Tony Stewart defends Danica against Petty

Tony Stewart is taking up for his girl. Before a live audience near Daytona International Speedway, Stewart told Performance Racing Network that he suggested to Danica that she challenge the Petty to a race, one on one.Danica Patrick

Richard Petty doesn’t have to answer to anyone about anything.

If he is not the GOAT of Nascar, he’s got a firm hand on the wheel of anyone that does. He STILL is NASCAR’s all-time leader in wins (200) and co-holder of the championships record (7),

Does Danica belong in Nascar?

Nascar is NOT like any other major sport. If I won Powerball last night, I could be a NASCAR Driver next year. I could NOT be a NFL QB, a NBA Center or a starting pitcher in the MLB. If I won several dozen powerballs I could, but lets be honest, the chances of me staying a year in NASCAR is a lot higher than finishing a game in the NFL at QB.

Don’t misunderstand me, NASCAR drivers are talented and hard working people. But the fact remains that I can buy a team and I can buy a spot in Nascar. So the question does she belong is moot. If someone is willing to drop enough cash then Katy Perry can drive in Nascar.

Can she be successful?

Thats the question. That’s the problem.

There are DOZENS of Drivers in NASCAR that will never win a race. Ever. Like Petty said they would have to drive by themselves to win a major race. NASCAR drivers have to have excellent vision, reflexes and stamina to turn left for hours and do it without hitting the wall, each other, so much they destroy thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

Petty is 76.

To even suggest that Petty could compete with a modern day race car driver, much less in a current NASCAR veichle, actually does more damage to his sport than Petty does. I don’t think Danica is exactly driving lesser quality cars than anyone else is, so his complaint about Petty having an advantage actually hurts his case, since Danica is playing on as level a feild for top tier drivers than ever.

So is Danica a good driver?

Of course?

Is she a top tier driver?Richard Petty

She has 1 top 10 finish in 46 races in NASCAR
She had 7 top-10 finishes in four seasons in the Nationwide Series.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Tony, by the way has less than a quarter of wins that the old man does. I think he knows a bit more about WINNING racing than Tony does.

I wonder if Tony would take the race if Petty challenged him to a race on a dirt track driving two 61 Ford Falcons with a manual three on a tree?

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