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1) Over this past weekend I spied this little piece in the middle pages of the NYDN about Paul McCartney… yes, that Paul McCartney… and how he started having his hair dyed at a place called the Guy Thomas Salon in 2004. However, very recently, Guy McCartneyThomas, obviously the owner and manager of the aforementioned business, was hearing from customers who were asking him about the “cute” Beatle’s crappy dye job of late and Thomas felt he just had to issue a statement disavowing anything to do with Paul’s head mess. Seems Paul no longer goes to the Thomas salon.Thomas said Paul stopped coming there because his peeps busted balls for the formula and after going back and forth with them he finally relented and just gave them the formula and Paul stopped coming to his establishment. And, he said he assumes someone in Paul’s camp does the dye job and is doing a shoddy job.

When Paul’s reps were asked what the story was they declined to make a statement. However, Paul, himself, did release a comment, the gist of which said: “…but let’s face it, if I want to dye my hair pink, that’s up to me and no one else.”

And, ya’ll know what? He is entirely right… so, I don’t know what the crap is all about but seems to me some peeps are making an issue of some stuff here where there should be no issue.

Guess it was a slow news day and it was time to give someone their 15 minutes of fame, eh? In Sir Paul’s own words… “Let it be…”

2) A couple of things that probably bother me and only me…

a) My co-worker is the lead person at our site and has the unfortunate task of filling out reports for our big boss in NJ… She sets deadlines for the reports but then turns around when he submits the reports by the deadline and asks him why he is always the last one to turn in  his monthly reports…. Ummmm…  what part of deadline does she not understand? You tell someone that something is due by a certain date then that someone has until that date to deliver it. You want the damn report earlier, then, set an earlier deadline… no?

b) Facebook has a like button… but, how come it does not have a dis-like button?  I can’t count the times some dumbass said something… well… dumbass.. and I wanted so much to dis-like the comment. But, I can’t… because, there ain’t no damn dis-like button… I don’t wanna make a comment because then I would only dignify the dumbass’ comment.  Besides would the dumbass even understand my comment on his dumbass commnet?

Doubt it.

Facebook needs a dis-like button.

3) Yesterday (2/18) various new sources reported that a Pennsylvania fracking well owned by Chevron Appalachia, a division of Chevron Corporation, had recently exploded (2/11) resulting in an enormous fire that raged on for 5 days. And while the fire ragedfrackingexplosion on, certain reports emanated from various sources that said the fire was not “dangerous” to anyone in the area. My bad… I’m sorry I am wrong… two fracking wells exploded and burned for 5 days…  Sorry for my misinformation.

Anyway… Let’s forget for a moment that a fire burning for days wouldn’t be emitting any noxious fumes, vapors, or gases and just think about the fact that a major oil company drilling… or fracking… for natural gas in, or around, a tiny rural area in Pennsy resulted in such a terrible event…

Oh… And, let’s forget a man has been seriously injured and another is presumed dead… they can’t find the body…

And, by the way… Let’s also forget for the moment that both wells still spew natural gas into the air… and, let’s forget that Chevron was given special dispensation by the Pennsy government to take about a million gallons from a nearby creek to use to put out any periphery fires that might flare up from leaking gas as well as for pouring over the well heads to “help minimize any potential re-ignition” and that, that water would then sink back into the local groundwater supply… and, then let’s forget that in the six years, or so, that the fracking industry has been growing in Southwest Pennsy it appears that wells are leaking chemicals, such as benzene (a known cancer and birth defect producer) as well as phenol and hippuric acid into the local water supply and that the peeps who live in the area are complaining of sores on their bodies as well as their pets and livestock andddd… of being dizzy and having headaches…

Let’s forget all that stuff and just settle in on the event of the explosions, themselves; how they probably scared the bejesus out of the citizens of Bobtown, PA, a tiny coal town 50 miles south of Pittsburgh… What would that be worth to them people? I mean, what should a major oil company, that made a $21 billion profit in 2013, do for the traumatized folks of the town that lived near the explosions?

How about a large pizza and a 2 liter bottle of soda?

