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1) “Scherzo,” “fantoccini” and “intaglio.” “Schadenfreude,” “mahout” and “barukhzy.”

What are words that Sophia Hoffman, 11, and her 13-year-old adversary, Kush Sharma, couldn’t spell during a Missouri county

Sophia (left) and Kush
Sophia (left) and Kush

spelling bee?

On Saturday (2/22) these two kids went back and forth, for 66 rounds, spelling words until… the judges came out and said they had no more words to ask the two to spell.

Now, I really gotta ask… no one had an OED? Not one single copy of the Oxford English Dictionary… whether in hard copy or online was anywhere to be found? But really, ya gotta be freaking kidding me. How the hell do you run out of words?

Just so ya’ll know… because I know someone is thinking it… the contest resumes on March 8.  And, just so ya’ll know… this is just so the “Show Me State” can send a representative to the national spelling bee that will be in Washington in May.

Let’s just hope someone has at least one copy of a larger dictionary than they had in Missouri… I mean, after all, isn’t the Library of Congress in Washington… they oughta have some decent reference materials… No?

2) Over the weekend, I read about how the Family Research Council’s Executive VP William Boykin said that the Prince of Peace will be locked and loaded when he returns for the final coming. Boykin, it appears, was personally upgrading the biblical

William Boykin says Jesus saves with AR15
William Boykin says Jesus saves with AR15

prophecy in Revelation 19 that says Jesus would be coming back as a warrior with a sharp sword.

In his words to a November Dallas audience at the Pro-Family Legislators Conference, he said that he had checked out the biblical reference and he believed that Jesus would be coming back but would be trading in that sword for an AK-15. He then added that if anyone was without an AK, then, they should go out and make sure they go get one because… well, simply, because, “You’re supposed to have one. It’s biblical.”

See… this is why I don’t like peeps taking the bible literally… not only that… but, then taking the bible and manipulating it so it fits their own personal opinions and bias. Now, every damn thumper hiding in the wood pile is gonna be rushing out to go and get himself an AK15.

And, ya know… damn it… if, Jesus is gone be coming down riding on a flaming chariot… or… excuse me, it’s probably a fighter jet now… anyway…  if, he be flying down on a damn flaming anything, then, it won’t be with no dad burned AK 15; it be with a M249 SAW.

Let’s get our priorities right here, ya sumnbitch.

3) Staying on the religious theme here… Embattled Brooklyn pastor Orlando Findlayter told his congregation Sunday that God has assured him his troubles have come to an end. So, what kind of troubles this religious person be having?

Well, just last month, Findlayter was arrested for driving on a suspended license and when cops did a search for “wants and warrants” nydnthey found two open warrants. STOP is to take the person into custody until they can be presented before a judge and then either the open warrants get settled or a disposition is postponed and bail is set. Usually, that is the next morning.

However, recently elected NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio made a late-night call to the NYPD to inquire about pastor Findalyert’s incarceration and, lo and behold, he was released instead of being kept overnight. Of course, the NYPD says the mayor’s call had nothing to do with the decision to let him go on his own recognizance.

The Daily News reported on Thursday (2/20) that the former treasurer of Findlayter’s politically influential Churches United to Save and Heal (CUSH) resigned after he discovered Findlayter helped himself to about $1,000 from the organization’s funds. Also, the News added that Findlayter was sued over an $11,400 bounced check for 11 buses used to take CUSH folks down to DC for an immigration protest. ANDDDD… The News also revealed that Findlayter’s New Hope Christian Fellowship Church ignored a $100,000 slip-and-fall judgment and was evicted from its building in 2010 over $45,000 in unpaid rent.

But on Sunday (2/23) Findlayter spoke from his pulpit and told congregants, “Thursday, I decided to turn off my phone and get off the Internet . . . I spent three days before the Lord. And on the third day, I heard the Lord say, ‘The storm has lifted.’”

Now, I got only one thing to say about all of this… and, believe me I am not saying he didn’t get a message from God… buttttt… among those warrants was there any charges for pot possession? Or, is there any history of schizoid behavior in his past? I mean, I’m just saying… I get very wary, and a tad nervous, when peeps start saying they get direct messages from God… I start thinking Jim Jones and Kool-Aid partiers are next…

4) Also, I saw on the wire services over the weekend this little piece… An Arizona pizzeria, Rocco’s Little Chicago, posted a sign in their window that said: “We reserve the right to refuse service to Arizona legislators.”rocco-chicago-pizzeria

The reason for the message is that a bill, SB 1062, had passed through both houses of the Arizona legislature. So, what’s the big deal? The gist of the bill says it’s ok for some businesses to choose to deny their services to people because of their sexual orientation.

