Game of Thrones: The Preview

Game of Thrones

OK, So before our story begins, the 7 Kingdoms that make up Westeros, were guiding by a King that that was put on there by his power as a Dragon Rider. Generations later, the King is overthrown by King Robert, who is more worried about his hunting than his queen, who is the daughter of the richest family in the kingdom, the Lannisters. An old and Noble family.
As out story goes, Robert is killed, and his first born son Joffery takes the throne, his best Friend becomes the “hand of the King” something like a Prime Minister, and he is unable to play the politics of the Court, and that gets him killed. His sons revolt, and the battle is on. Of course, this is the seven kingdoms, and not all the kingdoms are perfectly fine and have their own candidates.

Add to that, there is a HUGE Wall barring travel to and from the extreme North, and there is a kind of part Templar part French Foreign Legion aspect protecting the border, from . . . something.  The Night Watch.Drogo
Our Major players, :

1. The Lannister. The Ruling family of Westeros.
2. The Stark Family, Major leaders of their rebellion, whom were dealt a severe blow in Season 3.If we were doing this before last season, there would be a TON more in this section.
3. Daenerys Targaryen there would have been a ton more here before as well, but she’s come back stronger- and growing.
4. The Wall. A minor sideshow in the first 2 seasons, this group is also growing, in large part with Jon Snow, Ned Starks bastard who he raised,.

Lets keep in mind that this is not a full breakdown of everything GOT, but more a primer of what has happened and what you need to know moving forward. (Example, the whole Drago storyline and Viserys? Not really needed since that’s a dead thread and everyone involved is dead.)

There are also a ton of minor players who will get their treatment.

Again, keep in mind, neither EJ or David have read the books, and don’t be that asshole that spoils the series for no reason but evil glee. What the hell is wrong with you? So if we miss something IN THE SHOW, by all means let us know.

So come back tomorrow, and we will start breaking down the families, sell-swords, assholes and hot redheads of the GAME OF THRONES

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