Movie Review: The Lego Movie

I’ll be honest, my kids dragged me to this movie. I really wasn’t that enthused, but my sons love Lego, and I just knew I was gonna have to see this movie. Ended up with an opportunity to see it opening night! The theater was about a third full, so I was a bit worried about the quality- of course, looking back this may mean I just got lucky.Lego Movie

We start out with the Wizard looking to hide a “Superweapon” the Kragle from an evil Warlord- Thats a nogo, and he’s beaten easily. Lord Business takes the Kragle, as the dying Wizard says someone called The Special will find the Piece of Resistance and it will stop the Kragle.

Just an excellent opening.

8 (and a half) years later we get to see Emmet, who is just an ordinary construction worker- on the face its a pretty normal opening day, with a lot of Lego-ish movements (The brushing the hair, taking a shower of clear lego blocks) that has to be just showing off for the animators. Its impressive, its funny and it just absorbs you in the movie, but If you have read 1984 and half a dozen other books, you kinda get a feeling about him going down a manual and it dictating everything he has to do when getting up in proper sequence.

Then we get the song.

That damn song.

Its funny, its catchy, and even sitting in the movies- I know the kids are gonna be singing it for the next month. I have a 6 year old and its GONNA KILL ME. Of course, its not bad- but still. More animators showing off.

As the crew is leaving, Emmet sees someone picking around the construction site. He goes to warn them, and its the HOT CHICK. Its struck Stupid, and falls down a hole. She tries to save him, but he wanders around and comes across an odd smooth box. He feels compelled to touch it, and passes out.

He wakes up with the box stuck to his back in the police station. Bad Cop is asking him lots of questions, and his head spins around to reveal Good Cop, who wants to be his friend. Emmet honestly has no clue whats going on, but Cop doesn’t believe him. In good Super Villain taste, its revealed that the Kragle will destroy the world.

The girl from earlier busts in and rescues Emmet, and we learn she is Wyldstyle, and she’s part of the resistance to Lord Business. Then we get possibly the greatest car chase involving Legos of all time. She escapes to another Lego World (excellent concept) and meets up with another old dude- who is also blind. Apparently there are some Lego People that are “Master Builders” who can just build stuff without Manuals and random parts. We get a backstory on Lord Business. Many Master Builders are gone or in hiding, waiting for the arrival of the “Special” and now that Emmet is here, the war can begin. Emmet, unfortunately has no clue how to build anything.Lord Business

Bad Cop tracks down the trio, and who should arrive? BATMAN! Who takes them to another LegoWorld, and a meeting of all the Master Builders! How to know if you are a Master Builder? Be a playable character in a game, or the figure in a LegoWorld set that costs more than 20 bucks. Lots of Cameos here as figures pop up. Emmet is unable to inspire them as his idea of a double-decker couch crushes all hope and Spirit. One Master Builder describes the last time they attacked Lord Business, and the people they lost.

Bad Cop attacks and a few Master builders make a submarine to escape- giving us the best line of the Movie- Batman: I only work in black and sometimes very, very dark grey”  That just killed the crowd. The Sub starts to break apart, and Bad Cop leaves with the captured Master Builders, thinking the rest are destroyed. The Double Decker Couch pops up, and a few of the Master Builders are hidden inside. Emmet says thay the Builders inability to work around is why they lost the first time.

Bad Cop comes back to Lord Buisiness, who is ticked that he did not get the Piece. The explains his plan of Taco Tuesday and erases Good Cop, leaving only BAD COP, who is forced to be a bad guy forever.

So the uncreative Emmet is trying to come up with a plan, Bad Cop is a step ahead of them, and most of the Master Builders are gone- but this is LegoWorld- so hope is alive. Wyldstyle admits that her relationship with Batman isn’t great, and she was angry at Emmet because she wanted to be the Special. He says its ok, they are all special.

So how was this movie?

In a word? Excellent. I loved this movie. It was like a Pixar movie, where there were times that the kids laughed and the parents were quiet, and times when older people laughed and the kids were silent. Of course there were times when everyone laughed.

The animation was great. They got to show off and it showed. The people behind this movie were not in the real world and they simply didn’t care.


There is very few area’s to Nit-Pick, and they are all spolier-filled, so you’ll have to look for that next, but let me just say this is a SOLID 10. I’ll be looking for this on DVD, and I’m sure my kids will drag me to the sequel, and this time, I will not be dragging my feet.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Spoilers Shead

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