Missouri Execution Postponed: State loses Man-Card

I know I know, WTF is normally Joe’s doing, and lord knows I don’t even want to walk into that chipper that is his Brain.

But seeing this, I just had to say to myself


Ok. Lets review the Facts.

Michael TaylorThis is Michael Taylor.

This man kidnapped, raped and stabbed to death a 15 year old girl in Kansas City in 1989.

He has never recanted.

He pleaded Guilty to this crime.

Here are the case facts from Murderpedia. (WARNING)

After using drugs, Roderick Nunley and Michael Taylor stole a car. While driving the car, the two men spotted a fifteen-year old girl waiting for her school bus.

Taylor allegedly stated he wanted to steal the girl’s purse, and Nunley, who was driving, stopped the car. Taylor spoke to the girl and then grabbed her and forced her into the car. Nunley then drove to his mother’s house.

The girl was taken out of the car and forced to crawl down to the basement. Taylor then raped the girl. At some point, Nunley gave Taylor some lubricant to facilitate the forced sexual intercourse. After the assault, the two men forced the girl into the trunk of the stolen car and tied her up.

After Taylor stated he was afraid the girl would identify him, the two men decided to kill the girl. Nunley retrieved two knives from the kitchen and both men stabbed the girl. Nunley knew the girl was going to die from her wounds. (The former county medical examiner testified the victim was stabbed ten times and she died approximately thirty minutes later.)

The men drove to a nearby neighborhood and parked the car, leaving the girl in the trunk. Nunley gave a videotaped confession to the police.

Taylor has never, EVER disputed these case facts.

I am in favor of the death penalty. I understand not wanting to kill innocent people for crimes they did not commit, but there is NO reason for this man to be breathing good oxygen.

Thankfully, the State of Missouri was able to find 12 people that were able to put down their issues of Cosmo long enough to decide yes, this man needs to be put down.

So whats the Problem?

An Oklahoma Pharmacy has agreed to not supply the lethal chemicals needed for the criminal to die “Humanely” Today a hearing is being held to figure out what to do next.

So lets see. Girl gets pulled out of a school bus stop. Is tied up, raped, stabbed TEN TIMES and left to bleed to death in the trunk of a car. Yet apparently this pharmacy has a problem making the drugs needed to put these animals die.

Oh, to present both sides- Let me explain why. Several convicts that have died under this cocktail, had felt burning feelings over their body and some have shown to be in pain while dying. Death Penalty

How much pain do you think bleeding to death is while lying in a trunk, I wonder? None of the convicts lived more than a few minutes with the burning sensation- none even CLOSE to 20 minutes that Ann (the victim) had to endure before dying.

I wonder, has Smith and Wesson stopped making bullets?

I can buy MILES of rope at any Wal-Mart, Target and Truckers Stops.

Get a grip Missouri. Show some balls, and end this sumbitch and his buddy who is coming up as well. These are CONVICTED FELONS, who knows if they are even telling the truth about the pain- THEY ARE DYING. Its not like the lawers wont tell them to do it to maybe save some people down the line from “inhumane” treatment. How about putting him and his buddy in a room, let them stab each other 10 times and see how humane that is, if they live more than 20 minutes, then we give them the injection. You can even give them some crack to make them relive the experience.

I could care less about the “burning” they feel, maybe thats just Hell welcoming them early.


ann-harrisonAnn Harrison age 15

If you are in Oklahoma, make sure you drop by the Shoppe and let them know just how proud you are of them.Cowards


Apothecary Shoppe

510 N Elm Pl, Broken Arrow, OK 74012

(918) 449-9988


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  1. Cut and dried… he did it? Then screw him. Sorry, but somebody that cold blooded and evil needs to be gone from this earth.

    As far as humane execution… lets see it took her 30 minutes to bleed to death.. then five minutes of any type of pain is humane in my opinion… He’s getting more mercy than he gave, in my opinion.

  2. Okay, first of all, I agree, time to end this sumbitch’s life. Second, why does this all fall back on Oklahoma? Is there some law that says only Oklahoma can make the drugs required for the use in Missouri? That part I do not understand.

    Oklahoma does make the pentobarbital used in most lethal injection excecutions these days but there are other providers as well.

    I have a couple boxes of 9mm I will donate if they have a fund site.

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