The Blog About Nothing 2/14 (Valentine’s Day) Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day world! It’s me EJ, here with a Valentine’s Day edition of The Blog About Nothing. I bring you love. I bring you that good love. This week I’ll talk a little NBA All-Star Weekend, Derek Jeter calling it quits, and a lady that I think is a bit cute: Danica Patrick. Let’s do this!

Today may be Valentine’s Day, but for me it’s the start of NBA All-Star Weekend. I love NBA All-Star Weekend. Starting tonight with the Celebrity game, and the Futures game (the old Rookie vs. Sophomores game), all the way through the main event on Sunday, this is the weekend of sports that I love. Love love love! The Celebrity Game is the highlight for me. Why? Although the celebrities play horrible basketball, they play entertaining basketball. Kevin Hart, who is going for three straight MVP awards, is a clown. Straight up clown! He makes the game more entertaining for me, and I laugh when he trash talks the other celebs. The Futures game tonight is also a good look. Despite the last two draft classes not yielding big stars, you do get to see some talented players on the court such as Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers and Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Hornets. New Orleans, the hosts of the game, should be proud of Anthony Davis who is quietly putting together a solid campaign in his 2nd year.

As much as I love tonight, the highlight for many this weekend is the Saturday night festivities. The night ends with the Slam Dunk contest, but it also features the 3 Point Shootout, the Skills competition, and a 3 man shooting competition. Saturday night is all about individual skills. I watch it all, but the highlight for me is definitely the dunk competition and for the first time since 1988, the Slam Dunk event will have 3 participating NBA All Stars. John Wall of the Wizards, Lillard, and Paul George of the Pacers will all be going after Toronto Raptors guard Terrence Ross’ crown. The addition of these stars should bring some more shine to an event that has been losing luster the past few years.

Finally, the big show on Sunday Night: the All-Star Game. I have to be honest. I have barely watched the All-Star Game in recent years. That’s usually because it went against other television shows that I watch on Sunday night (typically one of the award winning HBO programs), or because I’m an early sleeper, I’d turn the game off at a certain point to get enough sleep for work in the morning. However, this year I have no such barrier. The next day, President’s Day, is a day off from work for me, and none of the HBO shows that I watch (Boardwalk Empire or Game of Thrones in recent years) is on right now. So I have enough time to watch the beasts from the West take on the (L)Eastern conference. The East is weak and have been beaten by the West the past 3 years. However, as much as the talent (and the records prove it) has swung to the West the game is usually an exhibition for the first half and a tightly played contest towards the end. I think the West will win it, and I’ll go with Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers as your MVP. I expect Chris to feed his teammates and do just enough scoring to lift the hardware at the end of the night.

Someone who did a lot of scoring, on and off the field, is New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter. Jeter, could put together his own All-Star team of the celebrities he’s bedded. He’s gotten around, and in this his 20th, and now last Major League Baseball season, he’ll get a farewell tour on the field and he may get some going away love off of it too. Yup, Captain Jeter is calling it quits. The Yankees shortstop has put together a Hall of Fame career and his pinstriped number 2 jersey has become iconic. Derek Jeter arguably became the face of Major League Baseball during this steroid era that saw all of the other big names torn down due to steroid usage. Jeter has been clean, and he’s been a model of professionalism throughout. His game has suffered in recent years due to injury, but his impact on the franchise has been steady. He’s a leader on and off the field, and a pillar in the community. The Yankees may be able to replace him at shortstop, but they won’t be able to replace the cultural impact of Derek Jeter. Farewell O Captain. Farewell.

I’d like to send NASCAR driver Danica Patrick a Valentine. A woman that loves to drive fast, and have some swag to her is a woman after my own heart. Danica may have had a rough start to her NASCAR career, but I like her. She’s cute to me, and I feel sorry for her that NASCAR king Richard Petty has been giving her a hard time lately. Petty, the driver of the iconic 43 car, stated that the only way Danica can win a race is if the other drivers stayed home. I found that to be pretty mean, and petty on Petty’s part. Some people may just see NASCAR as cars driving fast in a circle, but NASCAR and auto racing in general, is a game of strategy. There are 43 cars out there, and you need to have a strong pit crew and racing strategy to win. Danica is no different from other drivers who don’t win regularly. Dale Earnhardt Jr., doesn’t win regularly but he doesn’t receive nearly as much slack for it.

Is it because Danica is a woman in a man’s sport? OK, that’s highly likely the reason but that’s unfair. Danica is the face of the team, but she’s not doing this alone. There is a whole team behind her. No, I’m not blaming her lack of wins, or of achievement solely on her team, but this isn’t a solo sport. She’s not like Anna Kournikova. Anna Kournikova, the beautiful Russian tennis star, received a lot of acclaim for her looks but she had nothing to show for it in the win column before she ultimately retired. Kournikova was alone out there. She alone determined if she won, and she couldn’t do it. Danica isn’t alone out there. For her sake I hope she gets some wins in the near future, but people like Petty just need to back off.

That’s it. I’m done. Happy Valentine’s Day once again. Hope you feel the love. Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting Peace.

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  1. Thanks. Took a page out of Joe’s book and posted a couple pics of some lovely ladies.

    Thought that would help on Valentine’s Day.

  2. As far as Richard Petty dissing Danica… Prejudice and chauvinism comes in all shapes and forms… but, regardless discrimination is discrimination and unacceptable. So like you already implied: Back off, Dick!

    Hmmm… I may use that for next Wednesday’s WTF…

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