So, Rocco DiGrazia posted his feelings about the bill on the restaurant’s Facebook page and a customer took that message, turned it into a sign, hit print, laminated it, and, it was then placed front and center in the restaurant.

Since then, Rocco’s message has gotten thousands of “likes”, and, he has customers lined up outside his establishment waiting to mangia on some deep dish and show their support.

The Arizona elephants say the law is needed to protect people who have legitimate religious objections to gay marriage. While, the Arizona donkeys argue it will be a license to discriminate.

Ya’ll probably can guess where I stand, if, you been reading my stuff.

And, then some business peeps say the bill will negatively impact the state’s economy… The Greater Phoenix Economic Council wrote in a recent letter, “This legislation has the potential of subjecting the Super Bowl, and major events surrounding it, to the threats of boycotts.”

pizza23n-3-webAnd, the rejoinder from the conservative Center for Arizona Policy says, “The Arizona bill has a very simple premise, that Americans should be free to live and work according to their religious faith. It’s simply about protecting religious liberty and nothing else.

But, Rocco just shrugs his shoulders and says “Why discriminate against anybody? I’m just trying to make some food.”

Besides a significant amount of Rocco’s clientele is gay as are his workers, so, as far as he is concerned it’s just business as usual for his place.

Now, I don’t know about anybody else, but, the God I believe in cares not one iota what I do as far as my personal life goes as long as I do the right thing… that’s what I think any way.

I mean…  I just believe that in this entire universe that God does not sit up … down… or, sideways… on his cloud or throne or whatever he sits on… if in fact, he does sit on anything, wherever he or she exists, and, cares one bit about whetheryou are so fucked dogs and cats are living together…  or whether men like men or women like women…   I think God only cares that you don’t do any wrong, or harm, to anybody and just live your life as best you can; doing the best that you can. The God I know is about love and tolerance and forgiveness.

Simply put, it’s all about living a life that is honest and truthful…

What else can you do when it it all comes down to it any way? And… you can call it blasphemy… and, maybe duck because you think there be lightning bolts coming down from above…  but, if, that ain’t good enough then guess what? I am gonna be fucked no matter what, when I go to meet my so-called maker.

(Writers Note and Update: As of Wednesday (2/26) evening, the Huff Post reported that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was announcing a veto of Arizona Bill SB 1062.)

5) If you follow sports, then you probably are aware that the NFL’s competition committee is about to considernfl a rule that would penalize players for using the word nigger, and most likely most of its variations, on the field.

A thought that comes to my little brain is it only a penalty if it’s a white player saying that word to a black player or is it across the board no matter who says it to whom? Then, if the word nigger is not allowed anymore how about spic, dago, wop, cracker, kike, faggot, pussy and right on down the line of possible slurs that could be said at any time during the heat of battle on the field and be racially or sexually offensive … where is the line drawn… or… should it be drawn?

But, if officials are reasonably able to police the use of the word, then why a 15-yard penalty? If… and I don’t necessarily agree, or disagree with the logic being used here but I am just throwing this out there… a player is to be punished for being racially biased and insultingly prejudiced then shouldn’t that player be punished with something much more sterner than a punkass 15 yards? How about ejection and loss of pay for that week? Loss of one sixteenth of your salary would certainly be more of a deterrent than a 15 yard flag… right?

Jason JohnsonDr. Jason Johnson is a political science professor at Hiram College, the politics editor at The Source magazine and a frequent contributor at HLN, MSNBC and Al Jazeera America. And this is what he recently opined about the proposed NFL rule and directive… a position I, for the most part, wholeheartedly agree with and endorse…

“The NFL’s plan to add a 15-yard penalty for the use of the N-word on the field is ridiculous. It is a bad solution looking for a nonexistent problem. There is no wild epidemic of football players calling each other racial slurs on the field and the racial slurs in the locker room are often terms of endearment.

More importantly, the notion that a word representative of 400-plus years of slavery, rape and government sanctioned violence, can be assuaged by a 15-yard penalty is downright offensive.

So roughing the passer is just as bad as calling someone a nigger? What’s next, a loss of down for every player accused of sexual assault? The NFL already has plenty of rules penalizing players for using excessive foul language of any kind on and off the field. The NFL has plenty of racial problems, lack of black coaches and owners, not to mention racial bias with referees, but the use of racial slurs, let alone the N-word during games, isn’t one of them.”

