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Yeah, same to you. Today we are talking Lego Movie, Oldboy and Bucket Movies, plus I get to talk about Michael Sam, and comparisons that we need to keep in mind – also a FAT MAN update!Monday

First off, let me apologize for the crash on Friday, its the second time its happened, and its due to a plug-in problem or conflict. Think of it like the blue screen of death for WordPress. Sadly, not much I can do to prevent it, since I haven’t added anything new since the last crash.

Took the kiddos to go see the LEGO Movie. Its better than it had any right to be. I’ll try and have a review of it up shortly. No matter what age you are, its going to be fun. Its like a Pixar movie, where you’ll hear all the adults laugh, and the kids looking around with a “what?” Look on their faces. I cannot recommend this movie enough, well worth the price of a ticket, I don’t do 3D, so I can’t speak on that, but the big screen is worth it too. Its a solid 10.

I talked about OLDBOY last week as well, and unlike the other movie on my bucket list, this one delivered. Just an amazing movie. I’m trying to get this one done this week for you, but spoiler alert- its getting at least a 9. I have to watch it again. Rewatchability is the only question mark on it.

Michael Sam is going to be the first openly gay player in the NFL.

Unlike in other sports, this one is going out before he even takes his first snap. He’s not retired, or barely hanging onto a roster spot, this is a building block of a team coming out and letting every team know that when you draft me, you are drafting a Tebow-level circus that’s coming with me. Don’t give me Jason Collins- He’s 35, does a point and a rebound more than I do in the NBA, and wonders why he doesn’t have a job. Sam is going into the most popular sport in America.

Michael SamThe interesting part of all this is what does this do to his draft stock? I think its going to hurt him, to be honest. Not due to any problems it might cause in the lockerroom, I’d be stunned if there wasn’t a gay player on every team that everyone knows is gay, and 2-3 they aren’t willing to bet their signing bonus on that the player isn’t gay, but the circus. I get the feeling that if a coach is on shaky ground, or is in a city known for homophobia – say Moscow had a NFL team. Then that offensive tackle might be looking a little better. I don’t see this “costing” him more than half a round at most, if any, some teams may even slide him up just for moral reasons- and the fact that since he is setting himself up for a rolemodel, you know he’s not going to be spending all his signing bonus at Spearmint Rhino.

Well, thats typecasting, he might, but I would think he’s going to try and be as positive as possible,

But lets be honest- he’s going to get razzed, he’s gonna get picked on, and he’s ging to be harassed.

Just like every other NFL rookie. The only difference is, its ALL going to be gay-related. Instead of being put down for playing like a little bitch, or a homo or a piece of shit- its gonna be playing like a fag- or something of the like each and every-time. Thats just going to happen, no matter what. What the issue is for the team is if he sucks. Tebow got to bounce around to 3 teams, and lets be honest- didn’t deserve that third chance. You can put me down for thinking Tebow does have value on an NFL roster, but the circus that goes with him- and the pressure to play him, makes him not worth that chance. The NFL is littered with running QBs and you cannot tell me that an NFL team can’t figure out an option offense to use on and down less than 3 yards and goal to go? Explain to me why Peyton Manning is out there on 4th and goal trying to dive over the pile? But with that? No chance I want that on my team. But back to Sam.

Lets keep in mind this is a THIRD ROUND PICK before he went on TV, and could even go as low as a 5th rounder. He has to change positions, and he has the combine to go.

Worst Case Scenario: He gets picked a round too early (like Tebow) has a cruddy first season (Probable) and everyone and their brother with an agenda (guess) nit-picks every playcall the team made and why it was their fault Sam didn’t have 18 sacks in his first game. The Shaky coach gets fired, and the team has problems attracting a good coach. Since they will be coming in with a pressure to not only win- but win with Sam being the next Luke Kuechly crossed with Kevin Greene. A season later he’s cut for being yet another high round pick that couldn’t learn a new position, and becomes bitter and a lightning rod for homophobia and scares a generation of gay males from coming out due to fear. Michael Sam2

Best Case Scenario: There is no best case scenario.

Just isn’t. If he does well, why didn’t he do better? If he never sees TMZ until he gets married- why wasn’t he winning NFL Man of the Year? (Unlike the Nobel, you have to DO something to win that) Why isn’t he on every board, speaker’s podium in a 500 mile radius? Why isn’t he pushing the fact he’s gay down everyone throat every time he makes a play or is within 100 feet of a sack? Then 2 seconds after he gets dull, the media is going to turn on him and so will the local press for shoving his sexual preference down our throat? No matter what he does, its going to be either too gay or not gay enough.

My Personal Hope?

He goes to a team in one of the 15 states that has legalized gay marriage, so we know there is a decent-sized politically active community that hopefully is not going to push him in front of a parade every weekend, he has a great career, and is personally happy with his career and choice he made this week when he looks back on it in 30 years.  Unless he gets drafted by the Panthers, then he needs to be a hall of famer, and I will be screaming at Ron Rivera for him not getting 18 sacks in his first game.

I think he’s got a bigger hill to climb than Jackie Robinson on the field. Jackie was one of the best ballplayers on the planet before he stepped on the dirt for the Dodgers, if he didn’t break- there wasn’t a chance in Hell he wasn’t a Hall of Famer, unless of course, black players were not as good as white players, and people that watch blackball knew for a FACT that wasn’t the case, far from it.

Michael Sam is the 12th best player at his position according to ESPN, going into the combine. He could very well be a great player, he could very well suck. The 12th Linebacker (not just OLB, but LB period) was taken 102nd overall, 4th round- Jelani Jenkins by the Miami Dolphins. He was a rotational player, played in all 16 games, and got 12 tackles. The 11th picked LB got 1 more tackle than I did this year. The 10th LB picked by the Titans was Zaviar Gooden  from Missouri, and he started 1 game, and got 12 tackles. So its not like he’s a Jackie Robinson-level player before he steps on the gridiron.

So am I glad he came out? Of course. Someone has to be first, and someone has to show leadership and a willingness to put everything on the line and say- here I am, I am just as good as you and I can prove it.

Finally, the Fat Man update.

I have done pretty well in picking a day with no soda. I have bought a scale and on January 31st I was down to 305 pounds. I have been eating a bit better here lately, due to the wife letting me have a raise on my allowance, and having the kids always gets me cooking- and last night I was up to 312 pounds. I’m not happy. I am drastically out of shape. Gonna work on that now.

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  1. I’m going to play devil’s advocate here; why do you think it’s important for me to know your sexual preference? Nobody has ever cared that I’m straight. If you want to be accepted as equal, then act like it. The only thing “coming out” accomplishes, is to make your teammates uncomfortable in the shower.

  2. And I ask you why is it ok for a heterosexual to show that he cares for a woman but if a man shows he cares for another man he gets ostracized? It should make no difference. But to some people it does.

    Sam, came out because he was tired of being secretive about his relationships with other men and knew it would come out sooner or later so he decided to tell the truth about his life in his own words and on his terms. It is his life; let him live it. He lets you live yours.

    And, if being in a shower with a gay person makes you uncomfortable because you know that person is gay then what changed from the time you did not know he was gay?

    So, the answer to your question is that it isn’t important until you make it important.

    My question is: Why does it bother you so much? Seems to me if it doesn’t matter one way or the other then everyone should just let it be.

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