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1) On Last Tuesday (1/28), in the NYDN, a piece quoted Mike Ditka: “The weather’s going to be a problem… They made a big mistake. The game shouldn’t be there. I mean, it’s stupid.”

Now this is from a one of the Monsters of the Midway that played in temps that often were unbearable (pun intended) and in all type of inclement weather… and seemed to have thrived in it for five years out his eleven year Hall of Fame career.

In fact, when the Bears won the 1963 NFL Championship Game versus the NY Giants on December 29, 1963 at Wrigley Field in Chicago the game was played on a day when the game time temperature was between 9–11 degrees Fahrenheit before a crowd of 45,801

Anyway, I think Mikey is a bit of a curmudgeon in his old age and should go stand in a corner with another dolt who should know something about playing in elements that were far from perfect during his career… Terry Bradshaw… who also has been, and is, adamant that playing in NY/NJ and in an open air stadium in probably freezing and possibly piss poor weather is an inane idea.

Bradshaw, who played for fourteen years in Pittsburgh where games are played in below freezing and sometimes very inclement weather more than a few times, is on record saying: “It’s freakin’ outside in New York, are you kidding me? Not even New York… New Jersey. It’s not like Minnesota, it’s a dome. It’s not like its Detroit, it’s a dome. It’s not like its Indy, it’s a dome… I don’t think you should be putting Super Bowls in northern cities in the winter time. You should be in Florida or California or Arizona, where there is no excuses. What if the Saints make it there? What if Seattle? Teams that run the football will have a bigger advantage than teams that throw the football. What if we get two passing teams? What if they get Denver there? What if it’s pouring down snow? You get a bad game.”

Not necessarily… some damn good games have been played in some very downright bad weather and if you think about it games that are played in domes could arguably be said to help teams that lean on the pass and hinder teams that lean towards the run.

And, as far as bad weather effecting the big game negatively… especially a passing team, consider that Super Bowl XLI, played in Miami’ssuperbow XLIDolphin Stadium, was won by the NFL’s second best passing offense in a driving rain storm:  Indianapolis Colts over the Chicago Bears 29-17. And, by the way, Peyton Manning was 25 of 38 for 247 yards and the MVP of that game that was played before 75,512 peeps. So much for bad weather adversely affecting passing teams. You adapt and overcome and good teams find a way to execute despite the weather.

Me? I love it. Football and weather go together… yes sir, buddy, when I played… back in high school, and in Connecticut, I wasn’t overly fond of the cold but once ya began hitting and moving around in that cold air… stuff usually went out of your brain… something about mind over matter. As for playing in the rain or snow? I loved it. When I played tight end… It gave me an advantage… I knew where I was going, so, when I cut, the other guy usually lost his footing… as for catching the ball… call me a dumbass but I used to love sliding all over the place after a diving catch and getting all sloppy and muddy. Maybe it’s just me but that was the way we played football… and, I think how football was meant to be, and should be … played.

Bears v. Patriots - December 12, 2010
Bears v. Patriots – December 12, 2010

As far as the Super bowl… I hate this neutral site stuff and have always thought that whichever team has the best record between the last two teams standing deserves to get the game played in their house.

I know, I know… the NFL designates host cities three to five years in advance and the league, as well as sponsors, the media and the host cities do almost a year of promotions based on where the game is gonna be played. But, that shit shouldn’t fly when it comes to doing right by the teams that played the best during the season. I think the best team out of the last two standing should get something out of it and that something should be home field advantage.

It just won’t happen because the NFL is not about to change and give up the gabillions of dollars involved.

I have heard peeps say MLB should do the neutral site thing for the World Series and I hope that never gets beyond the just hearing about it stage because, frankly, I thinks it’s a dumbass idea.

2) Wire service reports reported that on Monday (1/27), cows in Germany set their barn on fire. No, they weren’t playing with matches nor were they smoking and carelessly had flung a lit cigarette into a pile of hay… they were, however, a tad gaseous and were farting. In fact 90 cows were farting a hell of a lot and if there is one thing about cows when they fart, or crap, it is that they release methane, and, methane is a very combustible gas, and, if it and something like a spark, come together at the same time… watch out!

Now, what could cause a spark that could combine with methane in barn? Well, it seems they have this machine in each of the stalls that massage the cows so they produce more milk…

Hmmph…  I guess, Carnation was right when they said back around 1901, or so, that their milk was better because it came from contented cows…  “Carnation Condensed Milk, the milk from contented cows”.

