7Pounds of Something: 2/24 edition

Welcome to 7PoS on a fun Monday. Monday

I had to work this weekend both days- and so I’m off on a Monday for the first time in a LONG time. So for once, Monday doesn’t suck.

First a few site updates. Zach has done some work on the overly, and there are a few holes to fill, but I hope you like it. If you need art work, you can find him here

Think I should have the Amazon banner up for you shortly, thank you for your support there, and the rest of the modules.

helixHave you been watching Helix? I had the intent of doing a weekly review on it, but it comes on Friday Night, and if the wife and I watched it on Saturday, since I work EACH AND EVERY SATURDAY, it might not get posted by Sunday- a normal day off. So Sorry. If you have not been watching the show, you need to catchup on it. We are in episode 8, or 13- and even though they have thrown in Jeri Ryan and the new SuperVillian, it just keeps getting better. I only have two issues with the series (Slight Spoilers)
1) Kinda thought that we were isolated, and half the hook of being at the pole is the isolation, so just when it seemed like the whole chessboard was in place- here comes a plane with a whole new bunch of soldiers, bosses and A-Holes. We get that fixed and here comes ANOTHER Plane (next ep) WTF?? We got dozens of people already, and most are either in quarantine or trapped in Level R.
2) There are plenty of times that the villains are alone. For some reason, they never say anything really important. Just not a thing.

But if you havn’t seen the show, you really need to watch it.

One thing that bothers me though. I get the feeling that we are going to end up with Species: The Arctic Season. I just have a nagging feeling we are going to endup with the whole corporation being an alien invasion.

Anyone watching the Combine? I’ll be honest with you, I kinda don’t care.

I feel I learn more watching LSU/Bama and games of that magnitude than I do watching some kid run around in pads. I’m not about to drag out the trope of the combine warrior or the guy that ran a 7.0 40 that ended up in the Hall of Fame. I can pull out tackles that shut down All-Americans and if that tackle got burned by a guy that just got cut by the Jags- then we have a problem. (Hello Glenn Dorsey) Do I know about the Guard coming from Iowa? Or the Tight End from Nevada? Nope. But I’ll tell you what. You give me ND and every team they played, and LSU and every team they played- and you get the rest of the country. I think I’ll be ok. Don’t think so? NFL Combine

2014 I get Stanford, FSU, UNC, Michigan and UL on Notre Dame’s schedule, plus the SEC? Yeah. I think I can find guys that will play on Sundays. So I’m not exactly going to spend all my free time watching guys run around in Spandex when only a half dozen are gonna see the Panthers Squad. Maybe its just me. I used to be really into the combine- but just can’t do it anymore.

So I’ve been watching movies 🙂

I’ve finally finished the Puppet Master Series. Not sure what to do next, might do the Prophecy Series with Walken, or the Hell-Raiser series. Hell-Raiser 2 is one of my favorite movies of all time. So I should have a bunch of reviews coming for you.

Sorry this Monday Post is coming so late, so I’ll cut it short. Have a great week.





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