Because that’s what Chevron did… they delivered a note to those folks that was dated Chevron gift certificateSunday (2/16) that said “… Chevron recognizes the effect this has had on the community.  We value being a responsible member of this community and will continue to strive to achievepizza incident-free operations.  We are committed to taking action to safeguard our neighbors, our employees, our contractors and the environment…”

And, with that note was a handwritten gift certificate to Bobtown Pizza. Which entitled the bearer to get a “special combo only” and had to be redeemed by May 1, 2014.

Again… Chevron only made about $21 billion in 2013.  Yes, it was down from 26.2 billion in 2012.

So, I reckon it would too much to expect them to let the folks get a pizza of their choice… even maybe two pies. Just plain cheese because big corporations like Chevron do need to watch the profits for its shareholders, after all.

And, oh yeah, Chevron also established a special hotline so folks could call and tell Chevron how pissed off they were… not they promised anything would result from the calls… just that peeps could vent.

FYI:  In 2012 Chevron dropped $2.5 million with the Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC to elect House Republicans.

The bulk of Chevron’s federal contributions came from the super PAC donation, for a total of $3.87 million for the 2012 cycle.

Chevron spent $9.55 million lobbying Congress in 2012, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Chevron paid 19 percent U.S. taxes last year (half of the top corporate tax rate of 35 percent), and received an estimated $700 million in annual tax breaks in 2011.

Chevron was fined $1 million for a refinery fire that sent 15,000 Richmond, California residents to the hospital. Though the company faces $10 million in medical expenses, Chevron earns it back in a couple of hours.

Writers note: I have nothing against finding sources for energy from whatever sources there are in any method that is needed… natural gas, oil, nuclear, water, wind, etc… as long as it is done with the utmost adherence to the safety and health of any and all citizens of whatever geographical area is to be effected.

4) And while we are on the subject of pizza… In today’s NYDN (2/19) there is a debate on whether deep dish pizza is, in fact, pizza.

In this corner… Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Jon Stewart….

Scalia (left) & Burke
Scalia (left) & Burke

And, in this corner, the guy with the mid-west twang… Emmett Burke…

Seems that just yesterday (2/18), Scalia went on record as saying that Chicago-style pizza is “… very tasty, but… it shouldn’t be called ‘pizza.’”… Stewart is on reocrd as saying “It’s a fucking casserole…  tomato sauce in a bread bowl.”

But Burke, a Midwestern transplant who last year opened a pizza joint in the Greenwich Village area of Manhattan (to decent reviews) says his Chicago-style deep dish is better and is challenging Scalia to put his mouth where the pizza is by suggesting the jurist bring his favorite New York pizza and he’ll bring his and then letting Stewart taste it.”

Okay… It’s my column and I’ll write it how I want to… Pizza is to be thin crust, with a damn good non-chunky tomato sauce… cheese if you want it… toppings limited to sausage, meatball, pepperoni, clams, mushrooms and bacon… and baked in a wood or a coal fired oven… Case closed; I have spoken…

Ya wanna taste freaking damn good pizza.. come to Connecticut and I’ll  take you to Modern Pizza and then Frank Pepes in New Haven… fergeddabouddit…



5) I’m gonna make this short and not so sweet as I can make it…

Michael Dunn, a white man, had just attended his son’s wedding when a shooting incident took place. He got into a verbal dispute with a young black kid, Jordan Davis (17), and three of his friends… also black teens. Dunn told the teens that the “thug music” blaring from their vehicle was too damn loud.

Dunn, who had a concealed weapon permit, pulled out his handgun and fired 10 shots into the teens vehicle; he drove away, returned to his hotel and placed an order for pizza.  He said he fired in self defense when he saw a sawed off shotgun appear through the window of the vehicle.

Three bullets hit Davis, killing him.

No weapons were ever recovered and witnesses reported seeing no guns drawn.

The trial caught folks’ attention because it had similarities to the controversial George Zimmerman case, which ended in an acquittal, and was focused on Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

Dunn was just recently convicted on three counts of attempted murder and one charge of firing a weapon into a vehicle.  On a charge of murder… the margin in the jury room was 9 to 3 in favor of convicting Dunn of murder, but, that also meant a mistrial on that charge.