Anyway… these massage machines obviously need a power source and that source seems to have provided some sort of static electricity. And bingo! Static electricity and methane and fire in the hole… literally!

The flames quickly spread and soon reached the roof. But, local firefighters were quick to respond and within a sort time the fire was cow massageextinguished… with only one cow being seriously burned in the blaze and no humans hurt.

Police said it wasn’t yet clear why such high quantities of methane had built up and that investigations were ongoing.

The easy answer to the problem? Crack a couple of windows and get some fans working…

I still can’t get over how kinky these damn cows and their farmers are… private massage parlors for cows… who knew?



3) Super Bowl Sunday was a pretty nice damn day considering it was February 2nd in the NYC/NJ area and the temps flirted with

MetLife Stadium Feb 2, 2014
MetLife Stadium Feb 2, 2014

51 degrees plus… 49 degrees at kickoff time. No precip, either… all in all a very nice day… even the nighttime temps hovering in the 40s for the most part. Then on Monday,  I awoke and a raging snow storm was going on as I stepped outside to get my morning newspapers. Yep, that’s right… two papers, one to read while I have my oatmeal and another to read when I get to where I work then have coffee before I actually and officially start working at 8:00 am. But, back to that snow storm… got into my car and they are predicting 4 to 8 inches before all is said and done.

Interesting, strange and curious… there but for fortune go the naysayers dire predictions for a weather Armageddon on Super Bowl Sunday. Almost makes ya think that somehow divine intervention done did interceded. Somehow I doubt that though… I mean ya’ll think God gives a high flying fluck if we have our puny little football extravaganza? Doubt it…

MetLife Stadium Feb 3, 2014
MetLife Stadium Feb 3, 2014

But, ya know what? If it did snow on Sunday then at least Peyton and his sad sack teammates would have had an excuse for the putrid showing they put out there. Maybe… Instead all they can do is tip their helmets to the Seahawks and say that their defense “fucked us up and shut us down”.

Wonder how many of ya’ll out there watched the whole game… not me. Frankly, the only people who enjoyed that game were the hardest of the hard core football fans, Seattle fans and/or Seattle betters and Denver bookies.

Sad…when the best memory I have of Super Bowl XLVIII is of the national anthem being sung… who knew the fat lady was gonna sing that early… and, she wasn’t even fat… but,damn could she sing that damn song better than I have ever heard it sung…

Only thing peeps like me can do is wait until next year when the Jets put a hurting for certain on whichever NFC team shows up for sun and fun in Phoenix.

4) Bob Raissman of the NYDN on Monday (2/3), wrote that “Veteran reporter Andrea Kremer was asking the questions. She wasn’t

Andrea Kremer
Andrea Kremer

throwing a Happy Fizzies Party. Her report went the distance: from video of hazing to Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma’s response to her question whether a gay teammate could be accepted in an NFL locker room… (to) brutal honesty, like Steelers DB Ike Taylor saying that locker room conversation is mostly nasty and disparaging: ‘We talk about your girlfriend. We talk about your wife. We talk about your kids.’ Or Clinton Portis, the former Broncos/Redskins running back, saying the NFL locker room has another common ground — racism. ‘You have black guys who can’t stand white guys and white guys who can’t stand black guys’… (and) Other players said the N-word is spoken freely and often by both black and white players.’ ”

Now, I am not gonna belabor the stuff on the use of the derogatory words folks call one another in pro sports locker rooms or whether black players and white players like, or don’t like, one another because, frankly, if you have ever been in, or around, a bunch of folks in gyms or locker rooms then ya’ll already know the reality of how people act there and you can “do the math” on how pro players act in their respective locker rooms. And, anyone who thinks differently or that it’s all peachy keen and hunky-dory in those locker rooms is either foolish or blind to the reality of what is. Not that it is all anger and hate but reality is reality and testosterone ladened men…  well, they act like men… sometimes silly and immature and sometimes, simply, like dumb jocks.  And, they like to talk a lot of smack sometimes…

But, I am gonna address what Jonathan Vilma said, which was that he thought a gay athlete would not be accepted in football locker-rooms, and then, in the next breath said that he, and other players, were not “homophobic.” Then according to Raissman he said, “Imagine if he’s the guy next to me … and I’m naked taking a shower, the whole nine (hanging out)… And it just so happens he’s looking at me — how am I supposed to respond?”

