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Welcome to Monday world!

Today I’m going to do some bragging, talk Super Bowl, UFC 169, and Movies.ufc 169

UFC 169 was what we thought it was. Aldo is the greatest man on the planet at featherweight. Other than Chad Mendes, no one else is close. If he beats Chad, then he should have to move up. I do think Mendes should get a final chance at him before he leaves.

Barao is simply the most dominate force 135 has ever seen. I understand there was a bit of an early stoppage, but there was no chance Faber was going to make anything any better, he might have been busted up a bit more- but he was going to lose and lose badly.

Barao simply should not be allowed to fight just one man at a time anymore. Its just not fair. There is only one man that MIGHT stand a chance.

Dominick Cruz.

IF he comes back 100%. Let Cruz come back, face Faber in the rubber match, then get a title shot. Is there a chance we can get 7 rounds for that one?

Now the fun one. The Super Bowl!

Manning Internet

I really enjoyed the Super Bowl, until about the end of the 1st Quarter. We had serious problems with the Broncos doing ANYTHING and the fact that the Seahawks went gutless- you can’t tell me that most teams wouldn’t be up 20 at that point. If the Broncos had been able to do anything, the fact the Seahawks couldn’t put their claw on the Ponies throat could have come back to bite them. Not to mention 2 holding penalties on consecutive drives inside the 10 would normally spell doom.

I do think the right guy won the MVP. I was scared that they would give it to the Beast or Wilson.

The commercials might have been the only think keeping me watching. As one that saw the original Apple commercial, this years crop STUNK. The best ones to me was the Cheerios one, the Radio Shack one, and the Audi one. The Budweiser one with the Horse and Dog was good as well. The Bud Light ones just plain stunk. A total waste, as was the Chevy ads.

Was it just me or was there a lot more Local ads than normal?

Troy Aikman normally is a bearable commenter, but sometimes he just says dumb things.
I mean REALLY Dumb things.

If you were following along with the game on twitter with me, and shame on you if you weren’t, then you caugSuper Bowl 2014ht some of it.

Back in the Days when there were these things called Newspapers, there was a columnist at USA Today named Rudy Martzke, and he would post on Mondays what dumb things he would hear on national telecasts, among other things.

Some of Aikman’s greatest.

1) “How you do in the Super Bowl has no bearing on how you are remembered”

— Really? Manning is 1 for 3 in Super Bowls. In both losses he has thrown a back breaking TAINT

Player 1

117-47 Win/Loss Record 273 TDs 139 Ints 40K Yards

101-59 Win/Loss Record 237 TDs 175 INTs 35K Yards

You can say both are pretty good QBs,

Player 1 is Joe Montana
Player 2 is Jim Kelly

Guess who is listed as one of the GOATs if not THE GOAT of QBs and who isn’t listed . . .ever? The guy with the 0 on the side of the ledger you want.

Peyton Manning is 167-73 Win/Loss record 491 TDs 219 INTs 64K yards

Tom Brady is 148-43 Win/Loss with 359 TDs and 134 INTs 49K Yards

Can we put this whole “Manning GOAT” thing to rest now?

Oh, and more fun:

18-8, 43-22 TD to INT 3-2 in Super Bowls
11-12, 37-24 TD to INT 1-2 in Super Bowls

You do know Brady has never had a losing season, right?

So quit. I normally love Jason Whitlock, but AFTER the Super Bowl he moved him up a notch on his “Top Ten QBs of All-Time that he knows about” list. He moved up how exactly with that performance??


2) I played with the last true Shutdown corner “Deion Sanders” but Richard Sherman . . blah blah blah.

Really? Champ Bailey is playing IN FRONT OF YOU! Not to mention some dude named Revis- who to me is BETTER than Sanders, cause he is worth in run support- cause he can tackle better than your average Punter.  I’m not saying Champ is better than Sanders, but he’s up there.

3) Thats the worst time to get injured {In Regards to Sherman’s Injury}

No, it being 1st and goal at the 15 with time running out and the other team driving is the worst time for your best Corner to be out.

Being UP 30 with 7 minutes to go is the BEST TIME to be injured- what else does he have to do for the next 4 months but build lady pyramids and rehab?

Finally, I am a bit of a movie guy, and there are several movies on my bucket list that I have been wanting to see. The original Nosferatu was one of them, and I finally got to see that last year. Bit of a disappointment. OLDBOY

The Sundance channel on occasion has been playing the original OLDBOY, its up there as far as movies on my Bucket List of movies to watch. I have been wanting to catch it before seeing the remake.

SO I’m going to clip this short, but don’t worry, I’m going to have an OLDBOY review up for you as soon as possible, and yes Carrie is coming




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