Dunn faces 60 years in jail at his sentencing next month.

Dunn says he will appeal. The Florida prosecutors’ office says they will retry the murder charge.

Juror #4 (left) Jordan Davis(center), Davis' parents, & Michael Dunn (right)
Juror #4 (left) Jordan Davis(center), Davis’ parents, & Michael Dunn (right)

Here is my take: Every state that, as far as I know, has laws that already govern the rights of a person to use deadly force to protect themselves if they feel their life is in mortal danger. Most, if not all, the state laws governing self defense strongly suggest, if not outright say, that if you can flee, then you should do so. But, if, there is no alternative, you have the right to use deadly force to protect yourself.

Why, then, are “Stand Your Ground” laws even necessary?

And, then what the hell gives Dunn the right to walk up and threaten anyone over loud music… because he don’t like the music is that why? It’s “gangsta” or “thug”? Give me a fucking break… If it’s that damn loud… call 911.

In my opinion, he got what he deserved… conviction…

I am tired of peeps taking the law into their own hands over stupid shit… wearing a hoodie and looking suspicious… loud music.  These are not examples of imminent peril. Sorry.

6) Now, ya’ll wanna know what imminent peril or danger is? And, when deadly force is allowed?

On Detroit’s west side, a trio of armed teen thugs came and tried to rob a house. A woman inside the house, with children, said not in my house… she locked and loaded a rifle. She told the thugs that she was armed and ready.

All of it was caught on a surveillance camera.detroit20n-4-web

First, the three try to kick down her front door. She tells them she has a gun. They challenge her: “No you don’t have a gun.” She shoots.

Then one of the teens, armed with a handgun, tries his luck again and rushes the door. She fires more shots; right at him. He turns tail and runs.

The woman, told WXYZ Detroit that she “didn’t have time to get scared…” and needed to protect her children. She also added, “I wasn’t feeling anything… I got scared afterward.”

No one was hurt in the incident, and cops arrested the three suspects soon afterwards… as far as I know, the woman is not even under an investigation. And, that is how it should be…

That is imminent danger and when you have the right to use deadly force.


Finland hockey team
Finland hockey team

7) This just in… Finland has eliminated Russia from the Olympic men’s hockey tournament with a 3-1 victory today (2/19) ending the Russians’ hopes of winning gold at home.

Teemu Selanne scored an early goal and Tuukka Rask made 37 saves as Finland crushed the Russians’ dreams of winning in front of their own fans.

That is now no Russian gold in the last 22 years.

Think Vladimir Putin had a hard on before for how stuff was going down in Sochi?

Katie bar the door… he now gone be way pissed.


8) So ya’ll heard that there is major noise about raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

Now, the Congressional Budget Office says it would improve the earnings of 16.5 million Americans, and lift nearly a million people out of poverty because…  it would mean $5 billion a year more in income for families now living below the federal poverty line, and it would bring $12 million a year to families living not far above that level.

But the analysis, by the Congressional Budget Office, also projected a downside… the potential loss of 500,000 jobs, many held by low-income workers.

Guess what point the elephants harped on and which point the donkeys harped on. higher-minimum-wage-affect-jobs

This shit just keeps on going and going and going just like that damn energizer bunny.

9) I read today (2/19) how a  semi-professional wrestler, Bruce Santee, in Florida was arrested  because he went on Facebook and offered $100 to anyone who would kill a police officer for him.

prowrestlerThe dunce was booked on a felony charge this past Monday (2/17).

So why did he post the reward? Seems the jerk was reacting to a disagreement he had with a cop after a vehicle he was riding in was pulled over on Sunday.

Santee turned himself into police and apologized to detectives for what he did. He told cops “’I was stupid, I was drunk. I posted something I shouldn’t have.”

Okay… all of this is really dumbass stuff.. BUT… $100 freaking dollars? You expect someone to go and take out a person… forget that its even a damn cop… a person for $100???

Ya’ll is dumber than dumb and a cheap ass, too.

10) and for the gratitious pictures of the week… catrinel_menghia_hot_woman_1920x1200catrinelmenghianov4big





I give you Catrinel Menghia…















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