Game of Thrones: House Targaryen

House TargaryenHouse Targaryen

This house is coming from WAY out there, with the sole surviving heir to the former rulers of the 7 Kingdoms. The Princess started off as a meek wallflower, a tool to be used by her brother, until he ticked off the wrong guy- who he traded his sister too. As she has grown as a woman, she has made major errors, that have wiped out her circle, but she seems to have got on the right track, and she does have 3 F’N Dragons, after all.

Ser Jorah MormontSer Jorah Mormont

He’s He started out as a spy for Lord Varys, but started to love Daenerys and while being put back in his place by Daenerys on several occasions, still cares for her, at first this (to me looked) almost like a father / daughter relationship, but since her brother is dead, he seemed to have wanted to move to consort, he’s a bit jealous of the other protector,Ser Barristan Selmy, and he must be much older than Daenerys , or he’s just VERY well traveled. As the Series has moved on, he’s been having more and more people get into Daenerys Targaryen’s circle, from Selmy being another adviser, to Naharis also looking to her bed (but more brazenly so.

David: He’s on the short list of Bad Ass, so he’s not one to be ignored. Can we get him vs the Hound or even Bronn? Please? I love his character.  (House FriendZone!)

EJ: Ser Jorah, he of the friend zone. He loves himself some Daenerys and Daenerys doesn’t love him some him. She trusts his counsel and his sword, but his love? Nah, she don’t want that. However, he is a bad ass and he’s someone you want to watch.

Ser Barristan SelmySer Barristan Selmy

We saw him early on in the Capital, but he left before he could be killed by Joffery in his takeover, he finds and saves Daenerys from a wizard trying to kill her, and begs for a chance to try and restore her to the throne, since he served and failed her father. He’s got issues with Jorah, but is also an awesome fighter despite his age.

David: I don’t know what to do with him. He just hasn’t made a huge impression yet.

EJ: Honorable guy. Got himself exiled from Kings Landing due to Ned Stark’s inquiry of Joffrey’s birth. However, he hasn’t done much by Daenery’s side. Wait and see.


When Daenerys Targaryen was negotiating for the Unsullied, she was the translator, and Daenerys Targaryen demanded that she be added to the troops, and that was agreed to. She really hasn’t done much outside of talk in a really high-pitched voice, but I get the feeling her loyalty is life, since she has probably seen thousands of people die.

David: She’s not stupid, during translating sessions she changes the tones and wording of the speech to better facilitate an agreement. Sadly Grey Worm has been clipped, or that would be one interesting power couple.

EJ: Good lord she’s fine. Good lord! Missandei speaks a lot of languages, doesn’t wear much, but I sure do love to see her on my TV screen. Yes lordy lord!!!

Grey WormGrey Worm

Leader of the Unsullied.
To prove that the Unsullied are simple killing machines their owner cut off his nipple with him showing no pain and no emotion at all. He’s loyal to a fault to Daenerys Targaryen and he’s gotten upset at Jorah a few times for over-stepping his boundary. I don’t know if he’s special or bred to be this way like generations of Unsullied have been.

David: I almost wonder if he is going to be the last man standing between the current crop of inner circle in this group. Lets keep in mind that she’s already wiped out the last one, outside of Mormont.

EJ: This dude kicks ass. Grey Worm doesn’t say much, but he’s a leader and a stone cold killer. He’s not going to have a lot of lines, but he’s going to have a presence.

Daario Naharis

Leader of the second sons, a 2000 strong mercenary group, he’s got the hots for Daenerys Targaryen, who may or may not be playing him. Jorah hates him, of course, and Daenerys Targaryen, for some reason lets this go. He betrayed his former employer, the city of Yunkai to Targaryen, so who knows where he is going.

David: He’s probably the only major character that we aren’t sure won’t die to put Targaryen, on the throne in her camp. I have to think that Mormont is going to end up killing him, or Grey Worm is going to get tired of his antics. I wonder if he’s going to turn his aim to Missandei when he gets tired of chasing Targaryen, a move that could get them both killed (a subplot that might be in the book, but dropped here for time).

EJ: I’m not sure where his loyalties lie. He’s a bit crude, and Daenerys has taken a liken to him, but I’m not sure where we go with him going forward.

Daenerys TargaryenMAIN CHARACTER
Daenerys Targaryen

Royal Princess, was dominated by her brother, and was traded for an Army to the Dothraki King, who she eventually came to love, but he was killed and on his funeral pyre the three Dragon Eggs that were all she had left we hatched, and as the series has moved on, the Dragons have gotten bigger and bigger. With the newfound confidence and the reminder of her new people, plus her guardian Ser Jorah Mormont and she set out for her homeland. After losing all of them, either to desertion or the desert, until they come to a city, where she loses her closest freind to betrayal, and almost her dragons, when they get dragon-napped by a sect of WIzards. She gets them back, but has made an enemy of the remaining wizards left after she burns their temple.
She absorbs some of the city’s remaining population into her Army, and loots the town- buys a ship to continue her journey. Coming to Slavers Bay across the River, she buys the entire Slavers Army and when the Leader wants payment, she trades a Dragon for them. Next she betrays him and the Dragon burns him alive. She adds the Unsullied to her roster.
Next city she comes across not only does she unleash her Army and Dragons, but also gets the “Second Sons” a mercenary group to change sides, with the Leader looking at possibly be more than just an Army leader- ticking off Ser Jorah. Freeing this city not only has added thousands to her ranks, but also a major town to rule.

David: She’s got major issues. She’s on her second group, and the first one didn’t end up so well. She’s also got 3 Dragons- but then again, Dragons have died before. Its a HUGE trump card, but its not exactly a Nuclear Weapon some think it is. The only person she has 100% love from is Grey Worm, both Knights were not with her when the series started, and Naharis is there for loot and her, and not nessasarily in that order.

EJ: I love the Khaleesi. Love her. She has dragons, she has her convictions, and damn it she gets shit done. Pardon my language but she’s what we call a “bad bitch”. Daenerys Targayen could attack my city anytime. As long as she doesn’t burn me to death with those dragons. With that said, where is she going? She may have the Unsullied, and she has Ser Jorah and Ser Barristan, but how is she going to accomplish her end game of becoming ruler of the 7 Kingdoms? Does she really have the ability to conquer and lead? By Fire and Blood we’re going to find out this season. Yes we will.

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