Puppet Master: The Legacy


Thats all I can Say about this movie. How on earth do you in good faith put this film out? You didn’t get a spoiler warning last time- and there isn’t one here since YOU HAVE ALREADY SEEN THIS MOVIE.Puppet Master Legacy

Seriously. This is like a clip show that sitcoms do when they get bored. Its NOTHING BUT A REHASH.

Ok, I’m just going to link the clips- since they didn’t care, why should I?

So the movie starts out well enough, with a nice looking lady reading Toulons Diary, and wanting to know the secret, she’s reading into a tape recorder, and says there is nothing there- as the diary starts to burn, and then she leaves, and attacks this old dude (Eric) sitting in a room with Blade and Pinhead. She threatens Eric for the Secret to making Puppets. He swears he knows nothing, but finds a tape recorder. Toulon starts talking about the history of the puppets and getting the secret from Egypt.

Back to the basement, and Eric says he was the kid from Puppet Master III!  Maclain gets tired of his denials and shoots Eric. She claims that Toulon might have been a hero to him, but the puppets killed people (Part 1) and Eric claims that they only killed people who deserved to die, Maclain counters with Part II! So they go back and forth over it.

Recording number 2 starts and we get stories about the War with Sutekh. (Parts 4 and 5 ) Maclain says she knows all about Rick, since she got the diary from him, and dropped 4 rounds into him to get it. There is one more recording, and its Toulon after his “supposed death” (WHA???) and how some people don’t know if the secret is a gift or a curse- and we get to see TANK in all his glory!

Time out. How does Mr Magoo get the puppets at an auction if Rick is still alive? How come Decapitron wasn’t there at the puppet show?

I need 2 actors with a free lunch hour. You two busy?
I need 2 actors with a free lunch hour.    You two busy?

Ok, back to the movie. Pinhead throws a hammer at the girl, she drops the gun, and Eric shoots her in the boob, for some reason she has no problem talking or breathing, and explains that she didn’t want to make more puppets, but the kill the ones out there- to set their spirits free. Uh, there was 4 of them in the room (Six-Shooter and Blade are there too) and she could have killed them then and there.

She says that the Puppets are in agony having to serve the Puppet Master- and Eric turns and shoots at . . .something.

So Yeah- that was quick. So is Toulon evil or good? Are the puppets evil or good, can they think for themselves? Does this movie suck? Who are “They” and is one of them Sutekh? What is up with the Egyptian Puppet?

I am answer only one of these question.

I’m giving this a ZERO.

There are NO new Puppet Kills in this one.

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