne, he didn’t tell him why Joffrey wasn’t the true King. Stannis was more than happy to go after the throne, he uses his navy and attacks Kings Landing- but has a crushing defeat at the Battle of Blackwater. He’s ready to surrender, but Melisandre convinces him to continue the fight. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to gain the throne, and considering Joffrey, can’t really blame him. He does whatever Melisandre wants and gives her what ever she needs, to the point he’s even willing to burn his nephew Gendry alive. When Davos saves Gendry, he’s ready to kill his Hand, but the notice of the White Walkers forces him to be sent North.

David: I can understand the viewpoint here. Kill his brothers bastard son, and gain the throne, and save thousands of soldiers lives. Its one life, right? You have to also keep in mind he’s seen a half dozen dead kids- his own. Plus his own daughter and wife being locked away and hidden, while his brother got to stay in Kings Landing, and got Cersei and all that nice Lannister gold. On one hand I feel sorry for him, on the other, I almost hope he dies early and the Onion Knight takes over. Maybe we can see Stannis and Balon Greyjoy go at it, and Frey waiting in the wings.

EJ: Stannis has his morals but he is so damn cold. There’s a reason why his brother Robert prefered gay Renly over him. He locks his wife and daughter in a dungeon, and takes a heretic for a mistress, all because she prophesied that he’d be King of the 7 Kingdoms. The man is blind to his own ambition, and blind to the fact that no one really likes him. He has his morals, he has birth rite, but that’s all he really has. With all that said, I’d bet good money that Stannis hangs around for awhile.

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