7pounds of Something: 2/17 Edition

Howdy people.Monday

Welcome to monday.

To me, monday does not deserve to be capitalized.

Its also Presidents day, so the kids are out of school, but of course I’m still working, like most people on second-tier holidays.

Figured I’d take this time to update a few things site-wize, talk a little Wichita, and the UFC. Enjoy.

We are doing pretty well in eyeballs, so I’m hoping you all are enjoying what everyone else is doing here-since I know no-one likes my crap. We do have the Roost App here for you iThis/iThat people. Also works for Android, if you roll that way.Sally Field

Also we are doing a few new things with the Facebook page, we quit the Picture of the Day a while back, but I’m still doing them on the page, and of course, we try and update everything there.

Twitter. I still have problems with what to do there. I have a hard time posting drivel, and I don’t want it to be link after link after link. So just for fun, I’ve got a list of goofy holidays and I’ve been sending those out daily. I’m also going to throw other pithy comments up there, don’t forget we have other writers on twitter, and those are on the About Us page.

I have noticed that our traffic really doesn’t drop on the weekends since football stopped. I personally have been stashing articles ready to go until the week, if we need a bit of content- but I think ill start using some of them on the weekends since some of you are visiting us, and since I’ve let the site front page show a ton, hopefully you won’t fall too far behind if you take a few days away from the internet.

Few Sports Takes.

Lets calm down on the Wichita State thing ok?Wichita

Yes they are undefeated, but come on people- they are sitting at 104 in strength of schedule, and I’d be ok if they were blowing teams out, but they are 108 in PPG and 138 in Field Goal percentage. Closest game has been Alabama- rolling at 10-15 this year. I’ll say it right now, they are going to lose before the elite 8. Don’t be stunned if they don’t make it out of the first round. I am SURE that the Committee will give them favorable matchups, just for TV reasons- so expect to see a mid-level SEC team and some at large get the 8-9 spots just to make sure they see weekend 2. Might even get a steady diet of Big 10 teams in that bracket, since the Shockers do one thing really well. Rebound. If you can dominate the boards, you can win the Big 10. Expect them to be kept FAR away from the Catholic league, Pac 10 and the ACC.


The UFC has got a major problem on its hands. The PPV revenue is declining, and I have to think neither party is happy with the FOX

Top Draw in the UFC?
Top Draw in the UFC?

ratings, and he has no cash cows like GSP left. GSP might be the last guy that is a solid 800K buy if they were fighting me. Sonnen might be the top draw- and thats just not good long term. The Masses have no clue how awesome Aldo is, and the UFC needs Weidman to be a star- the problem is, his next 2 challengers, if he gets past Belfort- a HUGE If, might be Machida and Jacare. Jacare, if he spoke english, might be a star- but the UFC has to be happy Jon Jones is ruling the roost at 205 and the Machida era was short.

What is Dana to do? Keep throwing cards out there that only matter to 300K people, and hope he strikes lightning with someone. Lets also keep in mind Dana is thinking GLOBAL. Since FOX will give him time on FS1 whenever he needs it, he can run a card anywhere in the world and get it in the US, and heaven help anyone start putting together a 5 fight winning streak killin fools on Fight Night. He can easily find himself 3rd from the top on FOX. I love me some fighters but lets be honest, you are never gonna see a million buys with 90% of the roster the UFC has right now. The UFC needs new blood- and sadly its coming from Brazil more than anywhere else.

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