The NBA Roundtable: 2/19 Edition!

Welcome to the NBA Roundtable! This week we put a bow on the All-Star game, talk Adam Silver and Look Ma! No Expansion! We have Zach and David going ONE on ONE!

If you could add an event to the All-Star game, what would it be?All Star 2014

Zach: I would like to see more 1 on 1 events. I think if you had Lebron and Kevin Durant square up, that’d be a big seller.
David: I’d like to see a one on one tournament, I know we are never going to see the stars play, lets be honest, one knee knock and the entire all-star game may go away, but Lin vs Jennings vs Teague vs Lawson? Then the next year we get forwards? I’d pay good money to see a game of 21 with Bosh, Boozer, Omar and the Cousins.

Who has been the best coaching hire this year?

Zach: Steve Clifford, Charlotte. With the help from some new blood, this guy has turned around a horrible franchise and has them in the hunt for the playoffs. It’s no surprise that he did so well, considering his background, but hats off to Mr. Clifford for the job he’s done with such a young team this season. A close second would be Jason Kidd WITHOUT the help of Lawrence Frank.
David: This is odd. The Suns guy picking the Carolina guy and the Carolina guy picking the Suns coach. Where am I?

How many retirements are the Nets going to see this offseason?Brooklyn Nets

Zach: I don’t think any. I simply think they will all see this year as a transition year and will look to come back healthy and strong next year. Maybe next year they will consider it.
David: I don’t see any either- there are rumors there could be as many as 4, but I just don’t see it.

What is the perfect number of NBA Teams? How would you go about changing the 6×5 arrangement if your answer is not 30?

Zach: I think 32 would satisfy the number of teams, with another team in Seattle, and I would actually add a club in St. Louis of all places. With that said, if you followed suit and organized the divisions geographically, then I think four divisions of four would be a nice addition.
David: 4×4 is 16, That would be interesting, Zach. I would rather see them drop 2 teams, to be honest with you. You have SUCH a hard time getting superstars in certain cities, and with players today not caring about building around themselves and combining, then its going to get harder. Contraction is never going to happen, but it’s almost rather see 2 less rather than 2 more. 30 might be perfect, sorry Seattle, Milwaukee, Cowtown, St Louis, Utah, New Orleans, etc

Adam Silver has said that the NBA is not going to expand anytime soon, how would you solve the Seattle Issue?Seattle Sonics

Zach: Seattle definitely needs a team back. That is a basketball town and it needs to have NBA representation. Commish. Silver may not be expanding anytime soon, but you need a team in Seattle. As mentioned above, I would also be interested to see a team in St. Louis. I feel there is a big gap between Oklahoma City and Chicago that could use an NBA fan-base.
David: Our problem here is Seattle wasn’t exactly selling out during the lean years- During the Kemp/Peyton run, yes it was rocking and rolling, but lets be honest, with that team- you could have played in the JerryDome and sold out and been loud. I would let it go. The NFL has been just fine with the NFL (haven’t seen them on any telethons) and the NBA has been ok without Seattle. Eventually some old fart is going to die, or some company is going to sell the team, and they will be moved

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  1. I disagree with you on the Nets question. I can see KG walking away pretty easily. He looks done, and he sounds it too.

    KG walking away, would make it easy for Pierce to leave as well. Either out to LA for one last hurrah in his hometown, or back to Boston for a one-off.

  2. I can see KG bouncing around a few years- not really chasing a ring, but playing just because he loves to play. Coming to San Antonio on a small deal for a year to play for Pops? Going to the Clips to try and help Doc?

  3. To me he looks finished, but I hear what you’re saying. I don’t know about a few years though. Let’s be honest with ourselves. He’s 38 in May, and currently playing his 18th season. He doesn’t play back to back games, and is really only effective in short stretches.

    IF he doesn’t retire I could see him going ONE more year.

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