Steve Blake traded to the Warriors

Steve BlakeOn Wednesday, the Los Angeles Lakers finally made a trade….but it wasn’t Pau Gasol like many thought. Steve Blake was dealt to the Golden State Warriors for Marshon Brooks and Kent Bazemore. All three players included in the deal will be free agents come July.

Steve Blake was having one of his better seasons averaging 9.5 points per game and a career high 7.6 assists per game in Mike D’Antoni’s point guard-centric offense.

“Real mixed emotions,” Blake, 33, told the LA Times. “The hardest thing is for my family, really. I’ve got a wife and three little kids and now I’m going to have to spend four months probably away from them.”

Brooks, 25, is in his third season but will be playing for his fourth team since entering the League. His best season was his rookie season when he averaged 12.6ppg and 3.6 rebounds per game with the New Jersey Nets. Bazemore, 24, is in his second season and averaging just 2.3ppg this season.

The trade saves the Lakers 1 million in salary and close to 3 million in luxury tax savings as they try to avoid paying the lux tax that gets worse each season they are over it.

Don’t think the Lakers are done. Brooklyn has expressed serious interest in Jordan Hill and they traded Reggie Evans and Jason Terry to Sacramento earlier on Wednesday for Marcus Thornton. And it’s still possible the Lakers trade Gasol.

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  1. Lakers had nothing to lose with this deal. Sucks for Blake that his family was forced into a 4 month separation but for LA, if you can save money and take a couple month flier on Marshon Brooks, why not? Nice move for GS too, really.

    Enjoyed this well-written article.

  2. The way Blake and his wife were talking about it, you would think he was traded to Orlando. I mean, it’s less than an hour flight from Oakland, and a 4-5 hour drive. He’s still in the state, so he needed to be quiet with all of the “leaving his family” anxiety.

    As far as the trade is concerned, the winner here is clearly Golden State, but with the Lakers in an obvious tank mode it wouldn’t hurt to see what Bazemore and Brooks can do. If they can gel with D’Antoni’s system, they can be brought back cheapl for next season.

  3. Ever notice how guys that are really really good rarely get traded? Maybe if Blake was a top . . .oh 100 player, he would have been shipped out?

    Don’t like it- retire. GST is a playoff team and I’m sure they don’t like the though of him wanting to go home because he misses his blankie in LA.

  4. And, excuse me… how much does he get paid for being away for those four months? Like you said .. he can always retire if he don’t like cashing them checks.

    Hmmm… criminal justice major, not sure if he has a degree… that enables you to be what? A cop? A prison guard? A parole officer? … maybe making 45 grand a year? Go for it, Stevie…

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