Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones and smack talk

Jon Jones vs DCIts real easy to pick Jon Jones over DC. I’m going to be honest with you, I’ll put big money down on Jones to win that fight as well. Do I think it could be as big as Jones/Anderson or Anderson / GSP? Or even CAIN/Jones? No.
But I do think its a great matchup.
If he can make 205.
The Problem is, of course, he has to make 205.
Say he makes it.
I’m a big fan of resumes, and I’m a HUGE fan of stopping power.
Look at the greatest upsets in MMA history, by and large- its the guy with Power- Look no further than GSP and Anderson- who stopped them? Its wasn’t the wrestler or the Ju-Ju guy- it was the guy with the loaded fist that put them down, so much so that GSP changed his game plan. Sonnen rode game on Anderson for 23 minutes- then got STOPPED.
You really think DC is going to ride Jones for 25 minutes?
You think DC is going to do to him what  he did to Mir and Roy?
Get Bigfoot out of your mouth people. Bigfoot isn’t a legit contender. Love the big Lug, but name me a recent champion he could beat- and yes he bear FEDOR.

Let me be honest. for YEARS, FEDOR was the most
Fedor is the baddest man on the planet.
He is without a doubt on the Mount Rushmore.
Could he beat CAIN? I doubt it, could he last a LOT longer than most and would he stun anyone if he beat him? No of course. You take the Fedor that walked through all-comers in Pride? I’m not sure he could handle Cain, but I’m not sure I bet against him.
Yeah I have the generations article coming 🙂

But the Strikeforce Fedor was not THE FEDOR
Kind of like Royce coming back to face Matt Hughes, stepping that far ahead is a bit hard to do, some like Vitor can fight at a high level with a mixed skillset. Some can’t, or they don’t evolve
But back to DC vs Jon Jones.
I look at the stopping power.
DC has stopped how many world champions he faced? Oh, 0 fer 2.
And we all know that Mir is one of the hardest guys to stop in UFC history, right?
Number of champions Jones has stopped- even if you only count the first 3 rounds to make it fair. . . .
He’s Also stopped Belfort and Rampage in the “championship” rounds, since this will be a 25 minute fight.

I did love the comment I got on another site talking about this- Jones being so much bigger than everyone else he fights.
My Response? Should they make the classes he by height instead of weight?
Say Under 5′ Flyweight
5′ to 5’2 Bantamweight
5’3-5’4 Light weight
5’5-5’6 Welterweight
5’7′-5’8 Middleweight
5’9′-6 Light Heavyweight
over 6′ Super Heavyweight?

Now I am a HUGE fan of weight classes by weight. As I’m sure its more fair than by height, as you can see, of course, then you are gonna have people putting books on their heads to try and shrink a half inch.

But I also feel that the business needs to do something about dehydration/re-hydration, I think that is more of a danger than TRT going forward.

Will He do this to Vitor?
But that’s another story. as well.
Back (back) to the issue at hand.
Why is DC talking smack? Does he think he’s Chael Sonnen? He doesn’t need to, he’s got something Chael hasn’t had in years. That goose-egg on the other side of the ledger.
I understand not wanting to fight a training partner.
I understand at his age he has to get it and get it quickly. Jones is 26, he’s got time. Thats why he can wait 2 years to fight CAIN, see if anything happens- to be honest, I think a JDS/Jones might be a better fight to watch that Cain/Jones.

But Cormier? He’s older, he needs to get that big payday, but maybe he needs to be quiet about Jones. If he’s not careful, he’s going to blow his chance at that payday. Rashad is far more experienced than Weidman, but just as dangerous, and if the Rashad that cares shows up, he’s the best opponent DC has seen outside of sparring with CAIN.

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