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I submit for your perusal three player’s statistics. For player number one I threw out his first and last years, since, they essentially amounted to almost nothing and would do nothing except diminish his most relevant numbers. (Writers note: “diminish” in regards to yearly stat average.) In the interest of fair play, and just common sense, I did the same for the other two players and will note which seasons I deleted.

Player number one has played in MLB for 19 years; however, as mentioned previously, I threw out his first and last seasons. Over his career he has been on five World Series Championship teams; was a 13 time All-Star; 5 time Silver Slugger winner; 5 time Gold Glove winner; Rookie of the Year and won 1 World Series MVP.

In the 17 years that I considered his numbers, he averaged per year: 194 hits, 110 runs, 61 RBIs, 30 doubles, 44 walks and a slash line of .312/.381/.446

Player number two played for 24 years, but, I threw out the last four years of his career because just like number one they essentially did nothing except diminish his numbers. Over his career, he was on three World Series Championship teams, was a 17 time All-Star; 1 time Silver Slugger winner; 2 time Gold Glove winner; Rookie of the Year; won 1 NL MVP, won 1 World Series MVP; and was a 3 time leader in NL Batting Average.

In the 20 years I considered his numbers, he averaged per year: 199 hits, 102 runs, 60 RBIs, 36 doubles, 73 walks and a slash line of .303/.375/.409

Player number three played for 21 years and I threw out his first and last years for basically the same reasons I did for the first guy. But, I really hesitated to throw out three’s first year, because while it did diminish his numbers somewhat, some categories were still pretty damn good considering he played in a limited amount of games that year. Regardless, for the 19 years I did consider, he played on one World Series Championship team, and it must be noted that during this player’s career there were no awards for ROY, GG, SS, nor were there any All-Star teams selected.

In his 19 years that were considered he averaged per year: 173 hits, 89 runs, 88 RBIs, 33 doubles, 88 walks and a slash line of .328/.391/.467… and I need to make one additional notation: he also averaged 37 stolen bases and was a ML leader in that category 5 times.

Also, consider that player one, as far as I am aware, never played any position on the field except shortstop; player two actually never played short but did play every other non catcher, non pitcher, infield position as well as the outfield and player three played the majority of his career at short (13 years), and similar to player two, played every infield position including pitcher (two games) except for catcher.

Who do you think belongs in the Hall of Fame? And, are any of these three players first ballot material?

Would it surprise anyone that player three is considered by a lot of folks to be the best to ever play the shortstop position? And, was, in fact, one of the first five inductees into the Hall? Try Honus Wagner.  Honus Wagner

Player two should probably be in the Hall and he was actually selected to the Major League Baseball All-Century Team… but certain problems have kept him out of the Hall… meet Pete Rose.


And, maybe by now ya’ll guessed who player number one is… currently still active but he has recently announced he would retire at the end of the 2014 season… Derek Jeter.  jeter

Why was this silliness done?

Well, truthfully, I was bored at work… it was snowing (Connecticut) when I got there at 6:45 and I found out too late that the facilities department delayed the company being open by two hours… damn good thing the building was open or talk about being pissed… So, nobody at work; I had nothing to do; everything was dead, and, I just wanted to point out how damn good Jeter was over the majority of his 19 year career up to this point. Nothing more and nothing less.

Okay, ya’ll can now go on with your daily routine… besides these droids are not the ones you are looking for.

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  1. I had pretty much pegged all three before reaching your conclusion. Nice job however, and IMO, all three are deserving of the HOF.

  2. Just about the best looking jeter card ever! What do I have to do (or more to the point- how much would it cost) to get a copy made on card stock? I’d do it myself but im all thumbs when it comes to computer stuff. Its a generational thing for me. I’m almost 60! Any help would be much appriciated (sic?) Thanks for the great column and the great pictures! Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, michael.

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