Okay, now lemme tell ya’ll that in this whole wide world, as we all go through life, do you realize how many people, that you have no idea are gay, come into contact with us each and every day? Now, consider this: All through your life, how realistic is it to think that in all the times you ever were in a communal shower… after gym classes throughout your school days; after practices, or game days, if you ever played team sports… how realistic is it, that at no time during one of those showers, was there ever a gay person showering with you or maybe even right next to you? And, if you say that it is highly unlikely or that you never took a shower with a gay person in any of those circumstances, then buddy ya’ll need to rethink that entire issue. Because, I am here to tell you the odds are that you probably took showers with more gay folks than you realize. And, never once did someone ever hit on you, glance longer than a second at your junk or did anything else, did they? So, ya wanna know what? Vilma, or anyone else, who thinks the way that he does when he expressed himself to Andrea the way that he did, is, in fact, truly homophobic and needs to get over their fears and realize that gay folks could care less about your junk.

I think the problem is all Vilma’s to begin with and it seems that he’s the one all preoccupied with other folk’s junk if ya wanna know what I be thinking. Maybe Vilma, and anyone else like him, needs to check their own confidence regarding their own sexuality and then grow the fuck up.

Let me ask this: Why was everything okay, before, when someone was in a communal shower, or a lockeroom, and, no one knew a person was gay but  suddenly when that same someone knows a person is gay eveything changes? The only thing that changed is their mind due to misinformation, ignorance, prejuidices and fears. No?

ignorance quote 1


5) By now, unless you live in a cave or just back from outer space, ya’ll know that Phillip Seymour Hoffman supposedly ODed on heroin laced with fentanyl. I say supposedly, because, pending an autopsy, we just don’t know what killed him but we do know that police officials are saying Hoffman was found Sunday morning (2/2) on the bathroom floor of his apartment with a needle stuck in his left arm. The police also say that they found about 70 bags of heroin, some prescription meds and bags of needles in his apartment.  Ergo… he probably, and most likely, ODed.

Now, for those who don’t know (because, I didn’t before I did some reading) fentanyl is approximately 100 times more potent than morphine, with 100 micrograms of fentanyl approximately equivalent to 10 mg of morphine. Take it from me, I’ve used dilaudid for some serious post-op pain and that stuff is about three times as strong as morphine. So, this fentanyl has got to be some damn strong shit.

But that’s not what I am here to talk about…

Hoffman (left) and Padalecki
Hoffman (left) and Padalecki

On Monday (2/3) an article in the NYDN said that actor Jared Padalecki is being criticized for saying that he thought Hoffman’s death was stupid and senseless.

Or, in his words, “Sad isn’t the word I’d use to describe a 46-year-old man throwing his life away to drugs… Senseless is more like it. Stupid.”

Padalecki, 31, has since deleted the tweet, but it was picked up by other sources, and, the firestorm that resulted caused Padalecki to re-tweet, “I didn’t mean PSH is stupid or that addiction isn’t a reality. I simply meant I have a different definition of ‘tragedy.’ When I think ‘tragedy,’ I think of St. Judes, of genocide, of articles I read in the paper. But, yes, either way, a death, is sad.”

I am sorry Padalecki saw a need to succumb to other peeps’ criticisms and change his original stance and how he honestly felt… but, personally, I don’t give a fuck what people think about my opinion when it comes to drugs, alcohol and people dying from overusing and abusing, or, ODing on either, or, both… so… I think it is senseless… and… I think it is stupid…  That’s it no preaching… no lectures…

Look it, I could care less if anyone wants to use whatever drugs they want, or, whatever drink they want… just try and use common sense when dealing with shit that potentially kills. It’s your life, try and live it… death is an inevitable outcome; why rush it?

6)  Pete Seeger was an American folk singer and he was a social activist. And, at one point, he was blacklisted (I hate that word) by McCarthy-era politics… okay, bullshit and propagandist hate… because of his activist life. However, in the 60’s, he found an avid audience for his point of view and he became a prominent voice with his so-called protest songs that spoke for international disarmament, civil rights and environmental causes.

Pete Seeger died on January 27… Bruce Springsteen said: “I lost a great friend and a great hero last night, Pete Seeger”… President Obama said that Seeger was “America’s tuning fork”.. .others have said similar words… that he was an icon… that he was an American idol… he spoke for the working man…  the downtrodden… the wartorn… the poor… for the environement… And, yes, he did… he did all of that… but, above all, he lived his life the way he thought life should be lived.. humble, kind, and caring.

Pete Seeger

Pete…  I never knew you, except through your music and the example you showed, but, I think ya did damn good… go in peace, my man…

7) Piece in the Tuesday’s (2/4) edition of the NYDN reports that “Author and activist Kathy Freston started a petitionveggie1n-1-web asking McDonald’s to add ‘plant-based protein options’ to its menu.”