Simply put, he is right, there is a rule already for using offensive and/or unsportsmanlike language so why create a new rule that is redundant and unnecessary? If there is a problem with players using the word nigger, or any other ethnic slur or “racially” derogatory term then the refs already have the power to (1) throw a flag for unsportsmanlike behavior and/or eject the offending player from the field of play and (2) the NFL has the power to take further action if they believe further action is warranted.

Wanna know what I think the truth is? This is a kneejerk reaction about some crap that done gone down in Miami’s locker room and overkill to sooth some politically correct, bleeding heart, overly do-good thinking that essentially is a lot of noise over nothing. If there is a real problem with players calling one another the so-called “ever present” n-word and its variations, then I believe the players themselves will take care of it… if, they don’t, and, they believe a player is being offensive and out of line by using racist language, or chauvinistic and degrading language of any kind, then they need to live with their own cowardice as they refuse to confront wrongful behavior when they see it.

Just the way I sees it if ya wanna know what I think.

6) A piece I saw this Tuesday Monday (2/25) on the Huffington Post website, said that former VP Dick Cheney had severely criticized His Prezness Barack Obama for his proposed cutting back of the US Army to its smallest size in 74 years. He added that Obama cared more about spending money on food stamps… or in a sense feeding folks… than on developing a powerful military to defend our American way of life.

Now, first of all, I believe our military is very strong as it is, and, that no matter what peeps may say, I would wager that we could mobilize our forces as quickly as possible if we really had to answer any threat to “our American way of life” even if we did reduce the amount of folks we have on active duty.

And, while we may need a certain amount of people to run our military complex… ranging from high level peeps to those that do all the important grunt work… a lot of stuff is presently managed just fine between newly added electronic and computerized systems and folks on staff. So, cutting the “work force” by some folks, just like any other business does in lean times, is not gonna be all that difficult or disastrous.

Now, be that as it may… and, let’s assume to some degree I am wrong about how I perceive things… let me point out some stuff about why Mr. Cheney is talking out of his ass once again…

foxnews-cheney-military1) The Huff Post says data provided by the Defense Commissary Agency reports that in the first half of fiscal 2013 all of those who shopped in military commissaries, which include disabled veterans and others with military identification, brought stuff with about $53 million in food stamps. And, that in 2012, $99 million worth of food stamps were redeemed on military bases. Plus, in 2012, military commissaries sold some $31.2 million in goods under the Women, Infants and Children program (WIC) and about $15 million in the first half of 2013.

Add all of this to the fact that the Department of Defense says that in 2011, 5,000 food stamp recipients listed their employment status as “active duty military” which is a 500% increase from the 1,000 active peeps from 2010.

While that is a very small percentage of the Americans who get food stamps, it strikes me as odd that any active military personal should be getting food stamps. I mean, with all the money we spend on military budget needs how come we can’t make sure that our active military folks have enough funds to feed themselves and their families?

Also, in September, the nonprofit think tank Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimated that at least 900,000 veterans received SNAP assistance, aka food stamps, each month. And, then, finally, this little datum morsel: The latest Census Bureau data indicated that about 1.5 million households with a veteran get SNAP benefits.

AND…. On February 7, Obama signed the farm bill into law, which cut $8.6 billion from food stamp funding over the next 10 years.

So, yeah, we may be cutting the armed forces budget more than we are cutting the SNAP/Food Stamp program but (1) SNAP is not free from being hit by budget belt tightening ,and, it affects a lot peeps who need help feeding their families, and, (2) before one goes bitching about what a so-called social program does and how much money it gets from the government that would be better spent on the industrial- military complex, one should  check out who that social program affects… because it might just be some of whom you deign to call your very own… Mr. Dumbass.

7) Not sure if this speaks to anything about me, myself and I…but… Sure seems like the last few weeks I be talking a lot about

things that are connected to pizza in one way or another… hmmmmm…..

New Haven style pizza
New Haven style pizza


8) Today (2/26), I Saw this on the newswires: “The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is helping honeybees with plans to spend $3 million to improve farmlands and pastures in the Midwest and in the process help feed bees that in recent years have seen their numbers continually dwindle due to the phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder.”

What is being done is that the USDA is gonna supply that $3 million to help farmers and ranchers in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas by improving pastures frequented by honeybees.

