Harold Ramis: Dead at 69

Harold Ramis has passed. Harold Ramis

Looking back on him, its stunning how many of his movies I have watched and rewatched time after time. I mean John Hughes might be the best known director of my teen years- Its amazing.

Lets look at him as an actor first, note- I’m only going over movies I have seen. (*D = Also directed)


Let me let you in on a secret. The Barracks used in the movie are in Ft Knox, and when you go there for basic training, and you are either overweight, can’t do 10 pushups or (like me) get hurt early on in Basic, they send you there- where there is a nice gym, extra drill sargents, and plenty of time to rehab. I recognized the space immediately, and being the huge Stripes fan I am, I ensured I was in the same bunk as John Candy.

Sadly, Lousiville doesn’t have a place where you can wrestle hot women in the mud, or at least didn’t in 1991.

EgonGhostbusters – 1984 and Ghostbusters 2 – 1989

Might be his most famous role, as Egon. Always loved this movie- and the sequel. I for one, am very happy we never got part 3. The dropoff from 1 to 2 is pretty steep, I am almost afraid it would be like another trilogy- Back to the Future. If the got Ghost III, no telling how bad it would have been.

Baby Boom – 1987

Not exactly a notable film, but I always enjoy this movie. I almost forgot Ramis was in this one.

Groundhog Day1993 *D

Amazing this is a ten year old movie. If you haven’t seen this movie- you need to. Might be one of Bill Murry’s best movies too. I don’t think McDowell has ever been hotter- and I am stunned that Chris Elliot doesn’t run the movie.

Airheads – 1994

Much like Baby Boom, Ramis is not exactly front and center in this movie, but its a great little movie.

Multiplicity – 1996

Forgettable movie, but decent. No Crime here, and Andie McDowell isn’t as good here.

Knocked Up – 2007

Three in a row that its not memorable roles, but still a solid movie.

Year One – 2009 *D

Amazing that this is the last movie on his list, and it is a SHIT movie. Holy crap this is a lousy movie. I mean I struggled to get through it- with all this talent? I mean avoid this movie at all costs- and I’ve seen Mega Piranha.



Caddyshack – 1980
Might be considered the greatest Sport Comedy of all time, and most put it up there for best Sports Movie of all time. He did avoid the sequel, so that might be a bonus- but I don’t have the major issues most do with Mason. The Original is just great- even though Maggie is the orginal wet blanket girlfreind.

National Lampoon’s Vacation – 1983

Just a classic. Funny thing is I have the DVD, and Chevy does one of the worst commentary tracks of all time. I don’t think he’s seen the movies since he shot them, and somethings he has no clue about. The movie though? Required watching.

I have not seen the Analyzed movies. I have them, but this is an era where Crytal just ruins movies for some reason.

Bedazzled – 2000

Just a great time waster. Elizabeth Hurley has rarely been hotter, and Branden Frazier might be at his comedic best. Ramis did good work here, with a fairly weak script.

Our final movie that I have not mentioned is a movie he Produced- Back to School. Next to Rappin Rodney- maybe his best work. Just an amazing powerhouse movie from a comedian that for some reason just never gets the love and respect he deserved from history. Take a look at this one sometime. HBO used to love this movie.

Rest in Peace, Mr Ramis.

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