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Carrie 2013I will admit, I am a Stephen King fan- to be honest, I liked liked almost all all his books before he stopped drinking. Eye of the Dragon is my favorite,
I just can’t help while watching the movie comparing it to the original.
You cannot do Carrie faithfully to the source material. I just don’t see the huge wiggle room.
I took the wife to lunch the day after, and she hasn’t seen either movie, or the TV movie- and she’s never read the book, she just plainly asked me what it was about, and I told her the full synopsis- and while telling her, I just couldn’t see a difference between the original, the remake, or what could be done if they did it again in the future. Who can give the whole plot in 5 minutes. 3 if you really wanted to.
So expect to see a lot of comparisons.

Now the issue this one have is the original was SO good. If you are not of age, you need to track it down. For me, its almost impossible to watch this movie without comparing it to the original. I’ll try and stick to this movie, and give my comparisons to the end.

Carrie White is raised by a her Bible Thumping, overly religious mother. She is shown home-birthing Carrie, and thinks about killing her with a pair of scissors, doesn’t.

We cut to a swim team, and sadly, knowing the plot- I’m wondering if she is going to have her period in the pool. Thats just going to be unreal, but they don’t do that, they wait for the shower scene. I think that might have been a mistake. Had she done it another way- if would have screamed- THIS IS NOT YOUR FATHERS CARRIE, but oh well. She’s thinking she’s going to bleed to death, all the kids laugh and throw sanitary napkins at her, and since its the 00s, someone breaks out the phone.

So Carrie comes home, her mother wants her to go into her Prayer Closet (Under the Stairs!!) Carrie backtalks, and her mom smacks her with the Good Book and locks her in the closet, Carrie goes batshit, and splits the door, and we see some blood coming out of the crucifix.

Gym teacher is making the kids run suicides, and Chris tries to start a revolt. Showing how out of touch the 70s are to today, no one else agrees, and the teacher boots her from the Prom, and Chris takes off. She is all full of teenage angst!!!Carrie and Mom

Now we get a fun new segment where Carrie is learning about telekinesis! She’s watching Youtube, reading books, practicing- this is actually really good update! I really enjoyed this part. Sue is starting to feel bad for Carrie and talks her boyfriend to take Carrie to Prom with a little back seat convincing. He agrees.

We get to see the Mom have a job, and Sue’s mom comes in and talks about how great she is sewing and hemming with the Prom Dresses and whatnot. Carrie’s mom is also a cutter now. This is a bit different. Its been decades (I’m Old) since I read the book, so I don’t know if this is new.

Chris has more of a mean streak now, as we get a segment where she is the one to bust open the pig and get the bucket o’blood. She’s even laughing as blood spatters on her. I get the feeling even without Carrie, Chris was going to end up on either A&E or Lifetime one day.

Or at the very least MTV2

Carrie is having a problem getting out to the car when the Chris’s boytoy shows up to get her then Carrie and her Mom get into a fight, Carrie finally uses the Force and shoves her mom in the prayer closet and locks her in.

At the prom, the boytoy pushes to nominate Carrie for prom queen since he is up for Prom King, and Chris send Sue a text about how she is going to get revenge on Carrie. Sue rushes to the prom, the Gym teacher sees her, and stops her from coming in. Carrie wins the election due to ballot stuffing, and boytoy and Carrie go take their place as King and Queen.

The bucket gets pulled down, dumping Carrie in blood





Thats pretty much it.
There is just not much wiggle room.
You can play with the
ok, so I watched the movie with my buddy Tom, who some of you may recall from our movies podcast- this is also the guy that fell asleep 3 times during THOR 2. so take that for what you will.
He thought it was slow, I know it was going to be slow, but the difference between a SLOW movie and a slow movie is 1) the payoff and 2) the journey.

There  simply is just not enough differences to make this journey worth it if you loved the original, and to be honest, the “updates” don’t really make up for the trip here.

Carrie is going to be a slow movie, the story just IS. You can’t have Carrie have a few mini-revenges, a fist fight or two then things come to a head and SHIT GETS REAL. Its just not the way its done. Its pushing a mouse further and further toward a cliff, mentally and socially, then the mouse goes off and blows away the world and the only think left IS the cliff.

So what do we think of the movie?

The journey is kinda hit or miss, to be honest, and I’ll save the payoff review after the . . .

I’ll go a solid 7 for the movie, down from the 8ish I’d give the original. Its not all the acting, but some of it has to do with it.

Spoilers Shead

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  1. Most, if not all, of King’s novels are big… I mean they are tomes usually over 500 or 600 pages or so. Some have topped 1,000 pages. He writes and he writes and he writes and he writes and for the most part he grabs you by the balls and gets you involved…. (if I have a big gripe with King it’s his endings… its like… ok, thats enough let’s stop. da duh! Tends to leave me flat.)
    He likes to detail shit and is generally really good at it.. .so any movie just will not ever be as good as his books.

    And, the problem with most movie adaptations of any book is usually just that fact… you usually can’t deal with the material completely and explain everything in every little detail like in a book. But then that’s the joy of reading the book.. all the details and how the writer gets you there.

    But, when you’re dealing with writers like King and what he enevisions in his mind and how he translates it to the page, and, then what you envision in your mind as you read his words, it will almost never translate to the screen very well. There are exceptions but I think that is mostly true.

    So, if you read the book and then saw the movie adapatation, and can give it anything over a 7, then, the director must of did his job relatively well to some degree.

    For King: Misery was a good adaptation…

  2. Carrie is something I’ve heard a lot about, although I’ve never read the book (nor have I read any Stephen King book) or seen the movie (or any movie based off of Stephen King’s works). It feels like he’s so popular that you know all about his works without actually being involved with them.

  3. You can have good movies based on books, even though you may cut out important parts. The issue I have with the ending here- is it is setup in the beginning, something the movie does not do. The ending has NO invested interest at all the way it was done (trying to avoid spoilers)

    See Christine for example, Apt Pupil, the Shining (Original) King can be done well as movies.

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