Okay, a little background… while, $3 million ain’t  a whole hell of a lot compared to what some government agencies piss away sometimes on really stupid stuff that they will spend money on, it is still $3 million that might be better spent elsewhere rather than on making flowers grow for some damn honeybees…

So here is what happens…  a lot of bee guys bring their hives to the Upper Midwest in the summer for the bees to gather nectarapicurious-honeybee and pollen for food. Then after they do all that, the bees do whatever bees do over the winter and in the spring they get trucked to places like California and some other crop growing other states so they can pollinate everything from almonds to apples to avocadoes to… well, just about anything that freaking grows and we freaking eat.

According to Agriculture sec Tom Visak, “Honey bee pollination supports an estimated $15 billion worth of agricultural production, including more than 130 fruits and vegetables that are the foundation of a nutritious diet. (And) The future security of America’s food supply depends on healthy honey bees… Expanded support for research, combined with USDA’s other efforts to improve honey bee health, should help America’s beekeepers combat the current, unprecedented loss of honey bee hives each year.”

A  loss that, since the winter of 2006, is one-third of the nation’s honeybees haveing disappeared due to colony collapse disorder.

And, while we really don’t have an official cause of the bee die-off, scientists and beekeepers both tend to agree in their suspicions that pesticides play a major role if not the definitive role in the bee die-off.

So, the USDA hopes to stem those losses by providing more healthy areas for bees to build up food stores and strength for winter.

I also suspect since bees need to reproduce somehow the USDA we will also be providing a nice environment for them to…bee-sex-427x300 ummm… well, screw around a little during their down time and produce some progeny to continue their lineage…

So, the bottom line is the money is there to improve the land for the maximization of bee behavior in every aspect of bee lives, and, all the farmers and ranchers gotta do to qualify for the USDA money is reseed their pastures with alfalfa, clover and other plants appealing to bees.  And, since livestock also like that kind of stuff for munching on and since that would deprive the bees from being all beelike and happy, the money can also be used towards the construction of fences to prevent grazing animals from wandering into pastures and eating the good stuff that attracts the valuable, pollinating little insects.

So, why these five states? Because, the USDA says that 65 percent of the nation’s estimated 30,000 commercial beekeepers bring their hives to those five states. Soooo… that’s where the bees are and that’s where the money goes.

Seems to me this is $3 million very well spent for once, and, someone from the one-per-cent should simply reach into their wallets, or pocketbooks, and just give the USDA the money… After all, it’s spare change for them. They can take a tax deduction and tell everyone that they support healthy living as well as anything else they reasonably wanna say, just, so long as we get our bees doing what our bees need to be doing… spreading around pollen so we can eat and eat at an affordable price.

9) This may just me being naive but all this talk about raising the minimum wage to $10.10…  and… everyoneminimum wage 1  saying how it will affect some businesses… they will need to cut jobs because they will need to pay more to employees or raise prices. And, cutting workers is the simplest solution for most small businesses.  Then there are those that say it will get folks out of poverty and so on and so forth..

Confusing and seems like no one can win, huh?

Well, why don’t we just leave the minimum wage right where it is and just start cutting the cost of goods and services. Start with the oil and banking corporations and having them reduce their profit margins… I mean these corporations make billions and billions and billions in profits every year, so, why can’t they just take less profit by cutting the cost of their product or service to us and thereby everyone’s money goes further… Or, is that just too simple of a thing to do?

I’m just saying… if things cost less, then folks salaries will go further and there will be less grief all the way around in this tired old world. No?

lower pricescut costs

It’s sort of a case of spending to raise the bridge to go over troubled waters, but, how about just reducing the troubled waters and doing with what we already have?

To gain wealth you have options; you can increase your income, i.e., raise the bridge, or decrease your expenses, i.e., lower the water… or… the cost of what you spend on commodities, i.e., goods and services, can be lowered thereby making the bridge more stable and the water less turbulent.

10) And…. the gratuitous pics of the week…


















Doutzen Kroes is a Dutch model and actress, who is a Victoria’s Secret Angel.Doutzen-Kroes-hot-


















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  1. Great as always. Some thoughts:

    Kush Sharma sounds like a grade of weed.

    That last picture of “wearing” bottles for slippers is heartbreaking.

    The NFL is going too far. I understand the NFL is a business, and they want to induct a code of conduct, but they need to leave the language in the locker room and on the field alone. As you stated this move to ban the N-Word is a knee jerk reaction to what happened in Miami, but who in the hell are they to tell grown ass men what they can and cannot say? I’m not going to act like I say the N-word a lot, but I do use the word (ironically enough I said it last night to a white person at the St. John’s game and he doubled over with laughter), and I’d be damned if my employer tried to punish me when I ocasionally let one fly.

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