Goodbye, Captain….

I am going to shock the hell out of two of the guys that I owe my so-called web writing career to… David Snipes… the guy who first got me into writing for a dedicated web site… and… Zach Bigalke… my very first official editor…

Why am I doing this to them? I assure you it is totally unintended and at the same time totally unavoidable. But, I am about to write the shortest piece I have ever written and this is why:

Derek Jeter has announced that this MLB season will be his last year in the game… He is retiring after the 2014 season. He says he is doing so with no regrets.

Ya know what? He has nothing to regret through all the years he played. So, Good for him… Go out on your own terms… And, I hope he has one hell of a season as he says goodbye to MLB, goodbye to the Yankees, goodbye to NY and goodbye to us… the fans.

Ya did us proud, Derek. Ya lived your dream and not too many get to do that.

Go and do so with no regrets because you should not have any… no regrets at all. You are in the Hall on the first ballot and deservedly so… Goodbye, good luck and I for one will remember you as an old fashion hard playing dude who gave it his all and never quit for one day that I saw you play… And, I believe you did it clean.

You were, and are, one of the good ones. Goodbye and Good luck…


That’s it… there simply is nothing more to say.  Turn the page… an era has ended.

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