Specifically, she posted on her petition’s website that: “We Americans love a protein center to our meal, so veggies and salads alone (or even in a wrap) won’t do the trick; we want something hearty and protein-centric just like the burgers and sandwiches you already have, only with something plant-based instead. ”

The petition, as of the NYDN article, had more than 88,000 signatures as well as support from various social media site and celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Alicia Silverstone.

Now that’s all well and good, but… I got news for all these health peeps… MacDonald’s made its rep on being a cheap quickie place for burgers, fries and milkshakes… essentially, grease and fat. They have sold billions of burgers based on that rep, so, if, ya don’t want grease and unhealthy food, then don’t go to MacDonald’s.  Go to a salad bar somewhere.

Simply put, ya’ll don’t speak for all Americans and some of us Americans like grease and fat… in moderation. So, leave my damn burger place alone and move on down the road.

8) I need a JLaw fix!  lawrence31f-3-web

Seems recent news reports have reported that JLaw is a somewhat free spirit and is not against doing something like “eating Doritos in her costume”. So much so, that the slinky gown she wore in American Hustle, that was made specifically for her to show all her curves and jiggly parts, got all cheesy and grease ladened.

So, costume designer Michael Wilkinson said, “… we were glad that we had a couple (backup gowns.)”

Actually they had four… See, in the movie, her character, Rosalyn, was supposed to spill champagne all over it during a scene so they needed copies of the gown for possible, and probable, retakes of the scene.

So it turns out the four versions served multiple purposes… one, for the realistic purpose of the retakes; two, for Jlaw’s propensity for doing the unexpected, and, three, for my need for an excuse to bring a JLaw picture into my blog.



9) On February 9th, 1964, The Beatles, made their first American television appearance… live on The Ed Sullivan Show… Just 77 days prior to The Beatles’ appearance on Sullivan, President Kennedy had been assassinated. The general atmosphere of the citizenry of the country was one still stuck in doom and gloom of the tragedy and how it could even happen in such a modern day and age.  So, when the four lads from Liverpool, with their sound, their look, their energy and their charisma came to the States, it provided a needed diversion for the US people.

And, at 8 o’clock on Sunday night, February 9th 1964, America tuned in to The Ed Sullivan Show on CBS… 73 million people strong.  A rare number for that time period and one that set a record television rating of 45.3 or a total of 23,240,000 American homes watching CBS.  In addition, the show got  a 60 share, which meant out of all TV sets turned on at 8:00 pm, 60% of them were watching Ed’s show and of course the Beatles…

So, meet the Beatles circa 1964…
50 years ago...



Ed Sullivan show marquee






the BeatlesEd and the Beatles 1Feb 9











10) And, now, for the gratuitous photos of the week…





 Bernice-Marlohe-bernice maximbernice
























And, a couple of thousand words …

one-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words-12man and friend













And, just one last thing…


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  1. My friend from Maine emailed me over the weekend and says he reads my WTF stuff and sorta likes it… In fact ,what he said was I been reading your stuff on that 7poundbag website and I like your rants… RANTS?! I rant? hmmph… Welllll… maybe, a tad….

  2. Reason why there is the N site for the Super Bowl is the AFC and NFC would not agree on who would host Game 1. Neither wanted to appear the weaker conference, and swapping back and forth was a non-starter and the NFL thought the AFL was just going to be absorbed and they would pick and choose who came over- much like the NBA and ABA did later.

    The NFLAFLWCTG is the only SuperBowl to not Sellout.

  3. I like the idea of a neutral site Superbowl. All I have to say is the NFL got lucky because it snowed Monday, it’s snowed earlier this morning and it’s supposed to snow again on Sunday.

    Welcome to the Northeast in February. When the hell will Spring get here!?!?

  4. Real lucky that today wasn’t Sunday… that snow came down like crazy over night.

    What no JLaw comment? No Berenice Marlohe comment? Must be colder in the city this am than I thought.

    And about this week and snow… note my snow kitty and what he said… damn ground rat and his six more weeks of winter.

  5. I didn’t know who the model was, but my love of Jennifer Lawrence should be understood. She’s a fine and real woman.

  6. Bérénice Lim Marlohe (35) is a French actress. She has done mostly French TV and movies but is known stateside for playing a Bond girl in “Skyfall”. I was just web surfing one day and she caught my eye. Before that I had no idea she even existed.

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